Encyclopedia Puts the Entirety of Wikipedia on Your iPhone

Encyclopedia is an offline Wikipedia reader for your iPhone or iPod touch—which means that after you install it, it downloads a hefty 2GB of data to your iPhone for offline searching and viewing. Encyclopedia costs $8 from the App Store, but you can get an early version for free with wikipedia-iphone if you’re jailbroken.

Dash halts hardware, may make iPhone GPS app

Dash Navigation announced on Monday that it will cease making it Dash Express GPS navigation devices for cars that include Web 2.0 services as part of a bigger company move to change its business model from a consumer-focused one to a business-to-business orientation.

MobileFiles Offers MobileMe’s iDisk Access from iPhone

A new free application called MobileFiles offers MobileMe customers access to their iDisk files from their iPhone.

Firethorn releases mobile banking app for iPhone

AT&T, in collaboration with Firethorn Holdings, has released Mobile Banking for the iPhone. Users can access their financial information or initiate transactions; the former includes account balances and history, as well as other facts like earned interest rates. Access requires entering a PIN number.

The iPhone OS 2.2 Rumor Round Up

The iPhone OS 2.2 is taking shape at a good rhythm. The user interface is being refined and development of new features keeps going on steady. While I’m sure most of us can only think “copy and paste! copy and paste! copy and paste!” and increased speed and reliability, there are a few new things that we would definitely like to have as soon as possible.

Glyph rocks on iPhone; GTS World Racing gets two-player mode

Handmark has released one new game for the iPhone and iPod touch, and updated one of their existing titles. The new game is Glyph, a game in the jewel-matching genre that has been a hit on PCs and other handheld platforms. In other news, Handmark has announced an update to GTS World Racing that provides a two-player mode so you can race against friends over Wi-Fi. The update is available for free through the App Store.

Report finds iPhone production down 40 percent

Apple’s production of the iPhone may have fallen by 40 percent or more for the fourth quarter of the year, according to an analyst with Friedman Billings Ramsey. Craig Berger notes that the information is based on “recent checks,” which suggest a radical drop in factory output, as compared to a 10 percent slide that had been predicted.

Archive Your Texts with iPhone Backup SMS Extractor

If you don’t like the idea of your iPhone’s SMS logs getting trapped in iTunes, or you just want have a plain-text copy to play around with, you can upload iTunes’ binary archive to the iPhone backup SMS extractor webapp and get back the text. It’s particularly useful for iPhone owners who use Windows to sync and or Mac users who can’t get Syphone to work.

New MacBooks Disable Pwnage Tool, Open Second Front in War on Jailbreaking

It’s a given that each firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch will seal up exploits used by the Dev Team to ‘Pwn’ the devices, but nobody expected the new MacBooks to present a problem for would-be Jailbreakers. Users over at HowardForums and iPodTouchFans are reporting problems running the Pwnage tool on the new aluminum MacBooks, which don’t seem to be able to recognize an iPhone or iPod Touch when it is booted into DFU mode, a vital requirement for jailbreaking.

Opera Browser Not Actually Rejected From App Store?

Last week we told you about the rejection of the Opera web browser for the iPhone from the App Store, as reported by the NY Times. Since then, however, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has done some digging around and has found some new evidence that this may not actually have been the case.

Sea Flags for iPhone features Maritime Signal Flags

Izatt International has unveiled Sea Flags, an app for the iPhone or iPod touch that helps users learn the Maritime Signal Flags system. The program includes all 26 flags that are displayed on a reference screen and can be tapped to fill the screen.

First Look: Handshake for iPhone

How many times have you been away from your computer and wanted to give someone your contact information? With a new app called Handshake [iTunes Link], you can send another iPhone (or iPod touch) user any contact information stored on your iPhone. The application works by using Core Location coupled with other technologies to send address book cards over the air.

Prepare for Election Day with your iPhone

Here are four ways you can prepare for the big day with your iPhone.