Dev Team Working on “Very Promising” iPhone 4S Unlock

By Alex Heath on Nov 27, 2011

Dev Team frontman and unlock guru MuscleNerd has given an update on a new unlock for the newly-released iPhone 4S. According to MuscleNerd, a “very promising” unlock for the new handset is “in the works.”

While iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners with older basebands have been able to unlock after jailbreaking for awhile now, there’s a whole set of newer basebands waiting for an UltraSn0w update. Read More


How to Unlock Your GSM iPhone 4S, No Jailbreak Required [Updated]

By Cody Lee on Nov 17, 2011

Early GSM iPhone 4S adopters may be happy to hear that Twitter user xoicos has found a way to unlock the new handset using a bug in iOS 5. Of course, we know that Apple sells unlocked phones outright, but they are considerably more expensive.

Unlocking a device means that you are be able to activate it on other wireless carriers outside of the one you purchased the phone on. Initially, unlocking the iPhone required complexed baseband tweaking, but now it could be as easy as following these steps… Read More


Apple Begins Offering Unlocked iPhone 4S in US Store

By Oliver Haslam on Nov 11, 2011

We knew it was going to come at some point during the month of November, but we didn’t know when Apple was going to officially start selling the unlocked iPhone 4S in the United States. Turns out, it was today.

With Apple already selling unlocked handsets on other countries, this is bringing the United States into line with everyone else. But if you’ve been waiting for the chance to buy an iPhone 4S without a 2-year contract, well, now you can!

All three capacities are available, along with both white and black models… Read More


Reminder: Jailbreakers Should Stay Away from iOS 5.0.1

By Sébastien Page on Nov 10, 2011

We’ve told you before, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. As MuscleNerd just confirmed on Twitter moments ago, and as we told you yesterday, you should stay away from the iOS 5.0.1 update if you are a jailbreaker/unlocker.

Not only does iOS 5.0.1 patch exploits that could potentially allow for an untethered jailbreak, but there is also currently no way to downgrade from iOS 5.0.1 should you need to restore from a jailbreak… Read More


China Mobile Has 10 Million Unofficial iPhone Users

By Sébastien Page on Oct 24, 2011

Despite the fact that China Mobile doesn’t have an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone, its network counts 10 million iPhones users, as the company reported this morning via Reuters.

With 630 million customers, those 10 million iPhone users are just a drop in the bucket. But they do tell a lot about how much China wants the iPhone… Read More


What it Means to Have an Unlocked iPhone 4S on Sprint and Verizon

By Oliver Haslam on Oct 14, 2011

There has been some confusion as of late over just how both Sprint and Verizon are handling the unlocking of the SIM card slots inside their iPhone 4S handsets. Initial reports, beginning with Macworld, stated that Sprint’s hardware would come pre-unlocked, and Verizon’s could be unlocked by the carrier assuming the customer’s account is in good standing, and at least 60 days old.

From there, things all got a bit murky, at least on the Sprint front. While Macworld apparently had it spot on with regards to Verizon, it seems their guy at Sprint wasn’t telling the full story. Yes, the SIM slot on the iPhone 4S can be unlocked, but it wouldn’t actually be unlocked from minute one. Or, rather, it would, but then won’t.

Yep, it makes perfect sense… Read More


UltraSn0w Unlock Released For iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Running iOS 5

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 14, 2011

As promised, the iPhone Dev Team released an update to the UltraSn0w unlock for iOS 5 today. This update allows users with unlockable basebands running iOS 5 to unlock their iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4.

This version of UltraSn0w (1.2.4) doesn’t add any new basebands to the compatibility list, but if you’re running basebands 4.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, or 06.15.00 on the iPhone 3GS, or baseband 01.59.00 on the iPhone 4, then you can unlock your device right now… Read More


iOS 5 and the Gevey SIM Unlock

By Sébastien Page on Oct 13, 2011

With the release of iOS 5, we’ve been asked by a bunch of Gevey unlockers if it was safe or not to update to the latest operating system.

Truth be told, I do not use the Gevey SIM unlock, so I wasn’t really able to help until a user pointed out the obvious to me: it works as long as you preserve your baseband… Read More


How to Preserve Your Baseband For iOS 5 Unlock on Windows Using Sn0wBreeze

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 13, 2011

If you’re looking to preserve your iPhone’s baseband when upgrading to iOS 5 on a Windows machine, then Sn0wBreeze is your ticket to baseband freedom.

Preserving your unlockable baseband is integral to being able to unlock your phone when an updated version of UltraSn0w is released tomorrow.

Windows users, this one’s for you. Check inside for the full video tutorial that shows how to preserve your baseband, while upgrading to iOS 5 using WindowsRead More


UltraSn0w iPhone Unlock for iOS 5 to Be Released Tomorrow

By Sébastien Page on Oct 13, 2011

Speaking of unlocking the iPhone, MuscleNerd just confirmed that an iOS 5 compatibility update to the unlock tool will be released tomorrow, after the planned MobileSubstrate update.

Of course, UltraSn0w will only work for 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00 basebands. If your baseband is different from these, you will not be able to use UltraSn0w to unlock until the Team figures out a new exploit, which may take a while… Read More


How to Preserve Your Baseband For Unlock When Upgrading to iOS 5

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 13, 2011

Want to update your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS to iOS 5, but need to preserve your unlockable baseband for a future UltraSn0w unlock?

Early this morning, the Dev Team released an update to RedSn0w, which as we told you, incorporates some of the baseband preservation features normally found in PwnageTool.

Inside, you’ll find an easy to follow video walkthrough that shows you how to preserve your baseband for a soon to be released UltraSn0w unlockRead More


Only the GSM iPhone 4S Can Be Unlocked

By Alex Heath on Oct 7, 2011

Following the news earlier that the iPhone 4S won’t be available as an unlocked device until November, it’s also worth noting that only customers on GSM carriers will be able to unlock the 4S.

Apple touted the iPhone 4S as a “world phone” capable of running on both GSM and CDMA networks, but as usual there seems to be more involved when it comes to the fine print. Unfortunately, an unlocked iPhone 4S will only work on GSM networks… Read More


What the iPhone 4S Means to Unlockers

By Cody Lee on Oct 6, 2011

In the first three years of the iPhone’s existence, the handset was crippled by limited availability. The only carrier in the US that offered the smartphone was AT&T. And in other countries, the device’s exclusivity was just as bad.

This year, however, Apple has been making some major strides. With the iPhone 4S, three out of the four major US carriers will have access to the device. But what does the new handset mean for T-Mobile customers and other unlockers? Read More


Jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.5 with PwnageTool to Preserve Baseband

By Alex Heath on Jul 26, 2011

Apple recently released iOS 4.3.5 to patch a few security vulnerabilities, and RedSn0w has already been confirmed to offer a tethered jailbreak on Apple’s latest firmware.

If you’re on an iPhone 4 with an unlocked baseband, jailbreaking iOS 4.3.5 with RedSn0w will not preserve your baseband. Luckily, a custom build of PwnageTool has been released to fix that problem. Read More


Gevey SIM Unlocks iOS 4.3.5

By Guest Author on Jul 26, 2011

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 4.3.5. The update fixed a security vulnerability with certificate validation. If you jailbreak and use UltraSn0w, stay away from this update. But if you are a Gevey SIM user, we have some good news.

Even though we previously reported that Apple blocked the Gevey SIM in iOS 5 Beta 2 and above, the Gevey SIM works with iOS 4.3.5… Read More

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