New report calls for 8MP camera in both iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

By Cody Lee on Oct 2, 2013

Get ready, it looks like iPad-wielding picture-takers are about to multiply. According to a new report, Apple is going to beef up the iSight cameras in both its fifth generation iPad and second generation iPad mini this year.

Highly regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sent out a note to investors this afternoon, claiming that the two tablets—which are expected to be unveiled later this month—will feature 8-megapixel shooters with larger apertures… Read More


Retina iPad mini could face severe supply constraints

By Cody Lee on Oct 2, 2013

Despite the fact that we’ve seen conflicting reports on the topic, the consensus seems to be that Apple is working on an iPad mini with a high resolution display. And it’s expected to introduce the tablet at a media event this month.

According to a new scoop from Reuters, however, even if such a product is unveiled in the near future, it may be a while before you can get your hands on one. The outlet says initial supplies for the slate will be severely constrained… Read More


New photos show alleged gold iPad mini 2 with Touch ID Home button

By Cody Lee on Sep 27, 2013

While it’s still unclear if the next-gen iPad mini will sport a Retina display, it seems that it will feature a Touch ID Home button and gold color option. That is, if this pair of leaked photos showing the alleged tablet are to be believed.

The above image, and one we’ve posted right after the break, surfaced on Chinese site DoNews this morning. And as you can see, they show what appears to be a 7.9-inch iPad with a gold-colored shell and Apple’s new fingerprint sensor… Read More


New report claims Retina iPad mini may not ship alongside iPad 5

By Cody Lee on Sep 27, 2013

Apple may not be planning to release an iPad mini with Retina display alongside its next-gen iPad 5 next month, according to a new report, which claims that there’s little supply chain evidence suggesting otherwise.

The news comes from market research firm IHS iSuppi, who is reporting that while the iPad 5 looks to be on track for its expected October launch, manufacturing volumes for the Retina mini point toward a 2014 debut… Read More


Hi-res photos of alleged ‘Space Gray’ iPad 5 shell surface

By Cody Lee on Sep 25, 2013

With the new iPhones now unveiled and shipping, the rumor mill’s attention of course turns to Apple’s tablet lines. It’s widely believed that we’ll see a media event for a new iPad and iPad mini next month.

And as with the new iPhones, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The new mini is said to look a lot like its predecessor, with a Retina display, and the new full-sized iPad should look like, well, this… Read More


Apple reportedly moving forward with larger iPad

By Cody Lee on Sep 25, 2013

The first time we heard that Apple was working on a 12+ inch iPad, we dismissed it as a crazy rumor. Why on earth would the company want to go larger than its current 9.7-inch tablet, which already seems to be getting eclipsed by the 7.9-inch mini?

But the more you hear a rumor, the harder it gets to ignore. And tonight, for the third time, a report has surfaced claiming that Apple is indeed moving forward with plans for this larger iPad, and it has already tapped Quanta Computer to produce it… Read More


BlackBerry Messenger to reportedly hit the App Store September 21 [updated]

By Cody Lee on Sep 18, 2013

Folks looking forward to the release of BlackBerry’s Messenger app on iOS will be happy to hear that the long wait may almost be over. A new report suggests that BBM will hit the App Store this Saturday, September 21.

BlackBerry first announced that its popular messenger app would be landing on iOS and Android back in May. And earlier this month, one of its developers confirmed on Twitter that it had been submitted to Apple for review… Read More


Alleged iPhone 5S spotted with China Compulsary Certificate markings

By Cody Lee on Sep 7, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Apple’s upcoming iPhone plans for China. The company is expected to unveil two new handsets next week, the 5S and the 5C, and rumor has it that it just inked a deal with the country’s largest carrier.

So as you can imagine, that makes this next iPhone 5S shell leak rather interesting. Because while we’ve already seen a number of photos and videos of the handset’s rear casing, this particular one has China Compulsory Certificate markings… Read More


Apple updates apps with support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. Wait, what?

By Cody Lee on Sep 7, 2013

Apple posted tiny updates for a number of its apps this week, including iMovie, iPhoto, Pages and more. And while the updates themselves seem insignificant—most of their change logs read “addresses compatibility issues”—they may not be.

It’s been discovered that all of these apps, and several others from third party developers, now show that they’ve been “optimized for iPhone 6″ in their Compatibility sections on the App Store. Does this mean the iPhone 5S is actually the iPhone 6?

Update: as noted by several commenters below, it appears that Apple either has a major glitch in its iTunes backend, or is totally trolling us. Users are seeing “optimized for iPhone 6, 7″ and so on, depending on their region. We have updated the title of the post to reflect this.

Read More


Analyst sees Apple launching iPhone with a 4.5 to 5-inch display next year

By Cody Lee on Sep 7, 2013

Thursday afternoon, The Wall Street Journal released a story claiming that Apple has begun testing different display sizes for future iPhone models. The outlet said that the company is experimenting with screens between 4.8 to 6-inches.

