Survey finds 33% of iPhone owners would pay an extra $100 for bigger display

By Cody Lee on Mar 27, 2014

We don’t really know anything about Apple’s plans for the next-gen iPhone, but the consensus seems to be that it will feature a larger display. As Samsung and other rivals continue to gain marketshare with their 5-inch+ handsets, it’s believed that Apple cannot continue to avoid the so-called ‘phablet’ space.

And analysts couldn’t be happier. Why? Well just look at this new survey data published by Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt. According to the data, one-third of American iPhone owners would be willing to pay an extra $100 for Apple’s next smartphone if it featured a larger display than its predecessor… Read More


New study shows that iPads are replaced less often than iPhones

By Joe Rossignol on Mar 21, 2014

While most iPhone users look to upgrade their Apple smartphone once every two years, coinciding with the end of their contracts, a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reveals that the iPad has a much longer replacement cycle. Based on a survey of 2,000 customers in the United States who purchased an iPhone, iPad or Mac last year, the tablet is believed to be closer aligned to the Mac’s average lifespan of 2 to 4 years…  Read More


Following SSL vulnerability scare, iOS 7.0.6 hits 13.3 percent adoption in 48 hours

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 26, 2014

Now that Apple has fixed that nasty SSL bug across iOS devices, Macs and the Apple TV, the question arises as to how many active iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users are safe by running the latest iOS 7.0.6 software, which patches the dangerous vulnerability.

According to a new survey by Chitika, in 48 hours about 13.3 percent of North American users were on iOS 7.0.6. “More than two full days since Apple pushed the fix live, 13.3 percent of iOS traffic is driven by the latest update,” the firm wrote.

Apple traditionally sees the strongest firmware adoption of any mobile platform because software updates are not dependent on carriers’ good will and on-device alerts prompt users when a software update goes live, so the adoption rate should increase exponentially in the coming days and weeks… Read More


Unused iPhones in the US said to be worth over $13 billion

By Cody Lee on Feb 13, 2014

I have a ritual I go through every time I purchase a new iPhone, which lately has been once per year. I hunt down my original box and accessories, and prepare my old handset to be sold on eBay as soon as my new one arrives. And I thought this was a common practice.

But according to the “Mobile Mountain Study” conducted by research group OnePoll, for resale site SellCell, almost half of the consumers who buy a new smartphone are holding on to their older device instead of opting to recycle or sell it in the used handset market… Read More


iPhone 5s owners guzzling up 20 percent more data than iPhone 5 users

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 23, 2014

A new research report from JDSU has revealed that owners of the iPhone 5s are gobbling up 20 percent more data compared to people who own an iPhone 5. This means that for every five megabytes (or gigabytes) of cellular data consumed by an iPhone 5 owner, an additional megabyte (or gigabyte) gets guzzled up by an iPhone 5s owner.

In fact, looking at the list of top ten devices that downloaded most data in 2013, Apple’s iOS gadgets took six slots. I’m guessing Tim Cook is smiling as we speak for this survey is another sign of Apple’s devices getting far more actual use compared to Android-driven handsets, Android’s lead in terms of sheer volume notwithstanding… Read More


Apple picks up ground on rivals in US smartphone race on strong Christmas quarter iPhone sales

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 16, 2014

Although we won’t get to see some cold, hard numbers in terms of the iPhone’s market performance until January 27, when Apple is scheduled to deliver its earnings results for the calendar 2013 holiday quarter, it already looks like the “disappointing” dual-iPhone launch has altered the landscape in the United States in Apple’s favor.

Research firm NPD on Thursday published its survey of U.S. smartphone ownership, showing the Apple handset growing its share of domestic customers to 42 percent, a notable jump from the 35 percent share in the year-ago quarter… Read More


Digital music sales drop for the first time since the iTunes Store’s inception

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 4, 2014

Proponents of digital music are in for a surprise as sales of digital albums and individual songs nosedived last year, for the first time since Apple revolutionized the music business with its iTunes Music Store back in 2003. According to a report by Billboard, industry executives are once again oblivious to the fact that consumers’ tastes are changing and are blaming streaming music services such as Pandora and iTunes Radio for the drop. The full breakdown is after the break… Read More


iOS five times as popular as Android for Christmas shopping on mobile

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 27, 2013

In something of a repeat of 2012 when the iPad crushed Android tablets in Black Friday mobile revenue, this time around U.S. shoppers used their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad gadgets to racket up a whopping five times the amount of mobile Christmas Day sales as Android devices did, accounting for more than an 83 percent take of mobile-oriented sales compared to Google’s mobile platform.

