Apple won’t use Samsung screens for iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 20, 2013

In another hint of Apple distancing itself from Samsung by procuring crucial gadget components from alternative suppliers, we hear the Cupertino firm may have already dropped Samsung entirely as the maker of next-gen panels for a fifth-generation iPad and a second-generation iPad mini.

Both devices are rumored to arrive later this year, allegedly sporting the high-resolution Retina display technology and sharing a light aluminum chassis with thinner appearance and chamfered edges… Read More


Meet the GLAS.t Slim, a thinner and lighter glass screen protector for iPhone 5

By Sébastien Page on Mar 7, 2013

I have a hard time hiding my love for the GLAS.t family of screen protectors for one simple reason: I just think they’re the best. A few months ago I reviewed the GLAS.t, which I believed was the best screen protector for iPhone 5, but things just got even better!

The fine folks over at SGP sent me their new GLAS.t Slim for iPhone 5 for review. I’ve been sporting it for a little over a week now and I’m here to give you a quick review of the product… Read More


How to change an iPhone 5 screen in 3 minutes

By Sébastien Page on Jan 26, 2013

In the DIY category, this one might come in handy to those of you who accidentally dropped their iPhone 5 and broke the screen. In this video, we are showed how to change the iPhone 5 screen in just about 3 minutes.

Note that the iPhone 5 screen is integrated with the digitizer and is replaced with the entire front assembly. Of course, you’ll need a few tools to do the job, namely a Pentalobe screwdriver, a plastic pry tool, and a suction cup, all of them available for less than $3 on Amazon. Of course, you’ll also need the digitizer frame assembly as well.


Apple wins patent for new automatically adjusting screen brightness technology

By Oliver Haslam on Jan 24, 2013

It’s well known that Apple likes to throw as many patent applications at the wall as possible, with the belief that at least some will stick. The latest to receive the seal of approval from the powers that be is patent number US8358273, or “Portable media device with power-managed display,” as its friends know it.

The patent features a new technology that will control the screen brightness of a piece of equipment such as an iPhone or iPad based on the type of content being displayed. Currently, devices set the screen brightness based on the amount of ambient light. Apple’s recently approved patent changes all that.

As far as screen brightness technology goes, this is actually rather interesting… Read More


Apple again seen cutting iPhone 5 panel orders

By Cody Lee on Jan 21, 2013

Last week, a couple of reports surfaced claiming that Apple has been trimming component orders for its iPhone 5. While the exact reasons for the cutbacks are still unknown, many market-watchers are citing weaker-than-expected demand as the main factor.

But no matter what the reasoning is, it seems the cuts are happening. Another report popped up this weekend claiming that the Cupertino company has contacted Sharp Corp. and asked them to cut their iPhone 5 LCD panel orders in half for next quarter… Read More


Apple’s Forstall says iPhone 5 keyboard flickering is a software glitch, promises fix

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 22, 2012

If a growing thread on Apple’s discussion forum is anything to go by, a bunch of iPhone 5 owners continue to complain about an annoying flickering thing which apparently manifests itself when the software keyboard pops up on the App Store password entry dialog box.

A report out this morning first suggested that an incremental iOS 6.0.1 update, said to have entered testing, will fix this and other issues plaguing the iOS 6 software. iDB has now received another confirmation that a fix is in the works, via an alleged email exchange between a reader and Apple’s SVP Scott Forstall who’s in charge of the iOS platform… Read More


Microsoft: Surface screen outperforms the iPad Retina display

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 17, 2012

Microsoft is nothing if not an expert when it comes to spinning technology. Take for instance the software giant’s latest comments that its Surface tablet actually outperforms the iPad’s Retina display. You remember the Retina, the display with 3.9 million pixels and described by some as the best display ever for a mobile device?

