AT&T Sends Out SMS Message Urging Users to Update to iOS 4.2, Unlockers Beware

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 13, 2011

If you’re rocking an unlocked phone, it would behoove you to stick to the tried and true suggestions from the Dev Team to stay away from official updates. AT&T has recently started sending out mass text messages urging customers to update to iOS 4.2.

Why would they do this? Since AT&T is already on the cusp of losing quite a few users to Verizon’s iPhone once it is released, the company is in a frenzy trying to convince customers to stick with them…

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Create and Send Pre-Made Texts With ‘Canned’ for iPhone

By Alex Heath on Jan 7, 2011

Let’s be real, your time is precious. Sometimes you just don’t have time to shoot off a quick text. You could be in a meeting, driving, at work, or just plain lazy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of pre-made, generic messages you could easily send in a text message?

Canned for iPhone, by Sky Balloon, is a lightweight, simple app that allows you to easily send off “canned” responses through text message. The app integrates with your Messages app by pasting your replies into the input field and allowing you to choose your recipient…

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How to Make biteSMS Work on iOS 4.2.1

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 28, 2010

Now that more and more jailbreakers are making the jump to iOS 4.2.1, courtesy of Redsn0w, a lot of people are wondering what’s up with biteSMS? The app installs fine, but right off the bat you’ll start to notice something’s not quite right with our #2 favorite jailbreak app of 2010.

In fact, for me, attempting to send a message with biteSMS 5.0 while on iOS 4.2.1 crashes the app outright, rendering my fiendish text messaging habits useless.

Of course, if there’s anything we know about the biteSMS crew, it’s that they’re always on top of things; in fact they’ve already released a beta version of the app that works well with Apple’s latest firmware. Check inside for the quick and easy how to…

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AskToSend Helps You Avoid Those Embarrassing Messaging Moments

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 8, 2010

How many times have you accidentally sent an email that wasn’t finished? Or worse yet, how many times have you sent an email to the wrong recipient? Yeah, our mistakes can yield some pretty embarrassing results if we’re not careful.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your mail and SMS apps asked you if you wanted to send, before sending? AskToSend is a jailbreak app that teaches your iPhone some lessons in etiquette…

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Tutorial: How To Replace the Pink biteSMS Icon With the Stock SMS Icon

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 2, 2010

Jailbreaking is without a doubt one of the best features about owning an iPhone. Not only are there some totally cool apps that you couldn’t get your hands on otherwise, but you can fully customize your iPhone’s look to fit your style.

biteSMS is one such application that gives users much more functionality than Apple’s stock offering. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could completely replace the stock SMS application with biteSMS, all the way down to the look and name of the app icon? Indeed it would be, that’s why we’ve created an in-depth tutorial for you inside…

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ChatPic Makes it Easy to See Who’s Texting

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 30, 2010

Want a way to make SMS messaging a little more personal? Then look no further than ChatPic, a jailbreak tweak that puts a little photo of your contact beside each incoming chat bubble.

Sure, there are many other apps that provide some variation of this premise, but if adding a smidgen of personalization to your SMS messages is all that you desire, then it’s hard to go wrong with this tweak…

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How to Hide Your iPhone Photos and SMS

By Sébastien Page on Nov 22, 2010

Those of you who don’t have anything to hide won’t care much about this, but if you have secrets to keep hidden from others, then the new jailbreak application HideEmAll might be the right tool for you.

The app description sells it as an app to keep you out of trouble. I like to look at HideEmAll as a way to protect some of your information from curious people, rather than hiding dirty pictures from your wife. I guess you can use it for both… Read More


MarkThatMessage is the Definition of Too Much Information

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 3, 2010

I’ve always loved the way text messaging worked on the iPhone, and that love was increased with the advent of the jailbreak app BiteSMS. That app added just enough customization to the mix to make SMS messaging a truly enjoyable experience on the iPhone.

Of course, there are also plenty of tweaks available for SMS messaging as well, some better than others. MarkThatMessage is one such tweak that falls into the others category. Is it really necessary to know the exact time that I sent every single SMS message?

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GV Extension Adds Native Google Voice SMS Functionality to the iPhone

By Guest Author on Oct 27, 2010

Now that Google Voice is back on the iPhone (natively), many of us are using the app to send SMS messages. Still, since there is no real way to set an app as a default SMS handler, we found ourselves using both the SMS app and whichever GV app we found most useful.

