iPhone’s Gas Cubby Car Care Tracker Is Anal So You Don’t Have To Be

We played with Gas Cubby, the car maintenance tracking tool for iPhone, and can say that the $5 is a pretty low price to pay if you really want to keep your ride in good condition.

Raging Thunder tries online multiplayer

Raging Thunder is one of those games we’ve been watching since the App Store was first announced, and now it may have reached another milestone. Polarbit says that with version 1.0.3, which is in the App Store now, they’ve released online, real-time competitive multiplayer. They say it’s an App Store first, and I think they’re right — a few games have offered wifi multiplayer before (Apple’s Hold’em does, and Raging Thunder did previously), and some games have done some non-real time multiplayer (Loot Wars is interesting in that way) but allowing players to play competitively online in real-time is something that hasn’t been done much.

Onyx Online To Be Xbox Live For iPhone Games

You may know Steve Demeter as the developer of the hit App Store game Trism, but lately he’s been working on something a lot cooler that could be a game changer in the ever-growing iPhone game industry. It’s called Onyx Online, and it’s an a score keeping service that lets users keep an online profile with their scores in different iPhone games, as well as track of their scores of their friends.

Your Friend’s Face on the iPhone Home Screen (Speed Dialer)

Wuonm has released a new speed dialer application for the iPhone called FaceCall, which is now available from the iTunes App Store for $2.99. FaceCall is creates icons that can be used for speed dialing your contacts right from the iPhone’s application launch (home) screen. Simply tapping these icons, as you would launch any application, calls one of your contact favorites.

Orb for iPhone: The Slingbox Killer?

Orb is a newly released application that streams video from a Windows PC to the iPhone. It can deliver any video or audio that’s stored on the the PC, YouTube content and, most important, live television if you have a TV tuner installed on your PC. This places Orb squarely in competition with Slingbox, which provides a similar level of functionality but does not yet have a native iPhone application. With the appropriate tuner, Orb delivers on the “live TV anywhere” promise brought to various other mobile phones by Slingbox.

FirstLook: beamME universal vCard exchange app

Developers rmbrME have come out with a novel take on the “beam your card” app. beamME is the first universal vCard exchange app that’s supposed to work with any device, whether it’s a BlackBerry, T-Mobile G1, Treo, a Mac or a PC.

First Look: NMobile for iPhone

If you find yourself running into police speed traps often, then you might want to give a new iPhone app a try. NMobile allows you to locate speed traps, red light cameras, and radar locations. All of these speed detection devices are mapped out on a Microsoft Live map — this is one of the first native uses of Microsoft Live Maps on the iPhone.

First Look: My Little Tank for iPhone

My Little Tank for iPhone will keep you busy for a while with 80 increasingly difficult missions, five different enemy tank types, and six different power-ups to help you in your battle. The terrain on which you’ll command your tank includes plains, deserts, snow, and swamps.

Houdah releases ACTPrinter app for iPhone

Houdah Software has released its latest app for the iPhone and iPod touch, ACTPrinter. The program allows users to print documents to their mobile device from any Mac application. ACTPrinter can be used to save electronic tickets, boarding passes, bar codes and e-mails.

Google Voice Search Still Not Here, Apple To Blame?

Google’s planned launch of their voice search app for the iPhone this weekend didn’t happen as promised, causing speculation that Apple may have put a stop to it themselves. We waited all weekend to see it, but it was a no-show. Google even took down the demo video from YouTube.