Category: Entertainment
Released: Aug 11, 2008
Price: $0.99

iLightr is an innovative entertainment app that harnesses the unique features of the iPhone to create the most realistic lighter experience available on any mobile device. Rather than a stale, unchanging looped video of a flame, iLightr combines high-resolution OpenGL graphics, dynamic sound effects, and accelerometer support to create the only truly interactive lighter simulation.

When you launch iLightr, you’re presented with a closed lighter. At this point, you can do exactly what you would with a real lighter:
– Open or close the lid with a finger slide or a quick flick of the wrist
– Ignite your lighter with the sparker and watch as the interactive flame comes to life
– Move left or right and watch the flame sway gracefully back and forth
– Interact directly with the flame through finger touches
– Choose from a variety of case designs by double-tapping on the lighter at any time

iLightr is a compelling, interactive app that will impress your friends and come in handy the next time you find yourself in a crowd.