No more! There’s a new tweak in Cydia that merges the two. SMS GV Extension sets your Google Voice account as the default handler of text messages. Now when you send or receive text messages, it will be exclusively handled through the Google Voice API, and not your text messaging plan through your carrier.

For some of you, this is awesome.  But there is a huge limitation with this solution… Read More


Angry Birds SMS Tones Cause Uncontrollable Urge to Smash Things

By Guest Author on Oct 21, 2010

Can’t get enough Angry Birds? As if the movie, toys, and recent news regarding Rovio (or rather, non-news) weren’t enough to ruffle your happy feathers, you can also download Angry Birds SMS tones in Cydia – for free!

Search for “Angry Birds SMS” and you’ll be on your way to feeding your block-busting, bird-flying addiction. Now you don’t have to even play the game to hear the cry of the Boomerang Bird or Zooming Yellow Bird, just tell your friends to text you non-stop!

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Another Great Jailbreak App Falls by the Wayside: QuickReply for SMS is “Depreciated” but not “Dead”

By Guest Author on Oct 12, 2010

After jailbreaking with Limera1n, one of the first apps I went to reinstall was QuickReply for SMS. QR is an app that allows you to reply to incoming text messages no matter where you are on your phone — without ever having to leave the current app.

I was disappointed to see the headline in the app description (now about a month old) that QuickReply is “depreciated, not dead, depreciated.” Author Gaurav Khanna goes on to explain that he’s dropped all support for QuickReply for SMS, meaning the bugs and problems with it are here to stay. Read More


What Features Will Never Come to the iPhone?

By Guest Author on Sep 20, 2010

Reality can suck sometimes. As bad as the truth can be however it is usually almost always best to come to terms with certain aspects of reality. As far as this piece is concerned it’s iPhone’s reality.

We always spend lots of time trying to dig through the rumors when a new iPhone or version of iOS is released and pinpoint the newest features. What we spend comparatively less time on is coming clean on what features we know the iPhone will never get.. Read More


Man Watches His House Get Robbed on His iPhone

By Guest Author on Aug 24, 2010

Vincent Hunter was visiting relatives in Connecticut when his iPhone sounded an alert that his motion detectors were going haywire in his Dallas home.

When he opened the app on his iPhone he witnessed two burglars attempting to break an entering as he dialed 911.

iCam was the application he had installed on his phone, which is available in the App Store for $4.99. The app allows you to stream live video to your iPhone from up to 4 different webcams. Read More


How to Send SMS from Your iPad

By Sébastien Page on Aug 20, 2010

Want to send SMS from your iPad? There is an app for that, assuming you have a jailbroken iPad 3G. SwirlyMessage is a new jailbreak application by the developer of SwirlyMMS that allows you to send and receive real SMS and MMS on your iPad 3G.

In order to use SwirlyMessage, you need a jailbroken iPad 3G, and make sure that your carrier data plan allows for sending sending SMS and/or MMS. I don’t have an iPad 3G so I wasn’t able to try this application but from what I understand, SwirlyMessage simply provides an interface to send SMS through your carrier. If that’s the case, extra cost for each SMS sent/received might apply.

You can download SwirlyMessage from Cydia for $12. Please let us know what you think of this application should you decide to give it a try.


Jailbroken iPad 3G Sends SMS

By Sébastien Page on May 2, 2010

Dev Team member MuscleNerd managed to send text messages from a jailbroken iPad 3G. According to MuscleNerd, The from the iPhone doesn’t run properly on the iPad so he had to use raw command lines via Terminal.

Since the AT&T plan that comes with the iPad 3G doesn’t allow to send SMS, MuscleNerd used a T-Mobile SIM card that he cut down into a MicroSIM.

This is just the beginning. I’m sure we’ll see more and more of these hacks


iPhone, Text Messaging & Trouble

By Guest Author on Apr 10, 2010

My absolute #1 use of my iPhone is text messaging. I am an admitted text junkie. I awaken to texts, go to sleep to texts, and spend a good part of my day replying to friends, coworkers, even my daughter from the yard or bedroom rather than yelling out to each other. But sometimes, texts can get you into trouble…

No, I’m not talking about embarrassing drunken texts to exes, or things accidentally sent to the wrong person. What I’m talking about here is inflection. A simple matter of getting your point across, whether it’s sarcastic, serious, funny, etc. This weekend yet again, things with a text buddy got a little strained because of lack of inflection. And so… we back up, explain ourselves, and wish we had called instead.

