A slow day in news for the iPhone… In the news today:

  • the new TiVo app
  • a new bug discovered in 2.2
  • Qik finally launched it’s iPhone formatted site
  • and more after the jump

iPhone OS 2.2: Saved Image Bug

iPhone user, Brandon Lain has posted an image flickr about the discovery of a bug in the iPhone OS 2.2 when saving photos. According to Brandon this was confirmed by another iPhone user, Scott Johnson, who indicates that the iPhone is indeed “upscaling a thumbnail of the downloaded image.”

TiVo Mobile brings remote queuing to iPhone

TiVo and web firm Mobui today rolled out TiVo Mobile. The web app gives the iPhone, iPod touch and other mobile devices with full web browsers the ability to remotely schedule one of TiVo’s Series 2 or 3 DVRs and to find shows using most of the criteria the set-top boxes themselves use, including content and keywords from shows as well as daily highlights and popular shows.

Qik Launches iPhone-Formatted Site, Lets You Watch Qiks On iPhone

Flash video support on the iPhone can be a real pain, especially when you want to watch someone’s video on a site like Qik.Thankfully they have heard out frustration and have launched a mobile version of their website with QuickTime-formatted videos that can be watched from the Mobile Safari browser.