IMDb app gains US showtimes, Amazon Prime availability info and more

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 23, 2014

Hot on the heels of announcing a landmark online-only streaming deal with HBO for old TV shows, Amazon has updated its nicely done IMDb iOS app with several notable enhancements, including U.S. showtimes, media links to its Instant Video streaming service, new page design on the iPhone, bug fixes and more.

The update is now live in the App Store. The app was refreshed with iOS 7 friendly styling last December.

Amazon should be credited for adding new features to the IMDb app on a more or less regular basis. This just exemplifies how the online retailer is able to leverage various services and apps to lure customers into its vast entertainment empire… Read More


Cable-cutters, rejoice: HBO shows arriving to Fire TV and Amazon Prime on May 21

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 23, 2014

No one can touch Amazon when it comes to the breadth and size of its content library and today’s announcement just reinforces the notion. The online retail giant has cut a landmark and unheard-of deal with Home Box Office Inc. (HBO), an American premium cable and satellite television network that in my opinion has the best original TV shows anywhere.

Under the terms of the exclusive multi-year agreement, both Amazon Prime members and owners of the recently introduced $99 Fire TV set-top box will soon be able to stream HBO’s old shows three years after they’ve aired and at no additional charge. Catch 22: HBO is reserving new shows for existing subscribers and you’ll need to subscribe to Amazon’s $99 per year Prime Instant Video service.

Still, this is huge. Firstly, you won’t need an HBO cable TV subscription at all to stream the shows. And secondly, online-only subscriptions to HBO were previously non-existent. Now, Apple TV owners are able to access HBO content via the HBO GO app on their Home screen, but this requires a subscription with a cable or satellite provider and therefore doesn’t appeal to cable-cutters… Read More


New Comedy Central app puts all shows in one place

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 1, 2014

Comedy Central has several free apps in the App Store, each dedicated to its own show, like The Daily Show Headlines, The Colbert Report and Tosh 2.0, to name a few.

In the commendable effort to reduce user confusion and increase engagement, the comedy channel owned by MTV Networks Entertainment Group has released a new iOS app simply named Comedy Central that consolidates all their shows into one place.

The dedicated streaming app is now available to download free of charge in the App Store. Wait, you haven’t heard the coolest thing: you can stream episodes of select shows free of charge, no cable subscription required whatsoever, with some caveats… Read More


In time for Season 4 debut, HBO releases the official Game of Thrones Ascent game for iPad

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 26, 2014

If you, too, take part in HBO’s international Game of Thrones phenomenon, the official iPad game’s a no brainer.

Available now free of charge in the App Store, Game of Thrones Ascent for iPad comes ahead of Season 4 debut, courtesy of developer Disruptor Beam who teamed with Kongregate to bring the game to Apple’s iPad and Android.

Based on the award-winning HBO show and literary works of George R.R. Martin, the iPad edition improves upon the Facebook and web editions of Game of Thrones Ascent (which already has 2.5 million players) with crisp Retina graphics, Game Center leaderboards, full iOS 7 support and thousands of story-driven quests, regularly updated each Monday with content seen on TV the night before… Read More


Fox and TinyCo reveal first images of upcoming ‘Family Guy’ game

By Cody Lee on Mar 13, 2014

Back in December, Fox and San Francisco-based mobile gaming studio TinyCo announced that they were partnering up to build a Family Guy game. They didn’t offer up many details about the title, but they did say that it would launch sometime in 2014.

Today, we get to see our first screenshots of the game, and we have to say it looks exactly like we imagined it. In the image above you can see Peter doing his popular injured leg gag, and Chris, Quagmire and Mort all fighting outside of the Drunken Clam…

Read More


United Airlines to launch free inflight movie service for iOS devices next month

By Cody Lee on Mar 13, 2014

United Airlines is looking to introduce a new inflight movie service for iOS users next month, according to a new report. The service will allow iPhone and iPad owners to watch over 150 movies and 200 TV shows on their devices for free.

Users will have full control of the content, meaning they can stop, pause, rewind and switch between videos. And it sounds like all you’ll need to access the service is the United Airlines app—no purchase of an in-flight Wi-Fi plan required… Read More


Apple updates Remote app with better iTunes Radio control, purchased content support, more

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 10, 2014

You’re probably aware by now that Apple today released iOS 7.1 with CarPlay support and improvements to Siri, Touch ID and more (jailbreakers should stay away from this update, for now).

