Apple again reported to be working on iPhones with 4.7 and 5.7-inch displays

By Cody Lee on Jan 5, 2014

Since just before Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s last September, we’ve been hearing rumors that the company’s eighth-generation handset is going to feature a larger display. Reports are calling for sizes from 4.8-inches all the way up to 6-inches.

But there’s also another theory—first started by Reuters last June—going around that Apple is working on two larger screen iPhone models: one with a 4.7-inch display and one with a 5.7-inch display. And a new report out of China adds to the mix… Read More


Apple reportedly acquires burst photo app-maker SnappyLabs

By Cody Lee on Jan 5, 2014

Apple has reportedly acquired app developer SnappyLabs, the one-man photo technology startup behind the app SnappyCam. For those unfamiliar with the title, it was a popular camera app that allowed users to take full-resolution pictures at 20 to 30 frames per second.

SnappyCam mysteriously disappeared from the App Store, shortly after founder John Papandriopoulos announced that he had achieved a breakthrough with “discrete cosine transform JPG science.” He essentially reinvented the JPG image format, and word has it Apple wanted in… Read More


Corning says it’s ready to produce ’3D-shaped’ Gorilla Glass

By Cody Lee on Jan 4, 2014

New York-based glass manufacturer Corning announced yesterday the manufacturing readiness of its new 3D glass-forming technology to shape its patented Gorilla Glass, which has been used in a number of mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.

The company says it’s targeting commercialization of finished 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass parts this year that will “expand the possibilities” for industrial designers. And of course, this has led to speculation that it’s preparing for future wearable devices… Read More


Apple reportedly targeting fall launch for new 12-inch iPad

By Cody Lee on Jan 3, 2014

The 12-inch iPad is real, in the opinion of Evercore’s Patrick Wang, and it’s going to hit the market sometime this fall. The analyst published a research note yesterday claiming that his supply chain sources have confirmed the existence of the larger tablet.

According to Wang’s sources, Apple is looking to launch the 12-inch iPad in the second half of this year. The “hybrid” device will be targeted at enterprise users and likely feature a new (possibly quad-core) A8 processor, increased storage and other upgrades… Read More


Apple’s ‘Rockstar Consortium’ considering Nortel patent sale

By Cody Lee on Dec 24, 2013

In 2011, Apple teamed up with a number of tech companies including Microsoft and BlackBerry to form what many called the ‘Rockstar consortium’ to purchase a collection of over 4,000 patents from Nortel, a communications company that went bankrupt in 2009.

Bloomberg is now reporting that the consortium is currently holding discussion regarding a potential sale of a portion of the patents—which it paid in upwards of $4.5 billion for—after several attempts to land large licensing deals from other companies have failed… Read More


New report suggests iOS 7.1 may not be released until March

By Cody Lee on Dec 23, 2013

Following the release of iOS 7.1 beta 2 to developers last week, BGR is reporting that Apple has seeded a new build of the software update to carrier partners. It’s unclear when Apple will push the new beta to devs, but the site says a public release is still months away.

Citing a ‘trusted source,’ BGR’s Jonathan Geller reports that Apple plans to rollout iOS 7.1 in March of next year. That means we’re still a roughly 3 months out, and that the update would’ve been in testing for more than 4 months—a fairly long time for a ‘.1′ release… Read More


Apple believed to have acquired mapping firm BroadMap, note-taking app Catch

By Cody Lee on Dec 23, 2013

During Apple’s latest earnings call, Tim Cook noted that the company made 15 ‘strategic acquisitions’ during its fiscal 2013. But out of those 15 purchases, we’ve only heard about 9 or 10 of them, begging the question: who else did Apple buy this year?

Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac has a pretty good theory about at least two of them. Citing sources inside Apple, as well as evidence from LinkedIn and other sites, Gurman is reporting that Apple also acquired mapping firm BroadMap and Catch this year… Read More


WSJ: Sprint looking to acquire T-Mobile USA

By Cody Lee on Dec 13, 2013

The Wall Street Journal is reporting this afternoon that Sprint is working on a potential T-Mobile USA purchase. The carrier is said to be looking into regulatory concerns right now, and a bid in upwards of $20 billion could come in early 2014.

A merger of these two wireless providers would be significant for a few reasons. For one, it would leave just 3 major competing carriers in the US. And two, Sprint and T-Mobile have a combined subscriber base close to that of AT&T and Verizon… Read More


iOS 7.1 expected to unlock ‘iOS in the Car’ feature

By Cody Lee on Dec 13, 2013

One of the big iOS 7 features Apple showed off during its WWDC event in June was called iOS in the Car. The feature allows for deeper integration between iOS devices and vehicles, enabling users to view iOS apps on factory in-dash displays.

Until now, the feature has not been available, but it looks like the upcoming iOS 7.1 update will change that. Earlier today, Apple seeded the second beta of the firmware to developers, and it includes a new Settings on/off toggle for a Car Display… Read More


Post-Apple, Scott Forstall said to be traveling abroad, advising startups

By Cody Lee on Dec 9, 2013

Ex-Wall Street Journal tech reporter Jessica Lessin recently launched a new technology news site called The Information. The site promises to provide the inside scoop on technology news and trends, and thus far it’s made good on that.

