Beautiful collections of wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. From geometric to nature wallpapers, we cover a wide variety of categories.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi wallpapers

The official movie trailer launched for Star Wars: The Last Jedi this week at Star Wars Celebration. The two-minute teaser trailer already answers some questions from The Force Awakens and only stirs more unanswered rumors in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Celebration is concluding today, but if you want to dive into the convention, just download the official mobile app.

Inside the Wallpapers of the Week post, you will find seven iPhone wallpapers captured directly from the movie trailer. Make sure to scroll all the way down, for links to previous Star Wars wallpaper collections! Get hyped for the upcoming movie, by downloading these wallpapers for your devices.

Wallpapers of the week: geometric patterns

On a never ending quest to find photo quality images, the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection is updated on Sunday afternoons. Topics and subjects vary from pop culture, to official Apple images, and space. Geometry and patterns, is one of our more popular category types. Today, we add another post in the popular genre, with five new wallpapers.

TransparentWeather makes your Home screen wallpaper visible in the Weather app

The background in your iPhone’s Weather app typically illustrates what the weather conditions are like outside, but if you’re looking for something a little different, check out a new free jailbreak tweak called TransparentWeather by CydiaGeek.

This tweak does away with the animated weather background and makes the app transparent so you can see a ghosted image of your Home screen wallpaper behind all of your weather information.

Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpaper pack for iPhone and desktop

Last week, Samsung announced its newest flagship device, the Galaxy S8. While there are many jokes to be made about Samsung handsets, exploding batteries aside, they are good at some things. Okay, my Samsung dishwasher leaks and the washing machine too (no joke!). Also, my Samsung refrigerator rattles when the compressor is on. Never mind. Jony Ive appliances would be nice.

As I was saying, sometimes Samsung does things right. When the Galaxy S8 launched, I received a lot of requests for the new wallpapers. Thanks to help from Twitter, I was able to round up more than 30 different Galaxy S8 wallpapers. Take a step inside for the details and downloads.

The red wallpapers collection

With the launch of the new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone, we have seen more and more red pop up in social media exchanges. Previously, we posted a specific wallpaper set directly inspired by the new device. Friday, the new device launched are we are very excited about the new colorway. Our Wallpaper of the Week section tries to promote relevant photo quality images and this Sunday, we continue with the red theme.

iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED-inspired wallpapers

Yesterday, Apple quietly announced the brand new (PRODUCT)RED colorway for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. In fact, Apple quietly announced quite a few updates to several different lines, including a small spec bump for the “iPad,” which is the new way to refer to the older “iPad Air” lineup. Updates aside, we can’t get our hands on any of it today, but we can celebrate with a (PRODUCT)RED wallpaper!

Wallpapers of the week: cars in abstract

An unsung category in the Wallpapers of the Week, cars are everyday items that can exhibit much beauty. While we frequently post galaxy or minimalist wallpapers, I often get asked about a posting for car wallpapers.

Today, find a small selection of five vehicle-related wallpapers for iPhone. Given the vast expanse of a car category, the included images are those abstractly related to vehicles. Step inside for your download.

Wallpapers of the week: flowers

Serving up another round of iPhone wallpapers, this week we feature a beautiful collection of flower portraits. The wallpaper collection travels a full spectrum of color. Close up, still life shots make the series particularly useful for your Lock screen. Take a step inside for your downloads.

Minimal iPhone wallpapers

One of the most drastic ways to customize your iOS device is via a steady stream of quality wallpaper images for your Lock and Home screens. Of the many iDB Wallpapers of the Week posts, our readership trends to the minimalist style of simple geometry and color palettes.

In this week’s post, we honor this style using several images from NFN Labs’ design website. The team has a collection of wallpapers and UI kits for download at no charge. Step inside for your sample collection.

Wallpapers of the week: space

Another Sunday, means another day for Wallpapers of the Week. One of our top categories is space or nature images that include the expanse of space or the sky. This week, we once more celebrate nature with a set of space and galaxy images for your iPhone.

The included images are perfect for either a Lock or Home screen, giving you the most options, when it comes to customizability. If you haven’t yet jailbroken your device, wallpapers are the best way to change the look and feel.