Well, turns out the Surface’s 1,366-by-768 display is even better at something called “perceived resolution.” Microsoft engineer Steve Bathiche told a Reddit audience this week that the tablet’s ClearType technology can reduce the glare from reflected light. The Surface’s display reflects between 5.5 percent and 6.2 percent of light, compared to 9.9 for the iPad, according to the engineer… Read More


This is the best screen protector for your iPhone 5

By Sébastien Page on Oct 10, 2012

A few months ago, I reviewed the GLAS.t for iPhone 4S. At the time, I believed it to be the best screen protector for iPhone. Fast forward to this date, and I still have yet to see a better alternative to protect the screen of your iPhone.

If the iPhone has changed since my original GLAS.t review, something that hasn’t changed is the quality and reliability of the screen protector. The folks at Spigen SGP are pretty smart. They know I love their products so they sent me a GLAS.t for iPhone 5 for review. Spoiler alert: it’s 99% positive… Read More


For some, screen flickers when the iPhone 5 keyboard pops up

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 8, 2012

Following the purple haze camera issue, the WiFi bug affecting cellular data usage, Scuffgate, Mapgate, light leaks and other teething problems, some early adopters are now reporting a new glitch related to the iPhone 5’s virtual keyboard.

Apparently, it’s randomly inconveniencing an unknown proportion of users whose device exhibits an annoying glitch where some parts of the keyboard show random noise and broken lines, like old TV sets attuned to the snow white frequency… Read More


iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S Screen – Stock Apps Comparison

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 25, 2012

If you’ve yet to lay eyes on an iPhone 5, or compare the iPhone 5 to stock apps running on lesser iPhone hardware, then this video is for you.

Inside, we take a look at the majority of the stock iPhone apps, and compare them side-by-side running on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S hardware. Besides the obvious added spacing, most of the differences are fairly subtle.

One thing you will notice, however, is that keyboard keys are slightly larger, and there’s more room on screen to see content like messages, and message composition panes. Simply put, once you get used to the iPhone 5’s roomier screen, anything less seems claustrophobic. Read More


GLAS.t glass screen protector review

By Sébastien Page on Apr 5, 2012

By now, you probably know that I’m neither a fan of cases nor screen protectors, so when the folks at SGP asked me if I’d like to check out their new screen protector for iPhone 4S, I gave them my boilerplate answer: “you may send it to me but I make no guarantee that I will review it on iDB.”

I was really intrigued by SGP’s GLAS.t premium tempered glass screen protector right off the bat though. As far as I know, this is the very first screen protector for iPhone entirely made of glass, and after seeing the video demo, I knew I wanted to try it despite my disdain for screen protectors.

So about a month ago, I installed the GLAS.t on my iPhone 4S. This is my review of it… Read More


InvisibleSHIELD HD for iPhone 4S review

By Sébastien Page on Feb 25, 2012

Most of you are probably familiar with the InvisibleSHIELD by Zagg. I’ve done several reviews of these products in the past, and while I don’t like putting screen protectors on my iPhones, I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the InvisibleSHIELD for iPad (read my review for more details).

I do not put screen protectors or use cases on my iPhones. It’s a matter of principle to me. If Apple went out of its way to design such a beautiful product, I see it is my duty to never alter the look and feel of the product in any way. You can call me crazy, that’s fine.

This being said, my wife is the complete opposite. Not only she doesn’t care much about the look and feel of her iPhone, but she badly needs a screen protector at all time because she’s kinda careless about her stuff – you would not believe what can happen inside her purse!

So when the folks at Zagg sent me an InvisibleSHIELD HD for iPhone 4/4S for review, I decided to use it on my wife’s iPhone as she’d be able to tell better than me how well it performs… Read More


Protect Your iPhone Screen with More Glass!

By Oliver Haslam on Jan 30, 2012

Nobody without a medical condition can seriously claim the iPhone’s all-glass construction was a particularly good idea. While many of us have iPhones that have survived some considerable hammering, plenty have reported of cracks and scratches from the most inconspicuous of goings on.

