iPhone 5 to Feature a Curved Glass Screen?

By Sébastien Page on May 23, 2011

According to DigiTimes, Apple is looking into introducing curved glass screens in future iPhones. The technology isn’t new, and Apple itself has been using this for their iPod Nano line for a while now, so they do have experience with the design and manufacturing process.

Because it is so expensive and risky to make curved glass screens, a lot of manufacturers simply don’t do it. Instead of relying on manufacturers for that, Apple, who’s sitting on a huge pile of cash, has been heavily investing in its own 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers… Read More


iPhone 4 Wins “Display of the Year” Award

By Alex Heath on May 19, 2011

We all love the iPhone 4′s brilliant retina display. When Apple introduced their ground-breaking, 640×960 display during the iPhone 4′s launch event, the rest of the mobile display market was left in the dust. After all, how can you compete with a screen that matches the same pixel density perceivable by the human eye?

Besides the obvious appeal to consumers, the retina display has also garnered Apple the “Display of the Year Gold Award” from The Society for Information DisplayRead More


Toshiba to Provide 720p Retina Display for Future iPhone?

By Guest Author on May 17, 2011

Around this time of year, next-generation iPhone rumors are usually coming left and right. According to a new report, Toshiba is building a 4-inch 720p Retina Display for Apple.

If you may recall, late last year Reuters reported that Apple and Toshiba were working together on a plant to make displays for iOS devices. Toshiba had announced that it would build a factory for 100 billion yen (about $1.2 billion) to produce future LCD panels.

Yesterday, Toshiba announced its next generation of mobile displays, which Toshiba will be showing off in LA this week. According to the press release, the mobile displays are sized from 3.3 inches to 4 inches, with resolutions from Wide VGA (480-by-864) to HD (720-by-1280).  Read More


New Case Suggests New Features for the iPhone 5

By Cody Lee on May 14, 2011

Next-generation iPhone rumors are like cute girls on an elevator; there’s always room for one more. With little known about Apple’s next smartphone, all we have to go on is the gossip.

The latest tidbit comes from GadgetsDNA, who have come across an “iPhone 5G” case on an online retailer’s website. Kulcase LTD makes cases for smartphones and apparently they can predict the future… Read More


ScreenSaver Gives Your iPhone… Well… You Get the Idea

By Cody Lee on Apr 26, 2011

It’s not real hard to figure out what an app called ScreenSaver does. The Cydia application has been making some noise around the web the last few days, so we figured we should mention it on iDB.

For those who don’t know, ScreenSaver takes .mov files stored in its Library folder and automatically plays them when the iPhone auto-locks itself. It sounds pretty cool, but does it really work as advertised? Read More


Is This What the iPhone 5 Will Look Like?

By Alex Heath on Apr 23, 2011

A new report from This is my next reveals some interesting rumors about the iPhone 5. According to Joshua Topolsky (the former editor-in-chief of Engadget), the iPhone 5 will in fact be a significant redesign of the current iPhone 4.

Topolsky doesn’t cite specific sources, but he claims that the iPhone 5 will have a design very similar to that of the fourth-generation iPod touch. Engadget originally said that the iPhone 5 would be a major evolution of the iPhone 4, and this report from This is my next corroborates that claim. Read More


Alleged iPhone 5 Cases Point to iPhone 4 Design With Larger Screen

By Alex Heath on Mar 16, 2011

Some new cases have surfaced on Alibaba that claim to be designed for Apple’s unreleased and unannounced iPhone 5. These iPhone 5 case listings, alongside similar designs from Hard Mac, point to an iPhone 5 design that is very similar to the iPhone 4′s.

If these cases are legitimate, the iPhone 5 will not be as significant of a redesign as speculation assumed. However, it is also noted that these cases lend credence to a slightly larger screen…

Read More


Wanna See What a 4-Inch Display Would Look Like on an iPhone 5?