Additionally, the firm’s unleashed a companion Apple TV 6.1 software update with a new way to hide Home screen icons and seeded Xcode 5.1 and iAd Producer 4.1.2 (both with iOS 7.1 compatibility) to its registered iOS devs.

And now, the iPhone maker’s free Remote app for the iPhone and iPad has received an update with support for accessing your past TV show and movie purchases and more. Remote 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch free in the App StoreRead More


I love the 90′s: episodes of Doug, Ren & Stimpy and more go free on iTunes

By Cody Lee on Feb 21, 2014

As a kid who grew up in the 90′s, I spent a lot of my free time watching cartoons on Nickelodeon. I’m not too familiar with the stuff that’s on now, but I know there was some really good shows on back then like Doug, Rugrats and Hey Arnold!

So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across the Nickelodeon Animation Showcase promotion in iTunes this afternoon. Apparently, Apple has made a deal with the network to offer episodes from some of the 90′s TV shows for free… Read More


Collection of every Apple reference ever made in The Simpsons and Futurama

By Cody Lee on Feb 5, 2014

A comprehensive list of all the Apple references ever made in popular animated TV shows The Simpsons and Futurama has been compiled by the folks over at TUAW. And knowing what a huge following the two shows have, I thought it was worth sharing.

The series have a combined 33 seasons between them, and were both created by Matt Groening. Groening has a well-documented affinity for Apple, and even wrote some copy for the company in the 80′s, so as you’d imagine, it gets mentioned quite often… Read More


60Hz gets bumped to 3.0, arguably the best TV show tracker for the iPhone and iPad

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 20, 2014

60Hz is one of those apps that make it easy and fun to keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies. There’s certainly no shortage of such software on the App Store as, for example, we previously told you about iTV Show 3, TeeVee 2, Done Not Done, ToDoMovies and a few others.

Like other apps, 60Hz notifies you when your favourite shows are playing and makes it easy to browse TV schedule, find out what others are saying about shows, episodes and movies and lots more.

Suneth and Dineth Mendis of M2D2Apps asked me to take a look at the latest 3.0 update for the iPhone and iPad and I was pleased with the overall changes and enhancements, despite minor UI inconsistencies and one nagging omission. Read on for the full breakdown… Read More


Google Play Movies and TV app hits iOS

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 15, 2014

After Google Play Books and Google Play Music, the Internet giant Google on Wednesday has finally released the official Google Play Movies and TV application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

A free download from the App Store, the software allows you to access those purchased or rented movies and television shows you bought in Google’s Play Store.

With this move, Google has completed a trio of software offerings that make it easier for people on the Apple platform to enjoy media bought from Google’s content store. Die-hard Apple fans may not care much, but those who happen to use both iOS and Android will appreciate that Google is catering to Apple users with these apps… Read More


Day 2 of Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts: free episode of ‘Once Upon a Time’ [updated]

By Cody Lee on Dec 26, 2013

We are now on day 2 of Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts event, meaning Apple has removed the Justin Timberlake EP and has posted a new free item for download. Today’s gift is an episode—the pilot episode—of ABC’s hit television series: ‘Once Upon a Time.’

For those who haven’t seen it, it’s an American fairy tale drama that takes place in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine, where the residents are actually fairy tale characters. It sounds odd, but it’s currently the #1 non-sports show on Sunday nights.

Update: interestingly enough, it looks like Apple changed the free download item mid-day. It now shows the game Tiny Thief here in the US. Get it while you can!

Read More


Disney to unveil new cartoon spaghetti western series on tablets before cable TV

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 29, 2013

Disney is after your kids’ tablets. The entertainment megalith will unveil a cartoon spaghetti western series on tablets before cable. ‘Sheriff Callie West,’ a female animated character (pictured top of post) the Mickey Mouse house hopes will become the next Hello Kitty merchandising bonanza, will be unveiled on the Watch Disney Junior app November 24.

