Apple extends AppleCare+ purchase window to 60 days for iPhone and iPad

By Joe Rossignol on Jul 1, 2014

As we outlined in a report earlier this month, Apple has gone ahead and doubled the AppleCare+ purchase window for new iPhones and iPads. Customers are now eligible to purchase AppleCare+ for their new iPhone and iPad up to 60 days after purchasing the device, whereas it was previously 30 days. AppleCare+ extends Apple’s 90-day complimentary support to two years and includes accidental damage coverage.

AppleCare+ costs $99 for both the iPhone and iPad plans, purchasable through the Apple Store both in-store and online. Apple has updated its website to reflect the new 60-day policy that is now in effect in all regions outside of Japan, where the 30-day window remains. These changes do not apply to Macs, iPods or any other Apple products outside of the iPhone and iPad…  Read More


Sprint device protection, now with data security, automatic backups and personalized tech support

By Christian Zibreg on May 19, 2014

The United States wireless carrier Sprint, the nation’s third-largest, on Monday introduced a new equipment protection plan that offers additional protection for your tablet and smartphone devices for an additional two bucks per month. The Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus) plan costs thirteen bucks per month, per device.

It offers everything included in Sprint’s existing $11 per month Total Equipment Protection – theft insurance, accidental damage and next-day loss, to name a few – and then some more: data security, personalized tech support and automatic media backups.

Jump past the fold for the full reveal… Read More


iPhone return policy drops from 30 to 14 days

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 12, 2014

Apple’s just made an important change to its iPhone return policy. According to the firm’s newly-updated Retail Store Purchase Policies, customers who bought an iPhone directly from the Apple Online Store and in Apple Retail Stores now have 14 days to return it for a refund.

“For iPhone returns, you may return your undamaged iPhone with its included accessories within 14 days of purchase for a full refund,” Apple acknowledges.

Previously, people had 30 days to return their iPhone for a refund. The company has apparently shortened the return window in order to match carriers’ 14-day policy… Read More


Belgian judge threatened to block Apple websites over EU warranty shenanigans

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 4, 2014

For quite some time now, Apple has been at odds with EU watchdogs who’ve been complaining a lot about the iPhone maker’s unacceptable stance and practices when it comes to educating EU buyers on their consumer rights.

At the heart of the issue: Apple’s unwillingness to explain to its users in an unambiguous manner that EU consumer laws entitle them to at least two years of coverage on consumer electronics.

As Apple’s standard warranty provides twelve months of coverage, the company was caught cunningly beating around the bush by attempting to upsell buyers to its pricey AppleCare+ extended protection plan, which it introduced last September in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and elsewhere in Europe.

Apple was even fined over this in Italy and now comes word that a Belgium judge has contemplated blocking access to all Apple websites in the country because the company has continued to mislead consumers about warranty protections available for products purchased from its brick-and-mortar and online stores… Read More


Apple agrees to change Australian warranty policies after run-in with watchdog

By Cody Lee on Dec 18, 2013

Apple has come under fire again for its overseas warranty practices this week. The company is being forced to change its return and repair policies to fit under Australian consumer law after it was found to be lying to consumers about their entitled coverage.

Under ACL, warranties are expected to be kept in effect “for the amount of time that it is reasonable to expect, given the cost and quality of an item.” So essentially, there’s no set expiration date to them. But apparently, Apple has been telling folks differently… Read More


How to check your Apple device’s warranty status for service and support coverage

By Lory Gil on Oct 3, 2013

When new operating systems and devices come out, it starts to get our brains-a-whirling about warranties, tech support, and consumer protections against faulty equipment.

If you can’t remember the exact date that you purchased your iPhone, or don’t recall whether you added AppleCare for the extended warranty on your iPad, there is an easy way to find out the status of your device without having to dig through that shoebox of old receipts… Read More


Apple launches $59 AppleCare+ extended coverage for iPod touch and iPod classic

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 11, 2013

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s iPhone 5s/5c introduction, Apple has quietly brought its premium $99 AppleCare+ iPhone coverage to the United Kingdom, France and Italy. The extended coverage plan – previously limited to customers in the United States, Canada and Japan – covers up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling of your device.

