15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

By Cody Lee on Apr 23, 2014

Apple announced its financial results for Q2 2014 this afternoon, and for the most part it beat the Street’s expectations. The company sold 43.7 million iPhones and pulled in $45.6 billion in revenue during the three month period, although it did miss slightly on iPad sales at just 16.3 million.

We’re just finishing up the conference call, where Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and other members of the executive team have discussed Apple’s performance, touted some user stats, and offered insight into the future. And as usual, we’ve rounded up the 15 most interesting points for you… Read More


iOS 7 adoption at 87 percent ahead of WWDC 2014

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 8, 2014

After last summer’s WWDC, Apple started charting iOS adoption numbers on Dev Center, its portal for registered Mac and iOS developers.

According to data from March 24, 2014, a whopping 85 percent of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the wild ran iOS 7 at the time. The figure has now grown to 87 percent device, as per latest App Store numbers.

Although iOS adoption rates are now plateauing following the software’s public release more than six months ago, the two percentage-point difference in two weeks time is nonetheless a notable accomplishment.

I bet Apple’s executives will highlight iOS vs. Android adoption to paint Google’s platform as highly fragmented, but there’s more to data than meets the eye. Read on for more context… Read More


15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

By Cody Lee on Jan 27, 2014

Apple just announced its earnings for its September quarter, and despite all of the ‘doom’ talk and lowball analyst predictions, the numbers are actually pretty good. In fact, the company set records for iPhone and iPad sales, and revenue.

We’re just finishing up the conference call, where Tim Cook and his CFO Peter Oppenheimer talked about Apple’s performance, and offered some insight into its future. And as usual, we’ve rounded up the 15 most interesting points for you… Read More


Apple’s App Store data shows iOS 7 adoption is now at 78%

By Cody Lee on Dec 31, 2013

Apple has updated its App Store support page for developers this week to reflect new data regarding iOS 7 adoption. According to the company’s usage data, the new operating system is running on 78% of iOS devices accessing the App Store.

That’s a nice little jump up from earlier this month, when Apple noted that iOS 7 adoption had hit 74%. The move can be attributed to the success of the iPhone and iPad over the holiday season and [possibly] the just-released iOS 7 jailbreakRead More


Infographic shows how the iPhone has grown over the years

By Cody Lee on Nov 12, 2013

The iPhone has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2007. Now generating more than 30 million sales per quarter, the popular handset has become a large part (over half) of Apple’s business.

With that in mind, we found this infographic of how the iPhone has grown over the years very interesting. Not only does it show the hardware and software changes it’s undergone, but also its increase in sales… Read More


Apple again named ‘World’s most valuable brand’ by Forbes

By Cody Lee on Nov 7, 2013

Despite all of the ‘doomed’ talk, and its share price being down nearly $200 from a year ago, Apple is still the world’s most valuable brand. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, its brand is worth nearly twice that of its closest competitor.

In its annual ranking of ‘The World’s Most Valuable Brands,’ Forbes lists Apple’s value at $104.3 billion. That’s an increase of 20% from last year, and well above Microsoft and Coca-Cola, which came in second and third respectively… Read More


Apple Q4 2013 earnings: 33.8M iPhones, 14.1M iPads, $37.5B revenue

By Cody Lee on Oct 28, 2013

As expected, Apple is out with its financial report for Q4 this afternoon. It’s an important one, as the company began selling two new handsets simultaneously last month, and Wall Street is dying to know how the strategy is working thus far.

Well, so far so good. Apple announced today that during its fourth quarter of 2013, it sold 33.8 million iPhones, beating Wall Street expectations of 31 million. It also sold 14.1 million iPads and garnered $37 billion in revenue. More after the fold… Read More


New iPhones pushed Apple to top US smartphone seller in September

By Cody Lee on Oct 22, 2013

According to data from market research firm Counterpoint Research, Apple was the top US smartphone seller in September. The company overtook the spot from Samsung, who had been #1 in the country since May.

And it’s not hard to guess where the boost came from, Apple released not one but two new handsets last month. The iPhone 5s was the overall top selling smartphone in September, and the iPhone 5c came in third place… Read More


Phil Schiller calls out Samsung for benchmark ‘shenanigans’

By Cody Lee on Oct 1, 2013

Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller is at it again, stirring the pot via his Twitter again. Earlier this year he called out Android for its staggering malware problem, and today he put Samsung in his sights.

This morning, Schiller tweeted out a link to an ArsTechnica article called ‘Galaxy Note 3’s benchmarking “adjustments” inflate scores by up to 20%.’ And the SVP calls ‘shenanigans’ on Samsung’s attempt to pad its benchmark scores… Read More


15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

By Cody Lee on Jul 23, 2013

Apple just announced its earnings for its June quarter, and despite all of the ‘doom’ talk and lowball analyst predictions, the numbers are actually pretty good. In fact, the company set a record for iPhone sales during the 3-month period.

We’re just finishing up the conference call, where Tim Cook and his CFO Peter Oppenheimer talked about the quarter, offered some insight and fielded several questions. And as usual, we’ve rounded up the 15 most interesting points for you… Read More


Apple starts charting iOS adoption, 96% of users are on iOS 6

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 21, 2013

Apple has started charting the iOS adoption figures via a portal for its registered developers. While Google’s been doing this for quite some time now, it’s the first time Apple offered the continuously updated official iOS adoption data.