There are already plenty of screen protectors out there that claim to keep your iPhone’s glass face in pristine condition, but none have grabbed our attention quite like the Spigen GLAS.t has.

For starters, the cover itself is made of, wait for it, glass! Yup, you read that right. Not just any glass though, this thing’s made of tempered glass which is just, well, better… Read More


Patent Reveals Apple’s Work on Crack-Resistant Glass for Future Devices

By Cody Lee on Nov 17, 2011

Apple’s recent iPhone design, the one featured on both the iPhone 4 and 4S handsets, has received a lot of praise over the past year. Pundits have compared the device’s quality and timeless construction to that of an illustrious Leica camera.

But the handset’s design also has one major downfall: its front and back glass panels. Its nearly all-glass outer casing has made the iPhone noticeably more fragile and susceptible to damages than other smartphones. But Apple is looking to fix that… Read More


Samsung Working on Flexible Screens for Phones and Tablets

By Oliver Haslam on Oct 31, 2011

If anyone doubted whether Samsung really meant business in its pursuit of total smartphone marketshare ownership, this one little tidbit to come of the company’s earnings call might just help to put the record straight.

During a call to discuss Samsung’s most recent financial results, the company’s spokesman, Robert Yi, said that Samsung was working on a flexible display for its upcoming smartphones and tablets.

Surely all this is pie-in-the-sky stuff for Samsung, right? Wrong. Samsung hopes to introduce flexible displays to its smartphone lineup in as early as 2012Read More


Manufacturers Struggle to Make the iPad 3’s High Resolution Display

By Cody Lee on Oct 27, 2011

The iPad 2 was a fairly big upgrade from its predecessor. It’s twice as fast, includes a front and back camera, and is more portable than the original. For some reason, however, Apple neglected to change the tablet’s screen resolution. It stayed a dismal 1024 x 768.

But according to CNET, that won’t happen again. The site is reporting that Apple is ordering up the most pixel-packed display we’ve ever seen on a 10-inch tablet. The screens are so ridiculous in fact, that manufacturers are struggling to mass produce them… Read More


Apple and Others Gearing Up to Bring Curved Glass to Devices Next Year

By Sébastien Page on Sep 26, 2011

Flat glass panels are so 2011! That’s at least what smartphone manufacturers are thinking, according to this article from DigiTimes. It appears that the new trend among smartphone makers is going to be curved glass.

As usual, Apple is ahead of its game as the company reportedly invested in glass-cutting machines earlier this year to equip its reluctant assemblers to invest in this new and unproven technology… Read More


Apple Plans to Fight Fingerprints With a New Screen Coating

By Cody Lee on Aug 15, 2011

A new patent application surfaced last week that points to Apple’s extensive research regarding oleophobic coating. The ingredient is used to fight off skin oils, which cause fingerprints and smudges on touchscreen displays.

Apple originally introduced the coating back in 2009 on the iPhone 3GS, but this application describes a more efficient method for applying the material. Mix in the fact that the patent was just filed in February, and we could see Apple use this on their upcoming smartphone… Read More


‘iScreenSaver’ Reveals Your Wallpaper as Your Screen Dims

By Cody Lee on Jun 27, 2011

Dan Zimmerman’s latest entry into the TweakWeek daily challenge was uploaded yesterday. The jailbreak tweak is called iScreenSaver, and it puts a new spin on the old function.

Remember when custom screen savers on your desktop were cool? The effect never really made the transition to smart phones, as 3.5″ screens don’t typically need saving. But Zimmerman’s tweak isn’t your typical screen saver… Read More


4 Ways to Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

By Alex Heath on May 28, 2011

Are you suffering from poor battery life on your iPhone? Will your trusty smartphone no longer get you through the day on a single charge? How about even half a day?

Your iPhone’s battery could failing, but there are still ways to help maximize your battery life while you still can. We’ve collected four tips to help you squeeze the most juice out of your iPhone’s battery… Read More