Amazon combines Cloud Drive and Kindle documents, giving you 10GB combined free storage

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 16, 2014

If you own a Kindle, check your Amazon Cloud Drive: you should now have ten gigabytes of cloud-based storage, twice as much as before.

On Wednesday, Amazon emailed its Kindle customers to let them know their Kindle documents had been integrated with their Cloud Drive, resulting in a combined ten gigs of free Amazon Cloud Drive storage.

The welcomed change applies to Kindle customers only, who can now use their combined account to store not only Kindle documents, but photos, videos and other file types as well… Read More


Dropbox unveils new iPhone app: Carousel, the gallery for all your photos and videos

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2014

Cloud storage startup Dropbox today hosted a press event to update the press on its business, announce a few new initiatives and show off its new product: a dedicated photo and video management app called Carousel.

Though Dropbox has had basic photo management features in place in the web interface for some time now, these very very basic: you can browse photo thumbnails, rename individual snaps, move them between folders and more.

Unfortunately, Dropbox never adopted the concept of albums and events, which is how most people organize their snaps. Enter Carousel, a brand new iPhone application that lets you store and manage all your photos and videos… Read More


LaCie Fuel now offers 2TB of wireless storage for your Mac and iOS devices

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 1, 2014

LaCie, a Seagate Technology brand that makes premium storage solutions and accessories, has refreshed its Fuel external wireless hard drive with an expanded capacity of two terabytes.

That’s double the storage of the previous Fuel and LaCie claims the updated product now offers “more storage than any 2.5-inch wireless hard drive on the market.”

It uses Seagate’s free Media app to make available your files to Apple devices over a Wi-Fi network.

The Fuel also includes a built-in ten-hour battery and plays nice with AirPlay so you can mirror content on your big screen TV through the Apple TV.

The full reveal is after the jump… Read More


Google cuts prices for Drive storage, putting pressure on Dropbox and others

By Cody Lee on Mar 13, 2014

Google announced some drastic price cuts for its Drive cloud storage today, dropping its 100GB plan down to just $1.99 per month. The service now significantly undercuts rivals like Dropbox, which charges $10 per month for 100GB, and iCloud, which doesn’t even offer a 100GB option.

To be fair, Google’s Drive pricing was already lower than Dropbox, with a 100GB plan costing $4.99 per month vs. $9.99. But that extra $3 per-month savings equates out to $36 per year, making it even more attractive. Don’t mind paying $9.99 monthly? Drive now offers 1TB at that price… Read More


How to get 3GB of free OneDrive storage (and how to fix it if it doesn’t work)

By Oliver Haslam on Feb 24, 2014

As part of Microsoft’s rebranding of its SkyDrive cloud storage solution to the arguably much better “OneDrive,” the Redmond firm has set about something of a charm offensive. In an attempt to try and take users away from the hugely awesome Dropbox, Microsoft has already given away 100GB of free storage to the first 100,000 people to sign into the new OneDrive, but if you weren’t in on that action then fear not, because you can also snag 3GB of space for absolutely nothing. And that’s on top of the 7GB that they offer up right out of the gate.

In order to get your slice of the free cloud-based pie, all you need to do is install one of Microsoft’s OneDrive mobile apps – the iOS one, preferably – and enable one little feature. In all honesty it’s a feature you’re going to want to enable anyway, because Microsoft is giving away 3GB of free storage to anyone that turns on automatic uploading of their Camera Roll.

Now you may be saying the same thing that we said. Why would you want to do that if you already use Dropbox? Well, here’s why… Read More


How to reduce pictures file size on iPhone

By Sébastien Page on Feb 22, 2014

Although storage space gets cheaper and cheaper, it seems we always need and want more and more. It’s particularly true if you have a 16GB iPhone. If that’s the case, storage is even more precious to you and you should try to make every MB count.

Along with music and videos, photos are probably one of the most notorious storage eaters on your iPhone. I know mine is filled with over 10 GB of pictures alone. If you’re in the same situation and you want to save some storage space on your iPhone, one of your option is to decrease the file size of your iPhone pictures.

As always, there is an app for that. As a matter of fact, there are probably dozens of apps for that, but the one I use is called Shrink My Pictures, an app which only purpose is to lower file size of PNG, JPEG, and GIF images while maintaining the original dimension. It might not be the prettiest one out there, but it’s the one that I found works best for me.

