That was a big day for iPhone users, especially due to the release of firmware 2.2. But that’s not the only thing that happened in the iPhone world today. I prepared a news roundup covering the most important events, news, app reviews, etc…

In the news today:

  • iPhone applications scams
  • app reviews: Classic, Zagat To Go, HandBase
  • list of security updates on firmware 2.2
  • AT&T outages
  • Sirius XM iPhone app
  • and more after the break…

iPhone Developer May Be Bribing Reviewers

An iPhone developer appears to have paid people to give its application glowing reviews in an effort to boost sales. The developer of Santa Live, a jokey iPhone app for kids, appears to have posted a listing on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk offering to pay $4 for the highest-rated reviews on Apple’s iPhone App Store.

‘Official’ MMS Support To Be Provided By Third Party?

Swedish software developer company Mobispine is has announced an MMS application that they say they have developed for the iPhone, and is marketing it to various carriers around the globe, including AT&T in the U.S. The application would bring Multi Media Messaging to the iPhone, something that users have long requested but Apple and carriers have yet to provide.

2.2 Update Issues: Internet Connectivity, Broken Apps And SIM Card Woes

Today is all about the new 2.2 software. While it does add a lot of cool new stuff, some users have reported a wide range of issues caused by the update, some more serious than others. Problems have ranged from internet connectivity and SIM card issues to applications going haywire or just not working at all.

WSJ iPhone ad part of Apple’s enterprise push

A full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal is the latest indication that Apple is trying to push further into the enterprise market. With Goldman Sachs analysts reporting that 17 percent of the segment plans to support the iPhone, Apple appears ready to begin courting potential business customers.

Classic App: Classy Reader, but Low in Content

The simulated bookshelf only contains 12 literary classics: Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver’s Travels, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Time Machine, Robinson Crusoe, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Jungle Book, etc. Its page in iTunes states that more books are coming via free App updates, but nearly a month after its release, the same titles remain.

Security Updates in iPhone OS 2.2

Apple has released a tech note regarding security enhancements included in iPhone OS 2.2. Here is a synopsis of the changes that apply to security for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Zagat launches Zagat To Go for iPhone

Popular consumer information company Zagat Survey, in collaboration with Handmark, has launched an app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Zagat To Go. The application offers reviews and ratings for over 40,000 hotels, restaurants, nightspots and shops in over 100 countries.

Taiwanese iPhone hints at carrier freedom

Bad Dog Apps has released an update to BdEmailer, its e-mail software for the iPhone and iPod touch. The software attempts to expand on the functionality of Apple’s own Mail client, by allowing landscape typing, bulk, draft and favorite messages, and a searchable history of sent items.

AT&T experiencing 3G outages?

Scattered accounts indicate that AT&T may be experiencing new outages in its 3G network, in areas such as Boston and the general Michigan and Hawaii areas. In at least several circumstances the affected customers have been iPhone owners, who may be unable to receive any phone calls or notifications, regardless of the stated strength of the connection.

Coaster Set of 16 iPhone Icons

Created by the guys over at Brazil’s Meninos design (the same guys who make these awesome hard drives), these icon coasters are a great gift for any iPhone addict. All your favorite applications are there, from Maps to Calculator, from iPod to Settings. Ah, Settings.

TUAW Review: HanDBase for iPhone

At US$9.99, HanDBase isn’t cheap, but when you consider that it can be used to create custom iPhone database applications to track just about anything in your life, it begins to look like a bargain. HanDBase has been a popular product in the mobile computing space for years, and HanDBase aficionados have uploaded over 2,000 applets (database templates) to the HanDBase applet gallery for free download by other users.

Ziibii floats updates to your iPhone

Do you like keeping up with friends on social networks? Do you have an iPhone? If so, you might be interested in a new social networking application for the iPhone called Ziibii. Ziibii brings an innovative approach to viewing your social networking sites and RSS feeds — without ever leaving this one app. Ziibii allows you to see friend updates, videos, and photos from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

Launch of Sirius XM iPhone app ‘StarPlayr’ coming soon?

Subscribers to Sirius XM satellite radio have reasons to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day next week: it appears that an iPhone app called “StarPlayr” will be coming soon.