MMS-capabilities coming soon to a Swedish iPhone?

It’s not entirely clear, but MacWorld says it’s confirmed with Telia that the Swedish-Finnish carrier’s developing an MMS-enabling app for the iPhone. MacWorld says the app will hit the market in the next two months, which is great news for everyone in Sweden. If you live anywhere else in the world, however, you’ll just have to continue on, rueing the day you ever encountered Apple’s MMS-spurning, copy and paste-hating handset.

iPhone misses Walmart date, may hit in December

The iPhone is not yet in Walmart stores, but may ship to them in December, new accounts claim. Although sources had suggested that Walmart could carry the iPhone as soon as November 15th, that date has since passed without any indication of a near-future release.

Developer strikes it rich with iPhone game

A former ATM software designer for a large bank, Demeter created “Trism” in his spare time and pitched it to Apple last spring. The company made the game available for download with the July launch of its App Store, an online provider of applications for its iPods and iPhones. Priced at $5, “Trism” earned Demeter $250,000 in profits the first two months.

CastCatcher 1.3 Update Approved by Apple

We’d previously reported that Return7’s CastCatcher update had been rejected by Apple due to “excessive” bandwidth usage. CastCatcher is an internet radio application that works similarly to many other applications in the App Store.

First Look: Fastlane Street Racing

When I showed this to my brother he remarked that it looked almost as good as any PSP game. Featuring a ton of cars, tracks and simple gameplay, Fastlane Street Racing (App Store link) is the best racer I’ve played on the iPhone.

Apple likely to refuse Flash on iPhone?

The iPhone is unlikely to carry Flash even if its hardware technically supports it, a report claims. Although Flash is in widespread use on the Internet, running everything from animation to full applications, Wired notes that section 3.3.2 of the iPhone SDK specifically prohibits the downloading and use of interpreted code in apps, unless the APIs and interpreters are already preloaded.

Celio preps REDFLY with iPhone-ready video in

Expanding the REDFLY beyond its initial niche of Windows Mobile devices, Celio today launched two new versions of its notebook-style smartphone add-on.

Lawsuit Accuses Apple, AT&T Of Over-Advertising 3G Speeds, Ignoring Hairline Crack Defect

Apple and AT&T are facing yet another lawsuit against them for the performance of the iPhone 3G on AT&T’s network. This one says their data speeds are much lower than advertised, much like a previous lawsuit claimed as well. This one also accuses them of ignoring the hairline cracks developing in the plastic back plate of iPhone 3Gs.

Carriers seen stifling non-iPhone gaming

Cellular carriers are effectively damaging their own business in mobile games by refusing to adopt a more iPhone-like business, a new study by Juniper Research says.