In this post, I will show you how to reduce pictures file size on iPhone using Shrink My Pictures in order to regain some storage space on your device… Read More


Mega iOS app updated with photo sync, passcode lock and more

By Cody Lee on Feb 8, 2014

Popular cloud storage service Mega has pushed an update for its iPhone client today, bringing the app to version 1.1. The update puts the client more on par with Dropbox and other cloud clients by adding photo sync, a passcode option and more.

The biggest new feature for me is the passcode lock, as it allows you to set a four-digit passcode that would be required every time you launch the app. But I’m sure many folks will find the new automatic cloud-photo-syncing feature just as handy… Read More


Microsoft’s SkyDrive is now OneDrive

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 27, 2014

Microsoft’s multi-platform cloud storage service SkyDrive has just been rechristened and shall be known henceforth as OneDrive. The rebranding comes following last June’s ruling in a trademark case involving Microsoft and British TV broadcaster BSkyB.

As the television broadcaster trademarked the term ‘Sky,’ the court ordered that Microsoft concede the ‘SkyDrive’ trademark to BSkyB.

One of the largest pay-TV providers in Europe, BSkyB offers video streaming and has its own online storage service called Sky Store & Share… Read More


Former MobileMe members lose 20GB free storage, here’s what to know

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 1, 2013

Apple gave former MobileMe members a complimentary twenty gigabytes of free cloud storage upgrade after moving to iCloud between October 12, 2011 and August 1, 2012. The company’s been sending email notices ahead of the cut-off deadline a few times now.

Unfortunately, today marks the day when your complimentary storage expires. Yours truly used to be a paid MobileMe member and today my iCloud storage got automatically adjusted to the free entry-level 5GB iCloud tier. Here’s what you need to know about the change and how to avoid service interruption… Read More


Redesigned Google Drive app brings card-style thumbnail layout from Android

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 5, 2013

With just five days left until Apple’s big iOS 7/iPhone 5S/5C big reveal next Tuesday, a bunch of iOS 7 focused updates have begun trickling in. Some of the most popular apps from both Apple and well-known brands like PayPal are now being refreshed with a matching flat iOS 7 look and feel, including major games such as Electronic Arts’ Real Racing 3.

You can now add Google’s Drive app for the iPhone and iPad to your iOS 7 compatibility list. You’ll immediately notice a drastically redesigned interface that behaves much like its Android counterpart, without looking out of place on iOS 7.

Along with a few other enhancements, you’re going to absolutely love the card-style thumbnail layout from Android as it makes it dead easy and fun to browse and preview your files – and it looks even more gorgeous on the iPad.

Jump past the fold for additional facts…

Read More


Microsoft lures iCloud users with 15GB free SkyDrive storage upgrade

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 7, 2013

Oh Microsoft, you’re so cunning. Taking advantage of the impending iCloud storage downgrade, the Windows maker has tweeted out a tempting offer meant to promote its SkyDrive cloud storage service whilst luring customers away from Apple’s iCloud.

If you are a former MobileMe member and have received an email from Apple announcing your complimentary iCloud storage is expiring soon, just forward it to to claim your fifteen gigabytes of SkyDrive storage, free for a year.

You should take advantage of the promo because Microsoft otherwise sells an additional twenty gigabytes of SkyDrive storage for ten bucks a year so that’s nearly ten bucks saved right off the bat… Read More


Google Drive iOS app can now open links in Chrome or Safari

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 24, 2013

Google is building a nice little ecosystem around Apple’s iOS by feverishly updating its iPhone and iPad warez with deep cross-app integration. For example, earlier this month the Internet giant refreshed its Chrome iOS browser with the ability to open URLs for YouTube, Maps, Google+ and Drive in Google’s native iOS apps instead of the browser.

Notably absent from that update: the Google Drive client for the iPhone and iPad. Well, Google saw to that with today’s Drive iOS release which can now open links in Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser. Google Drive version 1.5 also adds support for inserting rows and columns using the “+” button in Google Sheets… Read More


Seagate Central: a great storage solution for your Connected Home

By Jim Gresham on Jul 14, 2013

Always moving forward, Seagate continues to reinvent current solutions. This time, Seagate took a hard look at their previous NAS drive, the GoFlex Home, and decided it left a few things to be desired. In an effort to impress, Seagate tore down the Home and seemingly started from scratch on the Central.

