Texas Instruments pledges support for iBeacon tech in several Bluetooth products

By Cody Lee on Apr 16, 2014

It’s been almost a year now since Apple unveiled its iBeacon geolocation technology, and I really don’t think it could have hoped for better results. The tech has been implemented in a number of settings including retail and grocery stores, MLB ballparks, and more, and it seems to get more popular every day.

As evidence of that, Texas Instruments pledged its faith in iBeacon today, announcing support for the tech across its Bluetooth low energy portfolio including chips for embedded and automotive applications. The company also launched a new iBeacon-location app that works with its SensorTag development kit… Read More


Apple said to be moving up next-gen iPad mini production

By Cody Lee on Dec 19, 2012

Folks who skipped out on the first version of the iPad mini will be happy to hear that they may not have to wait a whole 12 months for the second generation of the tablet to appear. According to a new report today, component-makers for the next-gen mini are preparing for an earlier-than-expected launch… Read More


Apple seen hiring dozens of former Texas Instruments engineers

By Cody Lee on Dec 3, 2012

Earlier this year, Texas Instruments announced a major shift in its business strategy: it’s going to be moving its focus away from smartphone and tablet processors, and towards embedded applications like in-car computer systems.

As a result of this new strategy, the company said that it would be laying off a staggering 1,700 employees — one of the biggest RIFs of the year. But don’t feel too bad, the word is that some of them have found new homes at Apple… Read More


Amazon said to be looking to buy Kindle chip supplier Texas Instruments

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 15, 2012

Online retailer Amazon is considering an acquisition of Texas Instruments, a maker of mobile processors used in a variety of tablets and smartphones. The rumor arrives just as Texas Instruments confirmed it’s been struggling to upend its main rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm for orders.

According to Reuters, citing a report by Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist (which last December broke news of Apple’s acquisition of Anobit), Amazon is “in advanced talks” to buy Texas Instruments for an undisclosed sum… Read More


The iPhone 5’s A6 processor can dynamically vary its clock speed for performance

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 27, 2012

The A6 chip which debuted on the iPhone 5 earlier this month can do some pretty clever tricks, stemming from a heavily customized ARMv7 design. Benchmark data suggests that the A6 can dynamically overclock itself to up to 1.3GHz and downclock to just 500MHz, depending on workload.

This is nothing new in chip design, of course (just ask Nvidia or Qualcomm). But given that Apple designs its chips in-house based on ARM and Imagination Technologies blueprints, it shows just how far along Cupertino is versus companies that use off-the-shelf chips which are not as power or performance-efficient as the A6… Read More