That’s the gist of yesterday’s survey by IBM providing insights into the nation’s mobile holiday shopping patterns. Read on for the full breakdown… Read More


Macs overtake Dells and HPs of this world as most sought-after PCs this holiday season

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 5, 2013

As per its annual survey of top consumer electronics that are planned for holiday purchases, Market research firm Parks Associates reported that Mac desktops for the first time have usurped Dell and other competitors such as Hewlett-Packard and Acer as the most sought-after desktop PCs this holiday shopping season.

Back in 2012, Apple was ranked second so this jump in popularity clearly indicates that a lot of people are now digging Apple’s latest desktop Mac hardware. Back in 2011, Apple was ranked third in the category.

Not only is the sweet victory a nice testament to Apple’s design and engineering prowess, it’s humiliating to Dell, the computer maker whose CEO fifteen years ago infamously advised leadership of the then-nearly bankrupt Apple to sell off the company and return the money to shareholders… Read More


Survey finds that Apple Stores now account for 25% of US iPhone sales

By Cody Lee on Nov 25, 2013

During a summit in San Francisco’s Fort Mason on June 27 of this year, Tim Cook spoke to Apple Retail Store leaders about upcoming changes to the company’s iPhone marketing tactics. He said he was hoping the changes would help their stores start selling more handsets.

Well here we are, nearly 6 months later, and it looks like the changes have done just that. According to a new survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, the amount of iPhones purchased from Apple stores has increased from 20% to 25% over the past several months… Read More


iPhone 5c supply cuts, iPad losing revenue game, overpriced iPhones… It must be a Friday.

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 15, 2013

What better way to manipulate AAPL than trash-talk the company on a Friday and let bloggers disseminate FUD? First, UBS analyst Steve Milunovich articulated his disappointment with iPad sales because the tablet in general “simply isn’t a must-have device” (I swear I’m not making this up).

Next, Henry Blodget (who runs Business Insider) is back with his ‘iPhone dead in the water’ meme: Apple’s refusal to go for low-value customers has been ticking Blodget off for some time, even if the move carries the real risk of damaging the brand beyond repair.

Then, a Chinese blog asserts Apple is further trimming the iPhone 5c production as early adopters continue to prefer the flagship iPhone 5s. Finally we have Morgan Stanley creatively putting all of the Android tablets together – including those sold on the Moon plus sub-$50 no-names sitting in the drawer collecting dust – to proclaim Google’s platform a revenue winner.

Grab your popcorn and chillax… Read More


Survey finds iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c attracting fewer early upgraders

By Cody Lee on Nov 9, 2013

Before the iPhone 5s and 5c went on sale this fall, pundits predicted that Apple would have trouble attracting early upgraders with the two handsets. With them featuring few changes from last year’s model, the consensus was that most iPhone 5 owners would skip this generation.

And this week, the folks over at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (or CIRP) have published a report that proves these forecasts accurate. According to their data, just 6% of the folks who have purchased an iPhone 5s or 5c in the last 6 weeks upgraded from an iPhone 5… Read More


Samsung beating budget phone vendors in China, Apple losing ground

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2013

Apple may be winning in the United States, the world’s top market for smartphones, but in the 1.33 billion people market of China – which is Apple’s second most-important territory revenue-wise – Samsung is beating local vendors of cheap handsets to the punch.

According to data from research firm Canalys, Samsung has overpowered rivals in China.

The company has grown its September quarter share to 21 percent, a notable jump from just fourteen percent a year earlier. The Galaxy maker was estimated to have shipped nineteen million smartphones during the third quarter ended September 30. It’s worth underscoring Samsung does not disclose unit sales like Apple does, citing competitive reasons.

For the most part, Samsung’s growth came at the expense of local vendors who build dirt-cheap handsets. But what about Apple? Read More


Apple hits 40.6 percent share of US smartphone subscribers

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2013

Research firm comScore is out with its new report measuring the state of the United States smartphone market for a three-month period ended September 30 and Apple’s iPhone grew its share to comprise a healthy 40.6 percent of the nation’s smartphone units. In other words, four out of each ten smartphones in the country were iPhones.

