Twitch and Gameloft bringing live mobile gameplay streaming to Asphalt 8

By Cody Lee on Mar 17, 2014

Kicking off the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Twitch and Gameloft have announced that they are teaming up to provide the first ever mobile streaming game experience. To start with, they two say they’ve integrated Twitch into Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Once the feature goes live, gamers will be given the ability to stream their gameplay to a Twitch channel. Additionally, they’ll also be able to stream their voice and image using their iOS device’s microphone and front-facing camera, and monitor chat from their stream followers… Read More


Listen to unlimited music for free with Tuner for YouTube

By Lory Gil on Mar 16, 2014

I’m a big fan of streaming music on YouTube. It is an easy way to find songs, audio books, and all manner of media that isn’t as easy to find for free anywhere else. Without needing a subscription, you can stream full albums from popular artists. Without commercials, you can create playlists of your favorite songs. Without paying for it, you can listen to audio books in their entirety.

Tuner for YouTube Music is a simplified app that lets you stream whatever you want from YouTube without the video getting in the way… Read More


Samsung launches ad-free streaming radio service ‘Milk Music’

By Cody Lee on Mar 7, 2014

In a somewhat surprising move, Samsung announced today a new streaming radio service dubbed ‘Milk Music.’ The service is a lot like Apple’s iTunes Radio in that music is chosen based on a user’s preferences, and it’s platform-specific—it’s only available to Galaxy device owners.

The service is powered by Slacker Radio, which would explain the absence of rumors that Samsung was working on such a project, and there are no ads. As for the app, it offers the usual features including the ability to save songs for offline listening and create custom radio stations… Read More


Beats Music opens up its API to developers

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 7, 2014

Beats Music has entered the crowded music-streaming space less than two months ago and already the startup is making moves with the aim of becoming a music platform of sorts.

Akin to RdioSpotify and other subscription-based music services, Beats Music offers unlimited streaming for ten bucks a month through the web and via their awesome iPhone app.

CNET is now reporting that the company has now officially opened up its application programming interface (API) to all third-part developers as it seeks to foster the creation of mobile apps  with Beats Music integration… Read More


Apple’s new CarPlay feature will not support Pandora at launch

By Cody Lee on Mar 4, 2014

When Apple officially announced CarPlay, its highly anticipated vehicle integration project, yesterday, it noted the feature would support third-party music apps. The list it provided, however, was rather short including just iTunes Radio, Beats, Spotify, Stitcher Radio and iHeartRadio.

So what about all of the others? It’s not looking good. Pandora confirmed with MacRumors last night that CarPlay will not include integration with its popular streaming music service, at least at launch. Despite this, the company says that Apple “continues to be a valued partner.” Read More


Amazon said to be working on ‘Prime’ music streaming service

By Cody Lee on Feb 28, 2014

According to Recode, Amazon is in talks with record labels regarding a potential music streaming service. The site says the company plans to bundle the service with its Prime delivery option, where it already offers free movies and TV shows.

Sources familiar with the negotiations say Amazon has been having serious discussions with labels for the past few months, but it’s no where close to a deal. Apparently the e-commerce giant is asking for too much of a discount on licensing fees… Read More


Rdio app updated with in-app playlist editing and reviews

By Cody Lee on Feb 11, 2014

Good news for Rdio users this afternoon. The music streaming service has posted an update for its iOS client, bringing the app to version 2.5.7 and adding a few new features including Playlist Editing and the ability to read and write reviews in-app.

Users can now edit their playlists from any mobile device by adding, removing and rearranging songs, and editing playlist artwork. They can also now write reviews for those playlists, and albums, and read reviews written by other other Rdio users…

Read More


Apple launches iTunes Radio in Australia

By Cody Lee on Feb 10, 2014

Apple has officially launched its streaming music service iTunes Radio in Australia this morning, making it the first non-U.S. country to gain access to the service since it was introduced last fall.

It was reported in October that Apple had plans to rollout iTunes Radio to the U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand in early 2014, and this appears to be the first step of that International push… Read More


Google Cast SDK released, now iOS devs can integrate with Chromecast

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 3, 2014

Google’s inexpensive HDMI dongle dubbed Chromecast offers great value for money. For just $35, users can stream Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play TV & Movies and more, from their favorite mobile apps and websites right to their big screen TV sets – much like AirPlaying through Apple’s $99 media-streaming box, the Apple TV.

While Google’s been adding new Chromecast content sources, the device’s true potential remained largely untapped because Google would only open up Chromecast to select few developers.

But not anymore. As of today, the official Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to developers wishing to enhance their iOS and Android apps and websites with Chromecast integration… Read More


Red Bull TV sports channel added to Apple TV

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 28, 2014

Apple has added a new channel to its $99 media-streaming box, the Apple TV. The Red Bull TV action sports channel should be now available on everyone’s Home screen (if not, manually check for updates by going to Settings > General > Software Updates and choosing Update Software).

Red Bull TV is an action-packed sports channel by the famous Austrian energy drinks company, Red Bull GmbH. The new Apple TV channel offers free action sports content, coverage of live events and more… Read More


Beats offers to double length of free ‘Music’ trial following launch problems

By Cody Lee on Jan 22, 2014

Earlier this week, Beats launched its highly anticipated streaming music service dubbed Beats Music. The service is entering into a crowded marketplace, several years late, but it hopes to differentiate itself from the Rdios and Spotifys with custom in-house curation methods.

