Rumor: Apple To Announce 32GB iPhone 3G At Macworld?

Macworld ’09 will be here before you know it, and rumors of what Apple might announce are starting to pop up across the web. Among talk of iMac and long-overdue Mac Mini upgrades, MacBlogz has recieved an unconfirmed tip that Apple may add a 32GB iPhone 3G alongside their 8GB and 16GB models.

iPhone OS 2.2 Re-Locking Some Legally Unlocked Phones?

While the issue is not universal, some users are reporting a problem in which the iPhone OS 2.2 update locks legally unlocked iPhones (sold in Hong Kong, certain countries in Europe and elsewhere). The issue may occur if a legally unlocked phone is bought in one country then updated to OS 2.2 in another country.

Apple finally offers in-ear headphones for sale

We were recently wondering what happened to the in-ear headphones that Apple promised way back in September. Today, we’re happy to see that the online Apple Store is finally offering them for sale with free shipping and delivery listed as 7-10 days.

Nokia N97 vs iPhone… Fight!

The Thumb improves typing on iPhone/Touch

Imagebakery on Monday announced The Thumb, an application for the iPhone/Touch designed to familiarize users with the device keyboard to improve the time it takes to type messages. Users can complete practice sentences with automated correction, with confirmation of mistakes.

Apple Releases iPhone Configuration Utility 1.1

Apple today released iPhone Configuration Utility 1.1 for Mac and Windows. The software allows corporate system administrators to deploy configuration files that allow their users’ iPhones to communicate with enterprise systems.

iPhone soars to 16.6% of smartphone market

The iPhone is now not only the second most popular smartphone in the world but has saved the smartphone industry from a decline this past summer, according to a research note by Needham analyst Charlie Wolf. Apple’s handset has represented about 16.6 percent of the entire smartphone market worldwide for the quarter ended in September and is now second only to Nokia.

Apple gives developers the ability to use promo codes

Apple has now given developers the ability to use promo codes to give away copies of their applications on the App Store. Previously, developers had to build a special version of their application (i.e. Ad-hoc copy) that included a mobile provisioning file and the actual application. These two files were then dragged onto iTunes to install them.

Apple Posts Top iPhone Apps Of 2008

The year is coming to a close, and in the spirit of remembrance Apple has posted a list of the top iPhone apps of 2008. The list commemorates the most successful of the apps during App Store’s first few years of existence, listing the most popular of apps. It’s divided into the categories of Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps, Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Social Networking, and Music, with sub-catigories for each.