By Sébastien Page on Feb 15, 2011

Earlier today we reported there were rumors going around the web claiming that the iPhone 5 might come with a 4-inch screen, increasing from the current 3.5-inch display. When I first read about that, I really wondered what it could look like. Then the fine folks at 9to5Mac came up with a mockup of a 4-inch display applied to the iPhone 4 hardware.

The result as you can see is not very pretty. The screen goes all the way to the edge and the size of the home button has to be reduced to fit. Following rumors from last month, Apple could even go as far as removing the home button altogether… Read More


Toshiba And Apple Reach Agreement For iPhone LCD Displays – iPhone 6, Anyone?

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 14, 2010

We’ve heard the rumblings about the supply problems stemming out of Apple’s current relationship with LG, the South Korean firm that currently supplies the iPhone LCD screens.

In a move that will likely give Apple more control over supply, Toshiba has announced that it will build a factory for 100 billion yen to produce future LCD panels. That’s a lot of money, about 1.2 billion in US dollars, which will certainly put Toshiba in the drivers seat when it comes to supplying screens for the iPhone.

Production isn’t scheduled to start until Q3 2011, so it’s entirely possible that these new screens could be used for the inevitable iPhone 6…

Read More


An iPhone Screen Seen Through Oil And Water

By Alex Heath on Nov 26, 2010

There have been plenty of weird things done to the iPhone. It’s even been turned into a stun gun. A recent video of an iPhone’s screen through an interesting perspective has surfaced.

This particular video is mesmerizing to watch. A photographer, named Jesse Zanzinger, recently shot a very creative video of his iPhone’s screen through a oil and water…

Read More


This is What Heat Will Do to Your iPhone

By Sébastien Page on Oct 23, 2010

Last week while at Blog World Expo in Vegas I met comedian and film maker Mark Malkoff. We were chitchatting when he picked up his iPhone, made a quick call and put the phone on the table. I looked at it and couldn’t help saying “damn, what happened to your iPhone?”

Mark said he had actually done nothing special and that his screen had cracked apparently because it was too hot. Mark lives in NY and I know it can be very hot sometimes there, but heck, that was the first time I saw an iPhone screen cracking because it was too hot outside… Read More


Find My iPhone Leads Police to Another Stupid Criminal

By Guest Author on Sep 6, 2010

What is it lately with stupid criminals and the iPhone? This week alone iDB reported that a man left his device at the scene of robbery and another instance of a woman texting about her crimes from her beloved phone.

Today’s entry comes from my home state of Wisconsin. Madison police report that 19 year old Jamal Jackson heisted two iPhones from the local West Town Mall in the capital city. Both phones were armed with Apple’s MobileMe feature of Find My iPhone which led Jackson to be tracked to a nearby PDQ convenience store where he apparently stopped his van to gas up… Read More


Breaking News: The iPhone 4 is Not Unbreakable

By Sébastien Page on Jun 24, 2010

After yesterday’s report that the iPhone 4 is indeed not as scratch resistant as Apple would like you to believe, here is a new proof that the iPhone 4 screen can break.

Well, duh! Of course the screen can break if you deliberately drop it 4 times in a row. Does it really take a genius to figure this one out?

This doesn’t really prove anything to me. Like any other cellphone, the iPhone screen is subject to scratches and shattering.

What do you think?


Ultradurable Glass of the iPhone 4 Not So Scratch Resistant After All

By Sébastien Page on Jun 23, 2010

Apple has been praising the aerospace-grade glass of the new iPhone 4 since it was introduced. According to Cupertino, the new iPhone screen is “chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic”.

Gdgt editor Ryan Block just posted this picture to his Twitter account. Seems that “30 times harder than plastic” is not scratch-resistant enough though. It looks like this Invisible Shield for iPhone 4 might be a good solution after all…


Is the iPhone 4 Screen Really Better? Heck Yes!

