In the news today:

  • undocumented features on firmware 2.2
  • Notes and calendar syncing
  • Joost on the iPhone
  • iPhone case for blinds
  • Antimatter, the new Pangea game
  • and more…

More Undocumented iPhone OS 2.2 Features

“Update All” back The ability to update all applications with the press of one button–a feature that was disable in iPhone OS 2.1–is back in iPhone OS 2.2. Locked screen screenshots iPhone OS 2.2 now offers the ability to snap images of the locked screen. To take a screenshot: while holding the home button, press and release the sleep/wake button. A screen flash indicates that that the image was captured.

OTA Notes, Calendar Syncing Screenshot Confirmed As Fake

Remember how some guy on the forums said he magically obtained a copy of the 2.2.1 Beta, claiming that it added MobileMe over-the-air syncing of Calendar items and the Notes app, and offered a screenshot with a notifier button over the Notes app as proof? We were pretty sure before that it seemed fishy (and by the comments you left, you didn’t buy it either). Well, we were right. The post has been updated as a confirmed fake.

Pangea’s ‘Antimatter’ Makes Quantum Physics Fun

A new game from Pangea has been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s called Antimatter, and as the name suggests, it’s full of science-y goodness that both quantum physicists and gamers alike can enjoy. It’s also Pangea’s first iPhone-only game. The rest of their titles for the App Store have been ports of Mac games. This was made specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it shows. You can get it in the App Store for the introductory price of $0.99.

Joost Brings Free Streaming Video To iPhone

Joost is a great online library of streaming video featuring more than 46,000 items to view, including 1,200 movies, individual 400 TV series, and 18,000 music videos that you can access right from your computer. Perhaps even cooler, though, is that now you can get it on your iPhone, too. They recently released an app into the App Store that lets you view their otherwise flash-only online video on the iPhone.

InVision Case Makes the iPhone Blind-Friendly, Defiantly Screenless

The screen-based controls and rich visuals that make a device like the iPhone an attractive option for deaf users aren’t of much use to the visually impaired. By employing a combination of an embossed “Moon Type” alphabet casing, a custom home screen and a screenreading app, the InVision solution could (awkardly) provide most of the core functions of the iPhone, including almost bearable browsing, text input and music navigation, to the blind.

10,000 App Icon Mosaic Commemorates App Store

To celebrate the App Store nearly reaching the 10,000 app mark last week, the guys over at TapTapTap (makers of the Classics ebook reader, Nearby and Tipulator) have created an awesome commemorative mosaic made up of the 10,000+ icons of all the apps that have been approved to the store.

Lightning Review: Touchgrind for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Verdict: Touchgrind is pretty great, but it’s not without its annoying quirks. The basic premise, that your fingers act as feet on a skateboard, is beautifully executed. It takes a few minutes to get used to controlling the board (I actually prefer using my thumbs to the two finger method they suggest), but it’s incredibly responsive and the graphics and sound effects are top notch. Performing tricks becomes pretty intuitive after a little while, and just fooling around in the park when you’ve got a few minutes to kill is great.

App Store Statistics Show Steady Growth Despite Bad Times

Things are looking bad for the economy in more than one country in the world, but the App Store appears to be unaffected by it. That is, of course, according to blogger Charles Teague’s analysis. He calculated the sales of the App Store’s top applications to get a general sense of how the App Store is doing as a whole, and his information shows steady growth despite the economic turmoil.