QuickWeather: Easily access current weather info from anywhere

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 17, 2014

QuickWeather is a recently released tweak that allows users to access current weather information from anywhere on the iPhone. By means of a handy Activator gesture, users can invoke QuickWeather from the Home screen, or while within an app.

QuickWeather a simple tweak with no settings to configure outside of its Activator gesture. Have a look at our video review after the break. Read More


Minimalist iPad weather app, Morning, now available for iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 11, 2014

Morning by Tamper, the beautiful weather app for the iPad and one of Apple’s App Store Best of 2013 apps, has been updated with native support for the iPhone. Now available in the App Store free to those who’ve purchased it, Morning version 1.5 brings its sleek, minimalist interface to the iPhone and iPod touch.

On the iPhone, Morning includes all the features of the iPad version, including more than two dozen UI themes.

On the iPad, this new version of Morning has also introduced a few new nice-to-haves, detailed after the jump… Read More


Yahoo updates Weather app with new animations, pull-to-refresh for photos and more

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 27, 2014

The reinvigorated Yahoo has updated its gorgeous Weather application for the iPhone and iPad, available free of charge in the App Store, with some noteworthy visual enhancements and feature improvements.

I’ve always absolutely loved how the app presents full-bleed photographs of chosen location(s), sourced from the Flickr community.

But, there was no way to browse through different photos of the same location. Starting today, you can now simply pull down on the image to load a new one, when possible. Another enhancements, straight from the design department: new animations for moon phases available as you scroll through details… Read More


ClearWeather HD brings minimalist weather to the iPad

By Lory Gil on Mar 17, 2014

I’ve gotten a kick out of the fun, simple weather apps that have launched in the App Store since iOS 7 made its debut. Some look like rocket pops. Some look like a graph. Some have almost no information other than the weather. What most of them are seriously lacking, however, is iPad optimization.

ClearWeather HD is a minimalist weather app that shows off your iPad with bright colors, clean lines, and a simple interface and will make your co-workers turn their head… Read More


SlideWeather replaces “slide to unlock” with current weather conditions

By Joe Rossignol on Mar 17, 2014

As someone who lives in Canada, which has been experiencing one of the coldest winters on record, it is safe to say that I have been checking the forecast a little more often than usual. That is part of the reason why I am a big fan of weather-related jailbreak tweaks such as SlideWeather, a new iOS extension that replaces the default “slide to unlock” text on the Lock screen with the current temperature and conditions.

SlideWeather pulls forecast information based on the location of your device, meaning that you must have Location Services enabled for the Weather app for this tweak to work properly. I only learned that by experimentation, as disabling Location Services caused the tweak to display no temperature and warn that a tornado was incoming. Fortunately, that is not the case. Details ahead…  Read More


Forecast brings the Weather app to the Lock screen

By Joe Rossignol on Feb 6, 2014

I awoke this morning to blizzard conditions and cancelled classes, giving me the fitting opportunity to take a look at an exciting recently updated jailbreak tweak called Forecast for iPhone and iPod touch. I recommend you take a look too, as this is definitely one of the better packages available on Cydia.

Forecast replaces Slide to Unlock on the Lock screen with a widget on the bottom left that displays the current temperature and conditions, in addition to anticipated highs and lows for the day. For example, in the screenshot above, the current temperature is 34 ºF with mostly clear skies on a crisp February night. And that’s just the beginning of what this tweak has to offer… Read More


How to add live weather effects to the Weather app icon

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 10, 2014

One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time was WeatherIcon. It was a simple tweak that placed the live current temperature on the stock Weather app, significantly improving the app’s usefulness.

LiveWeatherIcon is like the next generation of that legendary tweak. Not only does it tell the current temperature, but it also features animated weather effects to further emphasize the status of the temperature in your area. Read More


Yahoo Weather app updated with iPad support and more

By Cody Lee on Dec 16, 2013

Yahoo posted a significant update for its weather app this weekend, bringing the software to version 1.5. The update includes the ability to share the weather via Mail, Messages and social media, as well as iPad support.

That’s right. Folks who really like the beautiful design, layout, and interactions of the iPhone Yahoo Weather app—things that made it one of the most popular weather apps of 2013—can now experience it on their tablet… Read More


The 10 best weather apps of 2013

By Lory Gil on Dec 8, 2013

As 2013 inches closer to its last days, we take time to reflect on everything that we have experienced over the past year. With 365 days of apps and games to sift through, it is hard to figure out which ones are the best. Don’t worry, you are off the hook. We took care of it for you.

Take a look at our list of weather apps that the writers of iDownloadBlog consider the best of this year’s releases. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite one for the Best Apps of 2013 list… Read More


Climate Clock review: a minimal hourly weather forecast app

By Lory Gil on Oct 31, 2013

When you are planning out your day, oftentimes, you want to know what to expect from Mother Nature, especially during the fall and spring, when rain, wind, and temperatures change drastically from one hour to the next.

Climate Clock shows you hourly changes in the weather with a minimalistic, yet informative display so you will know whether you will need to bring a jacket to the ball game… Read More


Aero weather app brings a touch of iOS 7 to your iOS 6 device

By Lory Gil on Aug 8, 2013

These days, it seems like seven is the new six. Frankly, I’m ok with that. I love the new look that is coming our way with Apple’s redesign of its mobile operating system. I can’t get enough of it. Luckily, neither can developers.