By Sébastien Page on Jun 14, 2010

There’s been quite a bit of controversy about the now infamous iPhone 4 retina display. In short, Apple makes some claims about the new display that are disputed by industry experts.

Like Patrick Beja says, the claims and controversy doesn’t really matters in the end. What really matters is to know whether the new iPhone 4 screen is better than the iPhone 3GS or not.

To put an end to the debate, Scoble posted pictures of both displays. You be the judge. I think it’s pretty clear and obvious that the iPhone 4 has a better screen, but that’s not really surprising. After all, the iPhone 4 is a newer device and I can’t see why the screen display wouldn’t be as good or even better than the iPhone 3GS’.

Your thoughts?

[via Patrick Beja]


Invisible Shield for iPhone 4 Now Available

By Sébastien Page on Jun 9, 2010

The new iPhone 4 isn’t even out yet that screen protection is already available for it. Zagg was quick to update its product line with a new Invisible Shield for iPhone 4.

Yesterday I wrote an article in which I was mentioning the iPhone 4 will probably cost more in screen protection since it is covered with glass on the front and the back. I’m not big on screen protection but for testing the Invisible Shield in the past on my 3GS, I can tell it’s great quality products.

Invisible Shield is so tough that Zagg backs it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, they will replace it for free, for the life of your device.

If you feel like you’re going to need protection for your iPhone 4, click here to learn more about Invisible Shield for iPhone 4.


iPhone 4 Likely to Cost Twice the Price in Screen Protection

By Sébastien Page on Jun 8, 2010

Part of the iPhone 4 presentation yesterday was the fact that both the front and the back of the iPhone will be made of glass. When I heard the news, I thought to myself “wow, it’s gonna look so nice”. Then a few seconds later my mind went a different way and I started to realize that with the iPhone 4, I’ll have twice the trouble of protecting the screen.

I’m not big into screen protection. Products such as the Invisible Shield do a great job at protecting the iPhone but I like my iPhone naked. No case, no screen protector.

Things might change with the iPhone 4.

Apple’s description of their new engineered glass is however quite reassuring:

All the breakthrough technology in iPhone 4 is situated between two glossy panels of aluminosilicate glass — the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever. It’s also recyclable.

But will this be enough to protect the back of the phone against time? I really doubt it.

On top of worrying about protecting the front, you now will have to worry about shattering the front AND the back of your iPhone should you accidentally drop it.

I won’t change my mind. I won’t apply a screen protector but I know I’ll be twice as careful with the 4 as I was with my 3G.

What about you? Will you stick your iPhone 4 in a case or under a screen protector?


10 Year Old Kid Fixes Cracked iPhone Screen in 40 Minutes for $22

By Sébastien Page on May 28, 2010

If you ever cracked the screen of your iPhone, you faced 2 options. You could either pay $200 to have it fixed, or you could fix it yourself. Not sure you can do it yourself? Then check out this 10 year old kid who fixed his dad’s cracked iPhone screen in under 40 minutes, all this at the ridiculous amount of $21.95.

To make you feel better, the kid comes from a geeky family. Still, it’s a nice performance!

More pictures on Cnet.


So Long iPhone Screen Protectors and Thanks for Nothing

By Guest Author on Mar 29, 2010

We’ve learned from iLounge that Apple is pulling the plug and banning the sale of film based screen protectors and removing them from their retail and online store fronts. This includes all stand-alone screen protectors as well as film-based screen protectors that come as part of a package.  The ban will affect all iDevices ranging from the iPod Touch to the new iPad due out early April 2010.

iPhone screens are made of durable glass that nearly impossible to scratch. This move comes as no surprise but it should make one wonder why Apple decided to sell these screen protectors in the first place.

Most screen protectors are nearly impossible to install and, with time, collects dirt around the edges. Not to mention the cost. Most of these screen protectors are $20 or more, depending on where you go; online markets are usually cheaper.

