How to pair your Bluetooth headphones or speakers with your Apple Watch

At iDB we strive to offer a comprehensive and deep catalogue of tutorials for readers of all skill levels, which is the reason why a brief workshop on pairing your wireless earbuds or external Bluetooth speakers is still in order. If you are already well-versed in this procedure, more power to you. You can probably sit this exercise out.

However if you are new to Apple Watch or have recently managed to grab your first cord free headset, these are the steps that get you ready to jam out to the music stored right on your wrist:

Amazon working on premium Echo model with 7″ touchscreen to “fend off competition”

Bloomberg’s well-informed Mark Gurman reported Monday that online retail giant Amazon is developing a brand new premium model of its Echo wireless speaker that will feature a built-in seven-inch touchscreen in an effort to “fend off competition” from Google’s Home device and Apple’s rumored entry into the connected home market with its own Siri-powered hardware.

Amazon may release a higher-end Echo device, known internally as “Knight,” early next year. It will target kitchens and cost more than the current Echo models.

According to Apple, bottom left grille on iPhone 7 houses a barometric vent

Yesterday, we speculated that a faux speaker grille at the bottom of the iPhone 7 created by the removal of the headphone jack is for visual symmetry, based on drawings on Apple’s website and a quote from John Gruber’s iPhone 7 review. Today’s teardowns from iFixit and Chipworks hint at a new component where the headphone jack would’ve been, suspected to channel sound from outside the phone into the mic.

Putting an end to speculation, Apple itself has gone on the record to confirm that the faux speaker grille acts as a “barometric vent.” According to the company, it’s needed after all the waterproofing to help built-in barometer sensor measure altitude accurately.

iPhone 7’s second grille at the bottom is for the mic, not a second speaker

One of the smaller but no less important features included in both new iPhone 7 models is an entirely new and “immersive” stereo speaker system that Apples claims provides twice the sound. Risking to be chastised in comments for bringing this up, I do feel we need to clear up the confusion and reiterate that a second speaker grille at the bottom of the phone does not actually house a speaker and is there purely for cosmetic reasons.

Faulty speakers and dual-cameras could cause iPhone 7 shortages at launch

Apple’s suppliers are ramping up production of iPhone 7 parts ahead of the big reveal on September 7, but some manufacturers have been reportedly experiencing serious defects in the waterproof speaker and dual-camera modules for months now, and are yet to be resolved.

As a result, customers may initially face iPhone 7 shortages at launch as Apple’s supply chain deals with low yields, according to a recent report in Nikkei Asian Review. An industry source familiar with the matter did not name any suppliers beyond indicating they’re struggling to produce iPhone 7 parts in volume.

Leaked iPhone 7 assembly instructions reveal a second mic, haptic Home button

iPhone 7 dummies and alleged components that have been leaking out of Asia in the past few months have more or less consistently shown a second speaker grille to the left of the Lightning port at the bottom. Many people are convinced that the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack has created space inside the device for another speaker, indicating that the next iPhone may finally have stereo sound.

That conventional wisdom is now called into question as French blog NowhereElse.fr points us to alleged technical drawings, obtained from a Foxconn plant, suggesting that another mic, not a speaker, may be hiding behind these additional speaker holes.

Mars is a levitating Bluetooth speaker that’s jam-packed with features

Picking the right Bluetooth speaker for your needs can be hard, especially with all the options out there.

On the more premium shelf of options out there is Mars by Crazybaby, which is a levitating Bluetooth speaker with a long list of features that we think makes it well worth the price.

In this review, we’ll talk about what the Mars is capable of and show off its features.