Not only is Apple taking the AppleCare+ coverage to more places, but more devices as well. Today, we learn that AppleCare+ is now available for two iPod devices: the iPod touch and the iPod classic… Read More


AppleCare+ launches in UK, France, Italy as Apple quietly jacks up incident fee to $79

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 10, 2013

If you’re planning on buying a brand spanking new iPhone 5c or treat yourself to one of the colorful new plastic iPhones, you’d be wise to consider Apple’s $99 AppleCare+ extended warranty coverage.

Because, for all the talk of the iPhone 5c’s seamless hard-coated polycarbonate plastic shell (“you won’t see seams, or part lines, or joins,” Apple boasts; here’s how it’s made), the device is in fact prone to scratches and can be damaged.

The problem is, AppleCare+ is only available in the United States, Canada and Japan. Well, not anymore. Today, the extended warranty coverage is available to customers in the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Learn more just after the break… Read More


Extended AppleCare+ warranty said to launch in Europe soon

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 29, 2013

AppleCare+, Apple’s extended warranty coverage for iPhones and iPads, could soon launch across Europe, if there’s merit to a report published yesterday by the French blog iGen. AppleCare+ is currently available only to customers in the United States, Canada and Japan, and can be activated in-store or online within 30 days of a device purchase.

The $99 extended coverage gives you a piece of mind by providing repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians for AirPort wireless appliances as well as your iPhone and iPad, its battery and the included USB cable and power adapter… Read More


Liquid damage suit members receive notice about cash payout from Apple

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 5, 2013

Earlier this year, Apple has agreed to pay $53 million to resolve a consumer class-action lawsuit involving faulty moisture indicators in older iOS devices falsely interpreting that a device had been damaged by water, prompting Apple to unjustly deny customer warranty claims based on these defective indicators.

According to details made public on the settlement’s website, eligible customers are now being contacted via email about the class-action settlement and damages. Specifically, owners of older iPhone and iPod touch products may be entitled to a cash payment from Apple… Read More


Apple complies with two-year warranty requirement in France, Germany and Belgium

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 12, 2013

The latest in Apple warranty shenanigans in Europe: caving in to pressure from a number of the European Union member states, the company has now updated its warranty policy in Belgium, giving all buyers two-year warranty as standard.

Remember, Apple’s insistence on upselling European customers to its paid AppleCare extended coverage has failed to impress authorities in Europe, where two-year warranty is required by law.

In Italy, for example, Apple was fined $264,000 in Italy over offering only a single year of warranty as standard… Read More


Here’s the crazy machine Apple uses to replace iPhone 5 screens

By Cody Lee on Jun 6, 2013

Last month, it was reported that Apple held a town hall meeting to discuss upcoming changes to its AppleCare service. One of the bigger changes noted was that it was going to be doing more in-store repairs on iPhones.

That change went into effect this week, as we reported on Monday that Apple is starting to repair iPhone 5 screens in store for $149. And in case you were wondering how they do it, here’s a photo of the crazy machine… Read More


Apple now offering in-store $149 replacement screens for iPhone 5

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 3, 2013

A recent MarketWatch article has blamed high iPhone 5 repair costs on Apple’s tight control of the supply chain, which in turn dictates aftermarket prices.

Perhaps responding to the criticism, the company has reportedly started selling a replacement screen component for the iPhone 5 for $149.

Tipsters claim that the replacement display is offered in-store only, with or without AppleCare+.

Although $149 is notably higher than the corresponding iPhone 4S screen assembly which costs about $95, Apple’s asking price undercuts the repair wizards over at iFixit who offer an iPhone 5 replacement screen for $200.

