Here is a news roundup of what happened today in the iPhone world…

iPod VP To Step Down From Apple

Tony Fadell, the VP of Apple’s ipod division and the man behind the mini-hard drive music player, will soon be stepping down from his position and leaving the company, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The report indicates that Fadell is to be replaced by former IBM exec Mark Papermaster.

Apple to Benefit Further from Dropping Flash Memory Pricing

Forbes reports on Apple’s “secret weapon” that has helped keep its earnings well above expectations: falling NAND-flash memory prices. And according to Forbes, there are no signs that this trend will abate anytime soon.

First Look: Mobile Banking on AT&T

While a lot of us have had internet banking for years, who would have thought that AT&T would have come up with a mobile banking app that lets you check accounts and pay bills for a number of banks through a single iPhone app?

Analyst: Intel’s Moorestown Chip Would Be Security Risk In iPhone

Intel publicly admitted in a statement refuting a comment by one of their mid-level executives that Apple should have used their Moorestown chipset instead of the ARM, saying it wouldn’t work due to different power concerns. Now one security researcher says that’s not the only reason. There’s another, and it’s a big one.

Apple Releases New iPhone Ad: ‘Dilemmas’

Apple has posted a new iPhone commercial, ‘Dilemmas’, to their ad gallery. The commercial focuses on Urbanspoon, which provides information, ratings and reviews on restaurants.