Developer Launches iPhone 1300ft Into The Air

It’s not uncommon for someone with multiple hobbies to try to combine them, but Michael Koppleman is both a skilled iPhone developer and a model rocket enthusiast in his spare time. What happens when you mix them together? You end up launching a piece of cutting edge touchscreen technology 1300 feet in the air.

vlc4iphone Ports VLC Media Player to… You Guessed It

Free application vlc4iphone ports the popular open-source media player VLC—voted as the best desktop media player by Lifehacker readers—to your iPhone or iPod touch. Apart from supporting virtually any media type you throw at it (I’d recommend using an app like previously mentioned DiskAid to get media to your iPhone), the VLC port streams internet radio, and can even stream media over your network.

App-related bug threatens iPhone security

A bug revealed within the handling of apps on the iPhone could represent a serious security threat, developers claim. The bug is specifically connected to an image file called “Default.png,” which is displayed whenever any app is being loaded on an iPhone.

Costco to Sell iPhones for $149 in January?

Amidst rumors of doom and gloom for the tech market, analyst Trip Chowdhry claims that Apple will start selling iPhones at Costco for $149 starting in January.

Juxtaposer: Fun with photos on iPhone / iPod touch

JuxtaposerFans of Adobe Photoshop rejoice! Have you been waiting for a way to whip out your iPhone or iPod touch and be able to juxtapose Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head onto Pamela Anderson’s body? Your wait is over — Juxtaposer is now available in the App Store.

First Look: Gas Cubby for iPhone

Gas Cubby is an automobile maintenance manager. If you can’t remember the last time you changed the oil, checked tire pressure, or performed other preventative maintenance, this may be the app for you.

AT&T iPhone Tethering to Cost $30/month?

According to a MacBlogz source, AT&T’s upcoming 3G iPhone tethering plan will run $30 a month over existing subscriptions and have a 5GB cap. That sounds about right to us, as the plan is identical to that which AT&T already offers to Blackberry users.

iPhone 2.2 Firmware 10 Days Away? claims that the iPhone 2.2 firmware will become available on November 21st based on what they describe as a “reliable” source.

iPhone Backup Extractor helps kill bugs dead

“You can instruct your customer to download the application, sync their device with iTunes and then have them select the latest backup and your application within that backup. … Getting this information into your development environment is then just a matter of hacking around with the Simulator folder structure.”

Searchlight goes native on the iPhone

Gravity Applications has released a native iPhone application to complement Searchlight, their remote search application based on Spotlight. Searchlight previously sported an iPhone-optimized web interface, and the native app builds on that. Some noteworthy benefits of the native app include storing logins for multiple servers, Bonjour discovery, and a speedier interface than Safari had provided. It also integrates a new feature found on the Searchlight server: the ability to send the files you locate to yourself or a third party via email.

Remember the Milk for iPhone

My search for the perfect software task management solution has been going on for a long time, and I think I’ve finally found the answer: Remember the Milk for iPhone (iTunes link). I’ve tried almost all of the big names in task managers: iGTD, Things, OmniFocus, and even Leopard’s built-in todo functionality. None of them have met my needs.

First Look: Ocarina for iPhone

When you launch, you are presented with four buttons that control the pitch. You make sounds with the Ocarina by blowing into the microphone on the iPhone. You control the pitch of the sound by pressing one, two, or all of the four blue buttons. The more air you blow through the mic, the louder the sound gets. You can also tilt your iPhone up/down to change the vibrato depth, and left/right to change the vibrato rate.