The report was The Journal’s second on the topic in as many months, leading many to believe that there really might be some truth to these plus-sized iPhone rumors. And today, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has thrown his hat into the ring… Read More


WSJ: China Mobile to offer less-expensive iPhone this fall

By Cody Lee on Sep 6, 2013

China Mobile will be offering at least one of Apple’s new iPhones this fall, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal’s Ian Sherr. The news comes after several years of off-and-on negotiations between the companies.

Sherr claims that sources have confirmed with the news outlet that Apple is preparing to ship iPhones to the carrier, indicating that the Mac-maker has finally reached a long-awaited deal with the world’s largest wireless provider… Read More


WSJ: Apple testing larger iPhone displays of up to 6 inches

By Cody Lee on Sep 5, 2013

Apple is currently testing iPhone screens as large as six inches, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. The news comes as many of the company’s competitors are releasing handsets with 5 and 6 inch displays—the new Note 3 measures in at 5.7.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Apple is toying with the idea of making a larger iPhone. In fact, The Journal told a similar story in mid-July. So it seems that while the bigger displays are not expected to debut on this year’s model, they are on the way… Read More


Rumor: Apple to release A7X-based iPad and iPad mini this year, lower-cost A6 mini in 2014

By Cody Lee on Sep 5, 2013

The oft-accurate Apple analyst has spoken again. KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo came down off of his proverbial mountain last night and sent out a letter to investors with some predictions regarding Apple’s iPad plans for the end of this year, and the beginning of next.

Kuo, who as we’ve said before has a solid track record in predicting Apple’s product plans, says that he believes we’ll see two new tablets from the company this year: a fifth-generation iPad and a second-generation iPad mini. And both of them will have an A7X chipset… Read More


New video compares alleged next-gen iPad mini shell to iPad 5, current mini

By Cody Lee on Sep 4, 2013

We must be getting close to an iPad refresh, because the leaks are becoming more and more prevalent. Hot on the heels of the video that surfaced this morning of an alleged iPad 5 shell, comes a similar clip showcasing a second generation iPad mini.

The clip comes from the same source as the first video, and it claims to show the shell of a next-gen iPad mini along with an iPad 5 shell and current mini for comparison. The two 7.9-inch tablets look very similar, but there’s one notable difference… Read More


Canadian carrier Telus to discontinue some iPhone 5 Models on September 28

By Cody Lee on Sep 4, 2013

With Apple widely expected to unveil two new iPhones next week, folks have been wondering what’s going to happen to the current iPhone 5. Apple typically keeps previous models around to sell at a discount, but it may not have to with a lower-cost ’5C’ in the lineup.

In fact, some pundits believe that Apple is going to discontinue the iPhone 5 later this month. And today comes purported evidence of that theory, with a leaked carrier inventory screenshot showing multiple current-gen iPhones being discontinued on September 28… Read More


Alleged iPad 5 casing compared to current model in new video

By Cody Lee on Sep 4, 2013

With Apple’s September 10 event now less than a week away, all of the tech world’s attention has turned to the next generation iPhones. It’s believed that we’ll see two of them next week: an updated iPhone 5S, and an all-new budget iPhone 5C.

But let’s not forget that these aren’t the only new products in Apple’s pipeline. The company also has updated iPads in the wings, which are expected to be unveiled in October. And one of them, said to be the iPad 5, was just caught on tape… Read More


Leaked shipping records suggest new Apple TV coming soon

By Cody Lee on Sep 4, 2013

Apple made it official yesterday. It will be holding a media event on September 10 where it is expected to unveil two new iPhones and the final version of iOS 7. But are smartphones all that’s on the docket for next week’s event? Perhaps not.

As it turns out, Apple may be planning to unveil a new Apple TV, or similar television-related product at the upcoming presser. A new report shows the company accepted three shipments last month labeled “Set Top Boxes” from a top supplier…

Read More


New iPhone models begin arriving in the US ahead of September 10 media event

By Cody Lee on Sep 3, 2013

Apple made its long-rumored September 10 media event official this morning, as it sent out a number of invites to the presser. It’s widely believed that the company will use the event to unveil not one, but two new smartphones.

And according to a new report, those smartphones have already begun shipping to the US. Citing a reliable source, MacRumors claims that Apple has begun stockpiling both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C in various channels… Read More


Is this Samsung’s new smartwatch?

By Cody Lee on Sep 2, 2013

It appears that Samsung is going to beat Apple to the wearable tech space this week. The company has an ‘Unpacked’ media event scheduled for Wednesday, September 4, where it’s widely presumed to unveil a new smartwatch.

Now, this category is still fairly new, so we really don’t know what to expect to see on Wednesday. But if these images from VentureBeat are legitimate, Samsung’s Galaxy watch will feature a 3-inch display and a chunky design… Read More


Images of alleged iPhone 5C packaging and manual hit the web

By Cody Lee on Sep 2, 2013

A new image surfaced online this weekend, claiming to depict a dozen iPhone 5C units in their retail packaging. The phone, which is believed to be Apple’s long-rumored budget iPhone, is shown in a transparent box similar to that of the iPod touch.

The image was accompanied by two other photos, which also claim to show 5C packaging material. If legitimate, they offer a sneak peek at the handset’s user manual, including a device diagram and legal information, and its SIM card ejection tool… Read More

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