How to disable vocal alerts for turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps

If you use Google Maps to go places you’re not accustomed to, then you’re likely familiar with navigation and the turn-by-turn vocal alerts you hear while you go. These prompts say things like “turn left” or “stay right” as you’re driving, working as an audible guide to get you to your destination.

Vocal alerts are enabled in the app by default, and while they are usually useful, not everyone likes them. You can turn down your device’s volume to combat them, but doing this will also impact any music you might have playing and doesn’t yield satisfactory results.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can properly mute vocal alerts in the Google Maps app.

New “Dive” ad from Apple promotes iPhone 7 stereo speakers and water resistance

Apple today shared a new television commercial via its YouTube channel highlighting stereo speakers and the improved IP67 water resistance on the iPhone 7 series. Titled “Dive”, the 60-second video opens with a pool scene depicting an older guy who is soaking up sun rays whilst listening to “La Virgen de la Macarena” by Arturo Sandoval playing through the iPhone’s stereo speakers.

He then turns up the volume and proceeds to climb the high dive as everyone else is watching with anticipation. As the song climaxes, he jumps off causing his device to get splashed with water poolside. The video closes with Apple’s “practically magic” tagline used consistently in iPhone 7 advertisements.

Brief history of the Mac startup chime

The new MacBook Pro does away with the classic Mac startup sound that’s been present on Macs for the past seventeen years, probably to avoid annoying users as the notebook automatically powers on when you open the lid. But rather than completely kill the chime, Apple’s disabled it on the new MacBook Pro.

Thankfully, you can re-enable it with a simple Terminal command.

We think this could mark gradual phasing-out of the familiar Mac startup sound just as the one-port MacBook with USB-C has spelled doom for Apple’s proprietary but love MagSafe connector. Here’s a brief history of the Mac boot chime.

How to bring back the classic boot chime on the new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro has ditched the iconic boot chime that’s been a signature part of the Mac startup process over the last 17 years. Pingie discovered that the sound is not gone entirely. Apple’s just disabled it and it’s possible to bring it back should you want. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to re-enable the boot chime on your late-2016 MacBook Pro with a simple Terminal command.

New MacBook Pro doesn’t play classic startup chime when turned on

As spotlighted by French blog based on Pingie’s discovery, Apple’s latest MacBook Pro no longer plays the classic F-sharp major chime when the computer has been powered on (you can bring it back with a simple Terminal command).

The iconic boot sound’s been part of the Mac since 1999, but Apple’s apparently decided to break with the tradition beginning with the new MacBook Pro, perhaps because it turns on automatically as soon as you open the lid.