So this made me wonder, as I have wondered before, why is there no app, be it jailbreak or legit, that allows us to enable bold and italics on the iPhone? There are literally tons of text related apps, apps that allow me to change the fonts and colors, apps (and the actual phone itself) offering dozens of languages and emoji icons.

But so far I have found no app that enables bold or italics. All caps (which tends to be my go to) can be worse because then I’m yelling. But really, I’m not yelling, I just need emphasis or some inflection for the idea I am trying to convey. Granted, I’m no techie, so perhaps there is a simple technical reason that this can’t be done, but with all the amazing things this phone can do I am pretty surprised that this isn’t one of them. And, I am even more surprised that I don’t hear more people expressing an interest in wanting this kind of app.

Every once in awhile I look through the new font/text apps to see if anyone offers it but with the sheer volume of things available maybe I am just not finding it? I will say this, it is something that I would pay a decent price for if it were available.

Feel free to reply if you have alienated someone via text message… just be careful how you word it!


How to Create Custom Text Message Ringtones On Your iPhone

By Sébastien Page on Dec 19, 2009

Have you ever wanted to create your own custom text message ringtone for your iPhone? I know I have! Today I found a great tutorial that explains exactly how to do it.

Go to this article on iClarified and check it out. I haven’t tried it myself since I’m traveling and don’t really have time to “experiment” but I am hoping that some of you will try it and share some feedback.

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Hackers Want to Hijack Your iPhone Via SMS

By Sébastien Page on Jul 29, 2009

If you receive a strange looking SMS on your iPhone this Thursday, you’d better turn it off right away as it might enable hackers to infect your iPhone and take control of it. That’s what a Forbes article is reporting today anyways.

Using a flaw they’ve found in the iPhone’s handling of text messages, the researchers say they’ll demonstrate how to send a series of mostly invisible SMS bursts that can give a hacker complete power over any of the smart phone’s functions. That includes dialing the phone, visiting Web sites, turning on the device’s camera and microphone and, most importantly, sending more text messages to further propagate a mass-gadget hijacking.

Why would they do that? Simply to show Apple how vulnerable this iPhone bug really is. Apparently, the hackers notified Apple about a month ago, but Apple didn’t bother responding to them.

We’ve known about this SMS bug for a while now and Apple will probably release the patch in the next OS update 3.1, supposed to be available sometimes in September (that’s what the rumor says).

I think the chances you receive such a SMS are pretty thin, but you never know…


Hide SMS Preview in iPhone OS 3.0

By Sébastien Page on Jun 25, 2009

Imagine you’re having a wonderful dinner at a fancy restaurant with your wife or fiance. As usual, you put your iPhone on the table so the others can see what a cool kid you are. All the sudden, the following text message arrives on your iPhone. Before you have time to hit “close”, your wife has already ripped your head off.

This accident likely happened hundreds if not thousands of times since the iPhone came out in 2007. Until then, there was nothing you could do. A few jailbreak applications allowed you to hide this but for some reason, Apple never felt it was a feature worth including in the iPhone OS.

Things have changed with the release of the 3.0 firmware which now allows you to hide the preview of any incoming SMS.

To activate this feature, simply go to Settings > Messages > and turn “Show Preview” off. As you can see on the image above, Apple also added a feature that will alert you two more times after receiving a SMS if you don’t read it right away. This is a feature that has also been available for a long time to jailbreakers.

Hiding the preview of an SMS won’t completely hide it from showing up on your springboard. You will still get a popup showing the name of the sender and “text message”, with the option for you to view the SMS or just close the popup.

That was a much needed option but I think it’s too bad you still see the name of the sender (or his phone number if not in your contacts). It’s a matter of privacy. A name showing up on your iPhone can still lead to awkward moments…

Have you ever had an awkward because of a SMS arriving on your iPhone? If so, please share it with us in the comments.


SMS Touch Sends Free Text Messages Via Email

By Sébastien Page on Dec 1, 2008

SMS Touch [iTunes Link] enables users to compose SMS messages using Apple’s wider landscape keyboard and send them through email without incurring SMS fees. These messages are sent through your email program but arrive with the recipient as SMS messages.

Users can compose a text message in SMS Touch and then select the recipient’s mobile phone number from their contacts. SMS Touch generates an email message that is properly addressed to arrive with the recipient as an SMS message. When the recipient replies to the text message, the reply arrives in your email inbox.

At $5, this application may seem pricey but it could save you quite a bit of money in long run.