Overall, I am fairly impressed with Seagate’s changes to the new hardware and corresponding software, online dashboard, and revamped media app. After speaking with the engineers behind the drive at CES, there appears to be a more prevalent focus on user experience with the new 2013 product line, of which I previously reviewed the Wireless Plus. Leading the charge for a user friendly product, this previously complicated network drive enables even novice users to go from box to operational in less than ten minutes… Read More


Microsoft releases SkyDrive Pro iOS app for Office 365 subscribers

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 28, 2013

Windows maker Microsoft today released a new iOS app focused on its SkyDrive storage, which is deeply integrated throughout its Windows 8 and Windows Phone offerings. Although the company already has a nice SkyDrive app on the App Store which gives you quick access to  25GB of free cloud storage in the Microsoft cloud for your personal files, this one’s different in that it requires SharePoint or Office365 credentials and is meant for businesses subscribed to Office 365 … Read More


Google Drive iOS app gains commenting and swipeable galleries

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 3, 2013

If you use Google Drive to keep your files safely backed up in the Google cloud, pay attention as the Internet giant has just pushed an interesting little update making its iOS client a whole lot more useful for collaborative work than before.

Google Drive for the iPhone and iPad has been bumped up to version 1.4, adding swipeable images while viewing them in full screen, in addition to comments for your Google Docs files.

The first feature lets you swipe through the images stored in your Drive as you would in Apple’s stock iOS Photos app. The latter capability supports viewing, creating, replying to and resolving comments in Google Docs files.

Commenting was previously available via the web interface, but not on mobile devices. The free application is now live on the App Store so go ahead and update it if you haven’t already… Read More


Google now gives you 15GB of shared Gmail, Google+ Photos and Drive storage

By Christian Zibreg on May 13, 2013

Hands up who lives in the Google cloud. If you keep your images on Google+ Photos (formerly Picasa Web Albums), manage documents in Google Drive or file messages with large attachments in Gmail, you are tapping the power of Google’s cloud storage. But up until today, each of these relied on their private cloud locker in the sky, which was inconvenient.

This morning, Google has tweaked the offering to include fifteen gigabytes of unified, free storage shared across Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photos. Previously, Google gave you ten gigabytes for Gmail and an additional five gigabytes of combined storage limited to Drive and Google+ Photos.

The change strengthens the Drive brand while simplifying things for consumers, akin to Apple’s iCloud that comes with five free gigabytes of shared cloud storage… Read More


Google Drive update adds landscape editing on iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 8, 2013

Google continues to refine its Drive cloud storage client on Apple’s iOS platform. Just last month, the Internet giant has rolled out support for pinch-to-zoom on slides, QuickOffice integration and, multiple media uploads, to name a few. And previously, the software has added such handy capabilities as native and collaborative editing of both documents and spreadsheets on iOS devices. Monday morning, Google pushed another maintenance update that adds landscape support for document editing on the iPhone and iPod touch, in addition to minor bug fixes and faster performance… Read More


Major SkyDrive update: revamped UI, full-res photos, iPhone 5 and iPad mini support

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 3, 2013

There’s a good reason why Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage client for iOS has seen its last update in June of last year: revenue sharing. Per Apple’s rules, third-party software is required to share 30 percent of proceeds from in-app sales with Apple.

For example, when you fire up Dropbox’s excellent iOS client and upgrade to a paid storage tier within the app, your iTunes credit card on file gets charged and Apple earns its 30 percent share.

Though Microsoft wanted to introduce that same functionality into the SkyDrive app, it wouldn’t share any revenue with Apple. Neither party would budge and a spokesperson previously said Microsoft was “in contact with Apple regarding the matter.”

The two parties have supposedly reached an amicable solution because Microsoft today announced SkyDrive 3.0, a major new version rocking an overhauled interface, support for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini and a few other features… Read More


Seagate dominates the mobile storage competition with 1TB Wireless Plus

By Jim Gresham on Mar 14, 2013

After meeting with Seagate at CES, I was excited to get my paws on their new Wireless Plus, which is big brother to the recently retired and previously reviewed GoFlex Satellite. We all need our digital content on the go and, often, our iOS devices do not have enough room. I know my 16GB are carefully utilized on both iPad mini and iPhone. Toting around a Wi-Fi enabled 1TB Seagate drive prevents the need for choosing which media to bring along. Just drag and drop your media file to the Wireless Plus and walk out the door… Read More


Dropbox CEO: iCloud is a lock-in brimming with ‘bizarre limitations’

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 4, 2013

Apple’s iCloud, a service that brings together all of your desktop and mobile devices with seamless synch and cloud-based storage, is basically a lock-in, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston opined speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Praising his company’s cross-platform approach to file sharing, Houston blasted iCloud for imposing “bizarre limitations” on what users can do with their files, remarking that people shouldn’t really care what platform they are using in order to access their files anywhere and on any device… Read More

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