Alicia, Goddess, Clay, Cody and I don’t always have time to cover everything that’s going on everyday about the iPhone. Instead of not reporting the info, we make a quick summary of everything interesting with links to the original sources, so you can find out about the latest iPhone news.

Keepin’ it real fake, part CLXIV: Apple’s and iorgane’s

After each iPhone KIRF we swear to ourselves, never again. But damn if China’s iorgane doesn’t ratchet up the absurdity and IP thievery to levels so ballsy, they’ve sprouted a leaf. As they shamelessly boast at the end of the video posted after the break, “Apple no, this is Orange.” Or organe, but that’s for Apple’s lawyers to sort out.

Microsoft exec dismisses iPhone sales numbers

People should not be too impressed by sales figures for the iPhone, argues a Microsoft executive. Robbie Bach, who operates the Entertainment & Devices Division which produces Windows Mobile, says that while Apple’s quoted shipments of almost 6.9 million iPhones are certainly impressive, the true test of the product will be if it can maintain sales momentum over the long term.

Intel sorry over iPhone ARM jab, lauds instead

After an Intel representative blasted the iPhone’s ARM processor as the cause of its problems, the company backpedaled on the statements, saying they were “inappropriate.” Intel put forth the apology at the Intel Developer Forum in Taiwan, and instead lauded the device for being “extremely innovative,” enabling “new and exciting market opportunities.”

Apple releases portions of iPhone SDK from NDA limits

Apple has published new terms for its registered iPhone developer agreement that defines new limits for “Apple Confidential Information” protected by the program’s Non Disclosure Agreement.

Classics App Brings Revolutionary eBook App Coming To The App Store

Classics is a new application by Andrew Kaz and Phill Ryu which aims to bring classic books to the iPhone. Featuring a gorgeous and intuitive interface by Sebastiaan de With and David Lanham, Classics comes with a slew of classic titles sure to entice even the most casual of readers. Books bundled with the app are all in the public domain and include Alice In Wonderland, The Time Machine, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and many more.