The series will then appear later in 2014 on cable’s Disney Junior. The move is a recognition that children increasingly are turning to the iPad and other tablets for entertainment. Both Disney and Apple have deep ties. Not only is the entertainment giant’s CEO Bob Iger on Apple’s board of directors, but the Steve Jobs trust has a large stake in Disney… Read More


Missing Doctor Who episodes found and digitally remastered, available exclusively on iTunes

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 11, 2013

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced on Friday that nine long-missing episodes of Doctor Who have been discovered. All of the episodes date back to the Patrick Troughton years and include two stories from the Second Doctor’s era – The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear.

Nearly five decades after they were last seen, these episodes have been digitally remastered and made available for rent exclusively through iTunes… Read More


Twitter unveils ‘See This’ button: watch TV shows and change the channel from a tweet

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 9, 2013

Ending weeks of speculation, Twitter today announced a new feature that has the potential to take social television to the next level.

Twitter users will soon start seeing a new See It button embedded in tweets that, when clicked, lets folks immediately tune into live programming through their set-top box or a mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet.

To replace your remote, Twitter partnered with cable provider Comcast and its fully-owned subsidiary NBCUniversal, giving Xfinity customers the ability to also schedule DVR recordings on-the-fly, directly from Twitter. The feature will debut with NBCUniversal offerings including The Voice and Sunday Night Football.

Go past the fold for the full reveal… Read More


Netflix Super HD streaming now available everywhere, including on Apple TV

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 26, 2013

If you’re wondering why Netflix would label standard full HD 1080p video resolution as ‘Super HD’, that’s because Super HD applies less compression to the 1080p image for greater clarity.

Now, Super HD video requires more data so it isn’y surprising that not many Internet providers were on board after Netflix soft-launched Super HD and 3D streaming in January 2012.

As of today, Super HD video streaming is available everywhere, regardless of your Internet service provider (but dependent on network conditions). Jump past the fold for the full breakdown… Read More


Following mixup, Apple offers refunds to ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Pass buyers

By Cody Lee on Sep 24, 2013

Apple began sending out emails yesterday to folks who purchased the final season of “Breaking Bad” on iTunes, informing them that they’d be receiving a credit for the series’ final eight episodes due to all of the confusion.

In August, fans of AMC’s hit drama were outraged when they discovered that the ‘Season Pass’ they purchased for the show’s final season was only good for the first eight episodes, and they’d have to pay again for the final 8… Read More


User files class-action lawsuit against Apple over ‘Breaking Bad’ iTunes confusion

By Cody Lee on Sep 9, 2013

Last month, Apple upset tens of thousands of Breaking Bad fans when it posted on iTunes that those who had already purchased what they thought to be the entire final season of the popular series would have to pay again for the final 8 episodes.

It was the TV network’s fault— it was AMC’s decision to split the fifth (final) season into two parts. But iTunes user Noam Lazebnik, of Ohio, feels that Apple deserves some of the blame too, and he’s filed a class-action lawsuit against the company… Read More


Yahoo’s new Screen iOS app is a remote control for web video

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 9, 2013

The struggling Internet giant – once synonymous for anything remotely dealing with online content – on Monday issued a brand new app called Yahoo Screen.

The company is billing the app as a remote control for web video of sorts. More appropriately, Yahoo Screen is your one-stop shop for both Yahoo’s original and licensed video content.

You can instantly stream news, sports, food, and entertainment videos from MLB, UFC, The Onion, Martha Stewart and lots more, free of charge (no strings attached). But that’s just scratching the surface as Yahoo’s licensed video library includes such TV shows as Saturday Night Live, along with Yahoo Originals featuring Jack Black, Ed Helms, Zachary Levi, Cheryl Hines, Rachael Harris and more… Read More


Netflix gains My List feature

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 21, 2013

Netflix today announced a new feature to make saving your favorite movies and televisions shows easier than ever. Aptly named My List, it lets you add any movie or TV show title to your own row or gallery on Netflix. You can easily rearrange the list, add or remove titles, with Netflix automatically sorting your entries.

It’s based on the existing Instant Queue feature which however lacks automated sorting and its own Netflix row.

My List is a staggered roll-out that’s launching worldwide in the next two weeks across multiple platforms, including iOS… Read More

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