Today the site is out with a report that helps answer the frequently-asked question: “what has Scott Forstall been up to since he was ousted from Apple last fall?” The former iOS Chief has been extremely quiet since he left the company… Read More


Time Warner Cable app could finally land on Apple TV this week

By Cody Lee on Dec 9, 2013

Time Warner Cable’s Rob Marcus announced this morning that the company plans to add another platform to the list of those that can access the TWC TV app this week. The app enables TWC subscribers to stream live channels and watch videos on demand.

Now, he didn’t say which platform it is exactly, but given that the app is already available on Roku, Xbox 360, and various smart TVs and mobile devices, there aren’t many options left. And this of course has led to speculation that it’s finally coming to Apple TVRead More


Spotify reportedly planning to introduce free mobile music service

By Cody Lee on Dec 6, 2013

Spotify is reportedly planning to launch a free mobile music service. According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, the Sweden-based company has reached licensing deals with all three of the global music companies to use their recordings.

Spotify currently offers a free service for desktop and laptop computers, and offers a Pandora-like radio feature via its mobile app. But this new service would allow smartphone and tablet users to play a limited number of songs on-demand, with ads… Read More


German retailer begins taking Mac Pro pre-orders

By Cody Lee on Dec 4, 2013

During its October iPad event, Apple confirmed that its redesigned Mac Pro would be available in December, but it wouldn’t get any more specific than that. The month has already started, so technically, we could see it any day now.

But according to German retailer Conrad Electronic, we still have about two weeks before we see the highly anticipated desktop. Conrad has begun taking pre-orders for the computer, and says it’s officially launching on December 16… Read More


Photos claim to show Apple prototype of crocs-style iPhone 5s case

By Cody Lee on Dec 4, 2013

Apple caused quite a bit of commotion this September when it unveiled two new custom cases for its two new iPhone models. The 5s case is boring for the most part, made of leather, but the 5c case and its crocs-like design drew a number of oohs and aahs.

In our review, we praised the case for its construction, but questioned the placement of the rear holes as they let part of the ‘iPhone’ label show through. Well interestingly enough, a new report claims Apple was working on a crocs-like case for the 5s as well… Read More


New panels from AU Optronics may hint at upcoming 4K Apple displays

By Cody Lee on Nov 26, 2013

The new Mac Pro, which Apple first introduced at WWDC, is capable of driving up to 3 4K displays simultaneously. This is something the company has mentioned several times, leading to speculation that it has a 4K-flavored display on the way.

Although such a product hasn’t materialized yet, some new evidence has surfaced this week that could indicate it’s still on the way. Apparently, Apple supplier AUO is currently making 27-inch and 33-inch 4K thunderbolt-compatible display panels… Read More


Apple reportedly closes PrimeSense deal for as much as $350 million [updated]

By Cody Lee on Nov 24, 2013

A week ago, a report surfaced from Israeli news outlet Calcalist claiming that Apple had reached an acquisition deal with the 3D sensor tech company PrimeSense. The purchase wasn’t final, but the outlet seemed pretty confident it was close.

Today, Globes adds it weight to the story with its own report. Thepublication—who has a solid track record of providing accurate intel regarding high-level buyout talks—says the deal was completed Friday and will be announced next week… Read More


China Mobile expected to launch iPhone December 18

By Cody Lee on Nov 21, 2013

After years of negotiations and several months of rumors, it looks like China Mobile is finally going to land the iPhone next month. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the carrier is expected to announce the “new brand” for mobile services on December 18.

Apple and China Mobile have long been reported to be in partnership discussions, and Tim Cook has been seen at the company’s headquarters in Beijing multiple times. But for whatever reason, the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement. Until now… Read More


Apple reportedly shaking up supply chain to preserve more profits

By Cody Lee on Nov 20, 2013

Apple has long been known for its supply chain prowess, mostly thanks to one man: Tim Cook. Before taking over the CEO position in 2011, Cook was the company’s chief operating officer and oversaw a number of successful product rollouts that garnered impressive profits.

But according to a new report, the iPad-maker isn’t resting on its laurels. Apple is apparently adjusting its supply chain model from having OEMs being responsible for both component procurement and production, to purely production, as it moves to raise its product margins… Read More


Apple reportedly purchases PrimeSense, the 3D sensor tech company behind the original Microsoft Kinect technology

By Cody Lee on Nov 17, 2013

Apple has reportedly purchased PrimeSense, an Israeli-based 3D sensor technology company, for $345 million. Rumors of the acquisition surfaced earlier this year, but Israeli news outlet Calcalist says the deal is now done, and Apple plans to announce it within the next few weeks.

PrimeSense is best known to most folks for its work with Microsoft, who used its technology, chips, and designs inside the first Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360. But the company sells its own 3D sensors and software for use in other markets such as as TV, mobile, retail, and robotics… Read More


Apple looks to Samsung as LG Display, Sharp struggle to make mini Retina panels

By Cody Lee on Nov 1, 2013

It looks like Apple’s Retina iPad mini production problems are worse than we thought. According to a new report, both LG Display and Sharp are having so much trouble mass-producing the hi-res panels for the tablet that the company has been forced to turn to rival Samsung for help… Read More

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