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United Lemur Announces First To Solve Puzzllotto Wins Up To $30k

To celebrate the release of their first iPhone application, United Lemur, the iPhone development company headed up by former Tapulous man Mike Lee, has announced that the first user to successfully solve their puzzle game Puzzllotto [App Store] for the iPhone and iPod touch will be awarded a cash prize of up to $30,000.

Your congressman wants an iPhone

TheHill.com is reporting that members of the U.S. House of Representatives could be getting iPhones when they return to Washington, D.C. after the elections. The Chief Administrative Office (CAO) oversees all communications systems for the House and has been testing a small number of iPhones to see how they meet the needs of congressmen and their staffs.

Use Your Touchscreen in the Cold with DOTS Gloves

You don’t have to freeze your digits off in the nippy weather just to use a touchscreen if you’re wearing a pair of DOTS gloves. DOTS are a regular pair of toasty gloves with a twist: a “dot” on the fingertips that let you use your touch device without smudging or scratching it. DOTS are compatible with the iPhone, iPod, iTouch, Nintendo DS, ATMs, kiosks, point-of-sale systems and other touchscreen devices. Choose from either a DOTS wool or rag type glove, and decide whether you want your dots on both hands or just the left or right. A pair will set you back 15 to 20 bucks, and looks like a fun stocking stuffer.

PhoneGap tool provides JavaScript access to iPhone features

For web developers who want access to the iPhone’s features without learning Objective-C and Cocoa, there’s the new PhoneGap framework. The tool already includes JavaScript support for the accelerometer and location features, with more goodies coming soon.

gContacts brings Google contacts to iPhone

Apple’s iPhone sync system of iTunes and an optional MobileMe account is fun and all, but some of us prefer sticking with Google for all our address booking needs. A new iPhone app brings a dedicated address book for Gmail contacts, including a couple of welcome surprises.

Intel says iPhone not capable of ‘full Internet’

Intel Corp. this week used a developer forum in Taipei to tout its upcoming Moorestown platform for next-generation mobile Internet devices (MIDs) while slamming Apple’s iPhone as a device bogged down by its use of ARM processors.

AT&T’s third quarter driven by 2.4M iPhone 3G activations

AT&T said Wednesday that third quarter sales were boosted by a larger than expected number of iPhone 3G activations, resulting in long-term value at the expense of near-term profits.

Cooliris still cool on the iPhone, not quite as useful

Cooliris is a fantastic browser plugin that displays image galleries on sites like Facebook and Flickr as a wall of photos that you can manipulate by dragging. It’s an attractive visual effect, and it’s actually a fast and efficient way to get an overview of a gallery and find a specific image. Unfortunately, the Cooliris iPhone app isn’t as useful as its browser-based counterpart.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG multimedia iPhone app released

Mercedes-Benz and 29HD Network have released a multimedia app for the iPhone or iPod touch that features the new C63 AMG. Although the app doesn’t provide the driving game features of its competitors, such as the Audi A4 Driving Challenge app, it does offer a unique mix of media content including videos of drag races, laps around a speedway, and a run down the Vegas strip.

iRa allows surveillance control and viewing on iPhone

Lextech Labs has introduced iRa, a remote surveillance viewing and control application for the iPhone or iPod touch. The app goes beyond the simple video feed function by allowing full control over pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) functions of monitoring equipment. Users can define groups of cameras containing an unlimited number of feeds even across several geographic locations.

First Look: cliqcliq Colors

Colors is a palette generator and editor for the iPhone and iPod touch which updated yesterday to version 1.1 with new features which make it a truly useful tool for working with those hues, tints and shades we come across every day.