But the launch isn’t going as smoothly as the company would’ve liked. It’s had a hard time dealing with the influx of users, and has had to shut down signups in order to work out the kinks. The good news, though, is that it’s doubling the length of its free trial to make up for it… Read More


Pocket gains background AirPlay streaming and multitasking

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 22, 2014

Users of the popular read-later application Pocket (formerly Read It Later) are saving more than two million videos each week and now you can enjoy all those clips on your big screen TV thanks to newly-implemented support for AirPlay background video streaming in Pocket 5.0.2.

Now available free in the App Store, Pocket 5.0.2 also fixes an issue with sharing links to Facebook and another one pertaining to the Pocket bookmarklet, which should now work correctly when installed in Google’s Chrome browser… Read More


Beats launches ‘Music’ streaming service for $10 a month, iPhone app now available

By Cody Lee on Jan 20, 2014

As promised, Beats launched its highly anticipated ‘Music’ service this morning, bringing the headphone-maker into the highly competitive world of streaming audio. And with a library of around 20 million songs available for on-demand play, it’s certainly built to take on the competition.

But Beats is taking a different approach to its subscription service. Unlike your Rdios and your Spotifys, it doesn’t offer a free ad-supported model and the company is putting a lot of focus on its custom radio stations and playlists that it says were curated by some of the best DJs in the world… Read More


Pandora adding personalized station recommendations to its mobile apps

By Cody Lee on Jan 16, 2014

With competition from services like Spotify and Apple’s iTunes Radio increasing, and the Beats Music launch on the horizon, Pandora announced this week that it’s rolling out a new feature to its mobile apps to help you discover music.

That feature is called ‘Personalized Station Recommendations,’ and it provides listeners with up to 6 suggested artist stations to listen to at a time. These suggestions are based on your listening habits and like/dislike thumb interactions… Read More


Upcoming app to allow streaming of all episodes of The Simpsons

By Cody Lee on Jan 16, 2014

Good news for Simpsons fans this morning. FX Networks CEO John Landgraf announced this week that the group is creating a standalone app for the popular Springfield family, which will allow users to stream all 24 seasons of the TV show to their devices.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour yesterday, Landgraf offered up some details about the app. He says it’ll feature tons of content including all 500+ episodes of The Simpsons, which will be available for online streaming at all times… Read More


Free iPhone and iPad streaming goes live for everyone in latest Spotify update

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 8, 2014

Spotify, the popular Swedish startup, has upped the ante in the music space when it said recently it would enable free streaming on smartphones and tablets.

Desktop users have been able to stream ad-supported music free of charge since Spotify’s inception, but mobile streaming has always required a $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription. This ad-supported free desktop tier has now migrated to mobile.

Now available on the App Store, the new Spotify version 0.9.2 fixes many bugs and flips the switch on free mobile streaming for everyone (they’ve been rolling this out gradually), here are your caveats… Read More


Google to demo 4K YouTube streaming at CES via its new royalty-free VP9 codec

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 3, 2014

Google’s hasn’t enjoyed much success with VP8, a video codec it developed back in 2010 as a H.264 replacement for efficient video streaming. The Chrome browser supports VP8 codec out-of-the-box (so no plug-in required), but Google’s plans for VP8 domination were shattered by literally non-existent support from major industry players.

As a result, VP8 has never gained hardware-acceleration because chip makers opted to stand firmly behind H.264, an industry-standard video codec Apple’s devices support natively and on the silicon level.

At next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Internet giant will be showing off YouTube streaming in a 4K resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 lines via its brand new royalty-free video codec, VP9.

This time around, Google has lined up an impressive list of industry players who will back the new format. Notably absent: a certain fruity company… Read More


Rdio revamps profile views and adds Sleep Timer

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 18, 2013

After countering Spotify’s recent service expansion and its brand new (and somewhat limited) free streaming feature by expanding into twenty new countries, the popular music subscription service Rdio today refreshed its free iPhone and iPad application with a handy sleep timer function to stop playback after a period of time.

The new Rdio 2.5.4 also includes redesigned profile views with your photo right at the center, various subtle interface improvements and minor bug fixes… Read More


Spotify reportedly planning to introduce free mobile music service

By Cody Lee on Dec 6, 2013

Spotify is reportedly planning to launch a free mobile music service. According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, the Sweden-based company has reached licensing deals with all three of the global music companies to use their recordings.

Spotify currently offers a free service for desktop and laptop computers, and offers a Pandora-like radio feature via its mobile app. But this new service would allow smartphone and tablet users to play a limited number of songs on-demand, with ads… Read More


AllCast Android app streams content to Apple TV, Roku and other set-top streaming boxes

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 2, 2013

I’m loving my Apple TV and AirPlay, an Apple media technology which streams content from the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac devices to television sets through the company’s $99 set-top box.

Unfortunately, AirPlay is a proprietary technology that only works with Apple hardware. Don’t you just wish the industry finally settled on a single cross-platform streaming media standard?

That’s the issue a new application for Android devices is attempting to tackle. Created by CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta, the AllCast app lets you stream online (Dropbox, Google Drive and so forth) or locally-stored content to your Apple TV, Roku and a number of other set-top boxes and DLNA-compatible devices such as the PlayStation 3 console.

Currently in beta, the software works surprisingly well and I’ve included a video to show it to you right after the break… Read More

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