iZATT releases Bumps Braille app for iPhone, Touch

iZATT has released the latest addition to its Signal Series of apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, Bumps. The program works as a teaching aide for learning the Braille system. Users can view all 26 dot patterns on the screen, with or without the corresponding English letters displayed. All of the patterns can be viewed on one screen, or each can be presented full-screen.

Tricky Software announces Armado for iPhone

Tricky Software, the developer behind Spore Origins, says it has submitted its next iPhone game, which is currently pending approval in the App Store. Armado is remake of the Mac/PC title of the same name, where players take on the role of Armado the armadillo. Armado is an unsuspecting hero who ends up in the middle of an adventure, taking him from woodlands and snow to volcanic mountains.

Apple to be ‘aggressive’ in Black Friday deals?

Apple’s plans for Black Friday — the crucial sales day following Thanksgiving — should see some major deals available to the public, argues analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays Capital. Reitzes notes that low-cost notebooks will have a significant presence on Black Friday, given plans for $299 PCs at Best Buy, Walmart and Dell.com.

Apple Setting Sights On Mobile Gaming

Now that the iPhone has bested the cellphone industry in the US, they’ve set their sights on a new target: handheld gaming devices. Apple CEO Steve Jobs commented in an interview with the Wall Street Journal recently that the popularity of games on the device could make it a more convincing gift option.

I Can Has Cheezburger App Gives Your Constant LOLcat Access

The people behind I Can Has Cheezeburger launched their official app for the iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store today. The app gives you instant access to LOLcats wherever you go, for maximum cuteness and productivity loss. It also includes images from their other 8 websites, including I Has A Hotdog! and The FAIL blog. You can grab it in the App Store for free.

Google optimizes search results for iPhone

Google has refined the appearance of its search page when visiting from an iPhone or iPod touch, an announcement reveals. Results are now formatted in a similar manner to other Google services, with a blue navigation bar, and vertically-aligned text or imagery that eliminates the need to scroll horizontally.