Aero is a brand new weather app that looks and acts like it belongs in iOS 7. This app is so hip it’s practically wearing an ironic beard… Read More


Foresee review: find the best time of the day for your outdoor activities

By Lory Gil on Jun 28, 2013

As the weather starts to warm up, thoughts shift to outdoorsy type activities. Maybe you enjoy hiking or biking, or just want to take a leisurely stroll. You know what the ideal weather situation is for your personal taste, but how do you know if now is a good time to take the dog to the park, or if the temperature will be better suited for the occasion later in the day?

Foresee is a new weather app that does just that. It predicts the best possible conditions for your favorite activities based on your own, personal criteria. You’ll never have to wonder whether you should start the grill early, or wait until it cools down outside… Read More


Be prepared when disaster strikes with Tornado by American Red Cross

By Lory Gil on May 30, 2013

Tornado season is well under way. Although the devastating weather has been late on arrival this year, last week’s tragedy in Oklahoma shows that Mother Nature is not weakening. If anything, she is a stronger force than ever.

If you are in an area that ever has or ever will experience a tornado, the American Red Cross has your back with their Tornado app. Use this app to plan for emergencies, prepare for a rescue, and pick up the pieces after the disaster is over… Read More


Dark Sky 3.0 brings crowdsourced cloudsourcing to the masses

By Christian Zibreg on May 29, 2013

There’s something about weather apps. I don’t know if I’m enchanted more by the user interface innovations that mobile weather software brings to the table or by having weather forecast in the palm of my hand, but I just can’t get enough of those sleek little apps that now happen to occupy three dedicated ‘weather’ folders on my iPhone (yes, I need them all).

Dark Sky, for example, is captivating: its simplified user interface and beautiful, unobtrusive animations provide an at-a-glance overview of your local forecast and key weather metrics, up to an hour in advance.

In a major version 3.0 update, Dark Sky is now enabled in several new markets, including the U.K. and Ireland, can tell you weather farther than an hour away and lets you submit your own hyperlocal weather observations… Read More


The best weather apps for the iPhone

By Lory Gil on May 28, 2013

In California, which is where I live, we don’t get many changes in our weather conditions. Northern California summers reach just above 100 during the hottest days of August and right around 50 degrees during the coldest months in January. There are no tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards in my town, but for some reason, I Love weather apps. Maybe it is because I don’t experience extreme weather conditions, but want to see what they look like from above.

If you are a weather watcher because you are preparing for the upcoming storm, or just like to see those red swirly radar signals moving around on a map, we have a handful of apps that we think are the best weather apps for iPhone… Read More


How to make Yahoo’s new weather app the default in iOS

By Cody Lee on May 1, 2013

Last month, Yahoo released a new weather app for iOS aptly named Yahoo! Weather. And its fit and finish actually surprised some people. Our very own Christian Zibreg said it’s “the best-designed iOS app from Yahoo yet.”

It’s just too bad that you can’t make the app the default weather application in iOS. Or can you? Actually, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called ‘YahooWeatherisBetter,’ you can make Yahoo’s new weather app your default… Read More


FlatIcons: a beautiful two dimensional theme for iOS

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 18, 2013

From a pure looks standpoint, FlatIcons is one of the better looking themes for iOS. It’s not the deepest theme out there as far as the UI area it covers on iOS, but it’s definitely up there with some of the best from a purely visual standpoint.

Along with the app icons themselves, FlatIcons includes themes for the stock Weather app, Auxo toggles, and Notification Center. As a bonus to purchasers of the theme, the creator of FlatIcons added an additional alternate theme to the package as well. Have a look inside for our hands-on video walkthrough. Read More


Yahoo’s new Weather iOS app looks terrific

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 18, 2013

I’m a huge sucker for awesome weather apps, so much that I’m afraid to even think about how much money I’ve put into these kinds of apps for my iThings.

Yahoo, as you know, supplies Apple with weather data for its stock iOS Weather app (in addition to Stocks and Siri data as well) and it was reported earlier this morning that the company will be launching a dedicated weather forecast software on the App Store.

You could imagine a weather buff like myself would be hanging on the edge of my seat in anticipation of Yahoo! Weather. Now that it’s just hit the App Store, I can honestly say that this is the best-designed iOS app from Yahoo yet.

The elegant typography combined with the big, beautiful full-screen images (crowd-sourced via Flickr), the crisp weather pictograms and just the right amount of information make this my new favorite weather forecast app. Jump past the fold for a bunch of screenshots, you know you want to.. Read More


Yahoo to launch new iOS weather app and iPad email client tomorrow

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 18, 2013

According to well-informed sources, Internet giant Yahoo will tomorrow release two new iOS applications, one a standalone weather software and the other an iPad version of its native email client. The news arrives hot on the heels of last week’s claim by The Wall Street Journal, which has it on good authority that Apple and Yahoo are “in very early stages” of deepening their partnership in order to grow Yahoo’s presence on mobile devices as Apple continues to push itself further away from Google… Read More


WeatherIcon comes alive for iOS 6

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 1, 2013

Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen, because WeatherIcon is back and it brings support for iOS 6 in tow. Aptly dubbed WeatherIcon 6, this jailbreak tweak brings live weather updates to jailbroken iOS 6 devices.

Like its predecessor, this tweak ditches the static “73 degrees and sunny” located on the stock Weather app icon, in favor of live up-to-date weather conditions. One thing you won’t find in WeatherIcon 6 is support for status bar weather information, but the developer says that a future update to a dependency will bring status bar support soon. Read More

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