Key takeaway: a whopping 96 percent of Apple customers are now using iOS 6, as measured by the App Store during a 14-day period ending June 3, 2013.

There is a massive difference compared to Android 4.x versions that, according to Google’s dashboard web page, was on 58.6 percent of Android devices accessing the Android Play store during a 14-day period ending on June 3, 2013.

And with 39.8 percent of Google customers on the now outdated Android 2.2 Froyo and up to Android 3.2 Honeycomb software, Apple’s huge advantage in terms of platform fragmentation is undisputed… Read More


Social media roundup shows what people were talking about during WWDC

By Cody Lee on Jun 18, 2013

I follow quite a few developers, tech sites, tech writers and other worthwhile pundits on Twitter. So as you can imagine, my Twitter stream has been filled with talk of iOS 7, Jony Ive, and pretty much all things Apple over the past week.

And as it turns out, I’m not alone. According to a report from social media analytics firm Viral Heat, Apple was the talk of most major social networks last week. For example, over 400,000 tweets mentioned iOS 7. Infographic time! Read More


Tim Cook kicks off WWDC keynote with Apple stats

By Cody Lee on Jun 10, 2013

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Tim Cook has just taken the stage at Apple’s 2013 WWDC keynote event, and we are just moments away from seeing what the future is going to look like for Apple and its platforms.

As usual, Cook has kicked things off by offering up a number of stats and other updates regarding Apple’s performance over the past year. And as usual, the numbers are pretty impressive. We’ve collected them for you after the fold… Read More


15 interesting points from Tim Cook’s D11 interview

By Cody Lee on May 28, 2013

Earlier this evening, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took the stage at AllThingsD’s D11 conference to talk about all things Apple. Cook rarely does interviews, but he looked like a pro fielding questions from tech veterans Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

Over the course of the hour-long talk, the trio discussed a wide range of fascinating topics including iWatch rumors, iOS 7 and Android’s growing marketshare. And as usual, we’ve combed through it all to bring you the 15 most interesting points… Read More


Personal social network Path passes 10 million users

By Cody Lee on Apr 29, 2013

Last month, I downloaded Path for iOS for the third time to try out the app’s new 3.0 update, and I thought to myself “this app is so beautiful.” It’s just too bad that no one I know uses the decidedly more intimate social network.

But just because no one I know uses it, doesn’t mean that no one is using it. Dave Morin, the company’s founder and CEO, announced earlier today that Path has just crossed a major milestone in its short life: 10 million users… Read More


15 interesting points from today’s earnings call

By Cody Lee on Apr 23, 2013

Apple just announced its earnings for its first quarter of 2013, second fiscal quarter, and despite all of the lead-in ‘doom’ talk, the numbers are actually very impressive. The company beat Wall Street projections in nearly every metric.

We’re just finishing up the conference call, where Tim Cook and company have made several announcements and dropped a number of impressive statistics. And as usual, we’ve rounded up the 15 most interesting points for you… Read More


Over 14 million devices are running Cydia on iOS 6.x

By Cody Lee on Mar 2, 2013

The long-awaited iOS 6.x jailbreak, known as evasi0n, has been dubbed the most popular jailbreak ever. And rightly so. In its first 10 minutes, it was used by over 100,000 people. And 4 days later, that number grew to 7 million.

Today, nearly a month after evasi0n’s release, there’s a new statistic out. Evad3rs team member pod2g just passed along the news from Saurik that more than 14 million devices have now been seen running Cydia on iOS 6.x… Read More


Apple makes more on iTunes and accessory sales than most companies do on phones

By Cody Lee on Feb 12, 2013

Well known and respected Asymco analyst Horace Dediu is out with a new report this week entitled ‘Counting stool legs.’ The piece takes a look at Apple’s newly-introduced revenue categories—mainly iTunes, which now includes sales from OS X, iWork, and Apple’s other pro tools.

The big takeaway here is that, under this new structure, iTunes can no longer be considered a ‘break even’ business. Because, as Dediu points out, the combined sales from iTunes and accessories is now bigger in terms of revenues than any other phone vendor, except for Samsung… Read More


Apple’s ‘disappointing’ holiday quarter compared to other companies

By Cody Lee on Feb 7, 2013

When Apple announced the results for its 2012 holiday quarter, the reaction from Wall Street was extremely negative. Despite selling a record 48 million iPhones, and recording a record $54.5 billion in revenue, the company’s stock dropped more than 10% following the news.

A lot of folks have tried to explain the phenomenon—investors are worried about its slowing growth, or its ability to handle stronger competition from the likes of Google and Samsung. But the truth is, Apple is performing better than it ever has, and better than everyone else… Read More


Pod2g shares more evasi0n stats: 40 million page views, 20% from China

By Cody Lee on Feb 6, 2013

We’ve been keeping close tabs on the popularity of the evasi0n jailbreak since it was released on Monday. Within the first 10 minutes, it saw over 100,000 downloads. And yesterday morning, Saurik said that it had crossed the 1.7 million mark.

Today, pod2g shares even more interesting stats on the jailbreak, noting that the evasi0n website has seen more than 5 million unique visitors, and 40 million page views in the last few days. Here’s a breakdown of all of that traffic by country… Read More

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