A quick overview of the iPhone news for today…

Apple II Classic Game Lemonade Stand Being Ported To iPhone

Lemonade Stand, a classic economics computer game from the Apple II days, is currently being remade for the iPhone by Maverick Software’s Glenda Adams. She says she’s keeping the original gameplay and economics, but decided to ditch the original lo-fi graphics for something a little more up to date.

Congress denies likelihood of iPhone adoption

The US House of Representatives is not likely to adopt the iPhone in the near future, according to a press secretary. Recent reports had indicated that Congressional staff were testing iPhones for possible support; phones must not only meet technical needs but qualify for an allowance distributed to each representative’s office.

Myvu Crystal video playback glasses work with iPhone

Myvu has announced iPhone compatibility with its Myvu Crystal video glasses, by means of its new Myvu Connection Cable. The cable allows any iPhone or iPod with video support to feed into the company’s visor-style video display. The Crystal presents images in VGA resolution, with built-in earbuds and what the company describes as a wide field of view.

Rumor roundup: iPhone 2.2 firmware details

Apple has given developers a taste of the new iPhone firmware, version 2.2 beta 2, and it includes a host of spiffy new features that are making the rounds online.

iGameboy Springboard Theme Turns iPhone Into Lo-Tech Geek Machine

Looking to upgrade the geek-factor with your iPhone? Inject a heap of nostalgia and relive the early 90s with the iGameboy custom springboard theme for the iPhone. The custom skin will turn your high-tech, super-shiny iPhone into a low-tech, big-pixeled original Gameboy. Technology may have come a long way, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it.

Fission 1.6 makes iPhone ringtones even easier

Rogue Amoeba has released version 1.6 of the nifty lossless audio editor Fission with a handy new feature: built-in iPhone ringtone saving. Fission has always been a great application for making relatively simple edits to audio files: cropping, trimming, cutting and pasting, etc. Now it makes turning MP3, AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, or WAV files into iPhone ringtones a one-step process. Once you save a file as a ringtone it will automatically be passed to iTunes for syncing to your iPhone.

LogMeIn Ignition links iPhones/iPods with desktops

Developer LogMeIn says it has launched a beta program for Ignition, remote access software for iPhones and iPod touches. The app lets users connect to computers running one of LogMeIn’s related programs, including Free, Pro or IT Reach, whether for Mac or Windows.