Just because Apple has banned film based screen protectors from the retail outlets, we are not completely without screen protectors. Film based screen protectors will still be available at 3rd party stores such as Best Buy, Fry’s or other electronic superstores. Odds are you’ll find them cheaper at an electronic superstore too.

Since the purchase of my iPhone [3GS] last July, I have invested roughly $100 on different screen protectors in hopes of finding the perfect one. Today, I swear by not using screen protectors since the iPhone screen has proven itself to be very durable and nearly scratch resistant. I do have a small scratch towards the bottom right corner but it’s nearly unnoticable except when screen is black. I can even recount how it happened and, to this day, I am still amazed the scratch is as small as it is.

Do you use a screen protector? If so, will this move affect the future of your iDevices? Please share you opinion.


Apple and Starbucks – Honeymoon Over?

By Guest Author on Oct 5, 2008

Something is going on between Apple and Starbucks. For a while, it seemed that they seemed to be getting closer, but now I think there might be trouble in paradise.

The Starbucks Icon in the iTunes WIFI store seems to be broken. For those of you who haven’t tried this feature, you get an extra Starbucks icon in iTunes whenever you are in a participating Starbucks.  When I first got my iPhone, I went to a Starbucks and tried it out.  The Starbucks page showed me the name of the Currently Playing song, a history of the last songs played, and links to find out more about the Song and Artists, and links to buy these songs in the iTunes WIFI store.

Users are reporting in many support forums and discussions that instead of seeing the Now Playing Starbucks screen when they touch the Starbucks Icon in iTunes WIFI Store, they see a never ending “Loading…” Screen.

Apple not only seems to be ignoring these threads, they seem to even be trying to remove Starbucks References on their Web pages. Even the links to the Starbucks agreement on Apple.com are no longer there (www.apple.com/itunes/starbucks) and reroute you here instead. A search on “Starbucks” on the Apple site shows you the preferred link to iTunes WIFI store, but takes you back to the same place as before. In fact if say “View All Search Results” after searching on the Apple page, all four top links take your right back to the same place. It’s as if they had removed references to Starbucks from everywhere but their support forum.

And there are lot of links there. All where people are saying that instead of getting a Starbucks page in the iTunes Store, their iPhone is just showing a screen with the word “Loading…” that goes on and on.

There are many other forums out there with people talking about this problem.  So far, I haven’t seen a published work-around or response from Apple.

After my first upgrade to 2.0.1, it stopped working. Each time I go into Starbucks now the endless “Loading…” screen.   Every 30 seconds or so I see a flash of the screen that is supposed to be showing, but it quickly goes right back to “Loading…” again.

I have been trying to pin point the issue. I have read that the older iTouch’s don’t seem to have this problem, but I have tested on both the iPhone 3G and the iTouch 2G and they both have the same issue.

Talking to support on both sides of this is getting me nowhere. Support on both sides of this issue don’t seem to be aware of the feature, never mind the problem. I talked to the Manager at the local Starbucks and they had no idea that the feature was even available. They had a “guy” that they used to fix their network problems, but he only came in when they called him. They seemed to think it was a non-issue and I could tell fixing this wasn’t there first priority.   So I called the Starbucks customer support and they said that it was an iPhone issue, not a Starbucks issue. They said they would talk to the local manager of my Starbucks and have them see what they could do. The follow up phone call I was promised never happened.

So then I tried calling Apple support.  At first, they too were confused about the feature even existing.  After explaining it to the Customer Support rep, they switched me to the iTunes Support group. This person said that it was a known problem and had to do with the way the network was configured at the Starbucks.  They sent me some links and encouraged me to go back to the Starbucks and get the Network Administrator to call Apple. I printed out the links (which really said nothing much) and tried again with the Starbucks. No Joy! This was about two weeks ago and it still is saying “Loading” each time I go.

Anyone else have any experiences to report on this? Please let us hear about it.