And in response to Apple’s competitive pricing, some service shops are now starting to tweak their repair rates accordingly… Read More


Apple could actually start repairing faulty iDevices in June

By Christian Zibreg on May 24, 2013

A letter Apple allegedly sent to Brazilian Authorized Service Providers signals significant changes to how the company handles iPhone and iPad repairs. Specifically, rather than replace faulty devices with their good-as-new refurbished counterparts, Apple should finally start performing device repairs in-house as early as next month, reports AppleInsider which got hold of Apple’s letter to distributors.

We heard earlier in the month that major changes are coming to Apple’s AppleCare warranty this fall so the development could signal Apple’s intent to test the new policy in Brazil ahead of a broad roll-out later this year… Read More


Major changes reportedly coming to AppleCare this fall

By Cody Lee on May 11, 2013

Apple reportedly held a town hall session with its employees this week to discuss some significant changes coming to its AppleCare warranty service. The new policies are expected to start rolling out in the US ‘very soon,’ and international shortly after.

So what’s going to be different? According to the report, one of the biggest changes has to do with how Apple Store employees handle iPhone repairs. Apparently, staff have been told that they will be doing a lot more in-store repairs, and less exchanges… Read More


Apple offers third-gen Apple TV replacement program over Wi-Fi issues

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 15, 2013

Is your Apple TV acting up lately? Specifically, is the set-top box exhibiting issues related to Wi-Fi networking? If so, Apple may have a brand new unit for you, free of charge, up to two years after the device’s purchase date.

According to a new report, the iPhone maker has opened a replacement program for owners of the third-generation Apple TVs plagued with problems related to locating or joining Wi-Fi network, dropped connections and more.

Only a small number of units have been affected and Apple has specified which serial number pairs are eligible for the replacement program… Read More


Apple to pay $53 million in iPhone warranty class-action settlement

By Ed Sutherland on Apr 12, 2013

Have you been frustrated by Apple’s repair or replacement policy? You could be in for some cash, according to a Friday report.

The iPhone maker supposedly has signed a settlement deal worth $53 million ending a class action lawsuit that claimed Apple dragged its feet on honoring warranties for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The settlement, reportedly signed Wednesday by Apple’s head litigation attorney, could affect “hundreds of thousands” of iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS owners, as well as people who bought the first three generations of the iPod touch media player… Read More


Apple off the hook as Chinese media approves of Tim Cook’s apology

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 2, 2013

Pressured by the relentless crusade of state-owned media in China which have been dissing Apple in headlines for days over its warranty practices, Tim Cook yesterday issued an open letter.

Published on Apple’s Chinese web site, the letter is basically a public apology addressed to the company’s customers and fans in the 1.33 billion people country, now Apple’s second-largest market. It’s done its job (for now) as the iPhone maker appears to have earned back the media’s respect in China.

The same major print and broadcast media that have been bad mouthing Apple throughout last week over its supposedly “unparalleled arrogance” is now singing praise to the company, with the country’s Foreign Ministry officially approving Apple’s apology… Read More


Tim Cook issues open letter apologizing for warranty issues in China

By Cody Lee on Apr 1, 2013

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ve probably heard that Apple’s been having some major difficulties in China. Over the last few weeks, it’s been getting bashed by the state-run CCTV network and Chinese celebrities over its warranty policies.

The main issue is that some folks believe Apple provides customers in China with worse after-purchase service than it does in other countries, with reports claiming it replaces their goods with recycled components instead of new ones like in the US.

Apple has been fairly quiet on the criticism, until today… Read More


EU scolds Apple over AppleCare warranty rights

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 19, 2013

Apple’s woes over its shady warranty practices in Europe just took a turn for the worse as the European Union through the mouth of its Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding made it clear it has no intention of letting Apple off the hook. In her speech today, she criticized the tech giant for not complying with consumer laws in many EU states.

The Cupertino firm stubbornly insists on its AppleCare terms of service which aren’t in sync with EU laws. The company had been previously reprimanded of failing to communicate in no unambiguous terms to its EU buyers that they are entitled to an additional year of coverage… Read More

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