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VoiceNotes vs. iDicto vs. Recorder vs. Record

Four audio recording apps? Sure, why not? Voice note apps make a lot of sense if you are the type of on-the-go person fond of talking to yourself. Luckily there are plenty of choices, and I’ll break down the functionality of four that I’ve been monkeying around with.

iPhone Tethering Delayed Because AT&T Is Afraid?

Now, according to a MacBlogz, a reliable source from inside AT&T has informed them that iPhone tethering is being delayed because AT&T isn’t prepared to meet the 3G demand.

Classics brings a different approach to reading on the iPhone

A new application coming soon to an iPhone near you hopes to bring a new experience for reading e-books., which is being developed by Andrew Kazmierski and Phillip Ryu, will allow its users to read classic works of literature … right on their iPhones!

First Look: Shelf Life

Shelf Life keeps an inventory of your perishable groceries and, based on the date each is added to the list, displays either a green or red bubble beside it. The color will let you know if the item is okay to eat or not.

PhoneGap Lets Web Apps Access Native App Features

With the incredible popularity of the App Store, the once blooming genre of iPhone web applications seem to have mostly been reduced to a few mobile versions of popular websites. While some pretty cool tools have since shown up for web apps, none have revitalized them. Now a group of developers is trying to breathe life into the dying art with the PhoneGap framework that offers access to new parts of the iPhone’s API.

Search 1.0 Adds Search Functionality To Jailbroken iPhones

The launch of the App Store eliminated a large part of the need for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod touch, but a few good reasons still remain. Here’s a new one that was released recently. It’s called Search 1.0 for iPhone, and it’s available to jailbroken phones through Cydia.

Handshake, Nameo Make Exchanging Contact Info Easy

Two apps were released to the App Store recently that make it easier and more convenient than ever to exchange contact information other people with iPhones easier and more painless than ever. They are Nameo by Meganova BV and Handshake by Scorpiostech Inc.

Spell Checking for the iPhone Debuts

The iPhone corrects your typing as you go, but, until now, there hasn’t been a method for performing an aggregate spell check on emails before they are sent. Mike Schneider has released a new update to TouchType, an application that allows to use the keyboard in landscape (vs. portrait) mode.