That was a pretty busy weekend in the iPhone news section. Unfortunately, due to a virus on my computer, I was not able to write anything at all this weekend. So here is a brief summary of everything that happened today and over the weekend.

Puzzlotto brings a different kind of game (and a cash prize) to the App Store

Puzzlotto has been about as hidden as the lemurs you can see in the screenshot over there, for some reason — the concept isn’t real easy to grasp, and if you just stumbled across the “game” in the App Store, odds are that you’d think you had $5 stolen from you. But there is a weird story hidden here, both literally and figuratively.

American Idol Winner Releases Single As iPhone App

American Idol winner David Cook is releasing his latest single “Light On” as part of a $1.99 iPhone app featuring a virtual lighter. Described as a “power ballad”, the song starts to play when the lighter is flicked on. It uses the same controls in the iPhone’s iPod app controls popup. Those of you not interested in buying yet another lighter app just for a song can get the track for $0.99 in the iTunes Music Store.

Apple Publishes WWDC Sessions Videos To iTunes U

In the spirit of encouraging development after greatly loosening their iPhone developer NDA, Apple has posted several sessions from this year’s WWDC 2008 to iTunes U. Unfortunately, they’re only available to Premiere members of the Apple Developer Connection program.

SBSettings Toggle Pack Update

There was a permissions bug in packaging the original toggle pack that prevented the EDGE toggle from working. I have updated the toggle pack and am posting the update. Please update the toggle pack, and if Cydia doesn’t force you to, make sure you respring after. Remember, the E will show up whether or not EDGE is enabled. The only valid test is trying to load a web page in safari.

iPhone 2.2 adds App ratings upon deletion

As Apple prepares v2.2 of the iPhone operating system, a new screenshot indicates that the company is inserting a rating dialogue before users can delete an application from their device. Greek language site iPhone Hellas reports that attempting to delete an application directly from the device yields a popup window, offering the familiar five-star system, as well as a “No Thanks” button for users…

AT&T canvasses buyers on future iPhone features

AT&T has recently begun surveying some of its longer-term iPhone buyers asking what features they would most like to see added to the Apple handset.

iPhone Software 2.2 to add public transit & walking directions

The next version of Apple’s iPhone software will not only introduce Street Views to the handset’s Maps application, but also provide bus, train and walking directions.

Apple earnings, profits, and cash embarrass Microsoft

While Microsoft executives like to talk about Apple as an insignificant company with less than 5% of the worldwide market share of all PCs and servers sold, the Mac maker now has more cash than Microsoft and earns more than half of its profits and over three fourths its revenues.

Google Earth for iPhone Puts Whole World in the Palm of Your Hand

Google has a released a custom, multitouchy version of Google Earth for the iPhone, and it rocks, turning you into a master of universe that can zoom, twirl and pan all around the world with just a few flicks of your fingers. It also uses the accelerometer, so you can pan and tilt, too. It might just be better than desktop version just because multitouch makes it so damn fun.

iPhone could hit $99, rule smartphones

Apple has the room to cut the price of the iPhone to where it could take command of the smartphone market, analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham Research says today in a research note. The financial expert estimates that the average, unsubsidized price of an iPhone 3G in the summer was $666 and so would give Apple a nearly 50 percent gross margin on each sale as well as a heavy subsidy from AT&T.

A boxful of awesome: iPhone

The app, which is compatible with the iPhone and the second generation iPod Touch (sorry 1st Gen touch users!), is simply awesome. already had an iPhone friendly mobile interface at, but while you could access some files from that page, you couldn’t play back media and document viewing was more limited. The new application means you can play back audio and video (assuming the file is compatible with the iPhone 2.1’s firmware support for QuickTime), view PDF or Office files, view photos, and upload photos from your iPhone or iPod Touch directly to