Samsung also gained share, LG stayed flat while HTC and Motorola both lost ground amid strong competition from Apple and Samsung devices. All told, iOS seems to be gaining ground overall, adding 0.7 percentage points to its share versus 0.2 percentage points for Android. The full reveal and charts can be found after the break… Read More


iPad Air costs $274 to build, $42 less than iPad 3

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 5, 2013

Thanks to Apple’s economies of scale, advanced manufacturing, smart engineering and the latest technological solutions, Apple’s fifth-generation full-size iPad, the iPad Air, is actually cheaper to produce than the third-generation model – despite packing in the latest technology, research firm IHS Suppli has discovered in a new teardown analysis.

Total cost of components that go into the latest iPad is between $274 and $361, depending on the model, which is still $42 cheaper than the entry-level iPad with Retina display. The priciest iPad Air component by and large is its Retina display and the touchscreen assembly.

Both components incorporate a number of improvements such as fewer, more advanced LED lights providing the backlighting to the display and a new type of sensor known as a cycle-olefin polymer (COP) sensor located right underneath the outer layer of Gorilla Glass. More tidbits right bellow… Read More


JD Power offers bizarre explanation defending its botched tablet rankings

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 4, 2013

With the release of new iPhones and iPads, Apple has retired the somewhat defensive ‘Why iPhone’ and ‘Why iPad’ web campaign. It makes sense: Tim Cook & Co. probably think others should now defend themselves against the new iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Fans will recall both of Apple’s web pages gave undecided customers plenty of reasons to consider an iPhone and iPad over competing products, citing – among other reasons – rampant Android malware and high satisfaction scores by J.D. Power.

On the other hand, the removal of J.D. Power scores from Apple’s web site could easily have everything to do with J.D. Power’s last week tablet scores giving Samsung the top tablet ranking even though the South Korean company won only on price.

The results of that survey have sparked a heated debate and prompted some tough questions among the Apple faithful because the iPad clearly bested Samsung in all of the remaining five categories: Overall Satisfaction, Performance, Ease of Use, Physical Design and Tablet Features.

And now in a seeming PR damage control maneuvering, J.D. Power is attempting to defend the indefensible by claiming the survey wasn’t botched and arguing the rankings hold up – even if the reputable research firm’s actual explanation is pretty bizarre, to say the least… Read More


Samsung bests Apple in latest J.D. Power tablet customer satisfaction survey

By Cody Lee on Oct 31, 2013

J.D. Power and Associates is an American-based marketing information services firm that’s highly regarded for its research on customer satisfaction. Apple loves to quote their surveys, and does so at media events and on earnings calls.

But this is one report Tim Cook and company are probably not going to be mentioning. In J.D. Power’s latest tablet customer satisfaction survey, Apple was bested by Samsung on overall satisfaction and in particular areas like device cost… Read More


Samsung now selling 1 out of each 3 smartphones

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 29, 2013

Although Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones during the third quarter, up from 26.9 million a year ago, South Korean Samsung continues to dominate smartphones on a global scale. The company sold more than 88 million smartphones during the same period, comprising 33.2 percent of the worldwide smartphone market, according to one market research firm.

Despite its uptick in unit sales, Apple’s share of the smartphone market for the quarter slipped to 13.4 percent, down from 15.6 percent – something that should be corrected in the fourth quarter, as sales of new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s smartphones come into full view… Read More


JD Power: Apple leads in satisfaction on AT&T/Verizon, Samsung on Sprint/T-Mobile

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 17, 2013

When it comes to smartphone satisfaction, carriers are key. That’s the central finding of J.D. Power, which Thursday released its latest study indicating Apple and Samsung lead in satisfaction across all four major U.S. providers.

When it comes to the iPhone, customers of long-time Apple partners Verizon and AT&T love the Cupertino, Cupertino, company’s smartphone lineup, more than any other smartphone brand.

As for South Korean Samsung, Sprint customers report are most satisfied by the Galaxy family of smartphones. Which U.S. carriers do the best job supporting smartphones? According to the study, AT&T and Sprint report the greatest satisfaction, followed by T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless… Read More


How rapid adoption of iPhone 5s/5c is preventing Android-like fragmentation

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 16, 2013

We’ve all heard the Android propaganda: vast numbers of cheap smartphones based on Google’s mobile software will overcome the quality of Apple handsets. Not so fast, say new web traffic numbers. In less than a month, 40.6 percent of iPhones online are the new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c models.

Indeed, if this upward curve continues, the majority of iPhones will be using Apple’s latest technology at most one year old. By comparison, Android continues suffering from fragmentation marked by apps developed for a time when Apple’s iOS 3 was just launched… Read More

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