Expert says the new iPad causes less eye strain than its predecessors

By Oliver Haslam on Mar 19, 2012

The biggest change in Apple’s new iPad is undoubtedly that Retina display. Cramming all those extra pixels into the same size screen is certainly a feat of engineering, but Apple didn’t do it just because it can.

As anyone with a new iPad in front of them, or an iPhone 4/4S for that matter, will have to admit, having a Retina display makes the screen almost look like a magazine. It’s impossible sharp, mesmerisingly clear.

According to one Optometrist and the editor of All About Vision, those extra pixels also help to reduce eye strain, too… Read More


Sharp to begin cranking out Retina displays of its own

By Oliver Haslam on Mar 19, 2012

A new report out of the Wall Street Journal claims that Sharp is closer than ever to being able to ramp up production of Retina displays for Apple’s new iPad.

Current shipping iPads feature Retina display panels manufactured by, ironically enough, Samsung, with both Sharp and LG supposedly set to join the fray sooner rather than later.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that Sharp may be the first to offer backup for Samsung, with mass production set to be underway “as soon as possible,” according to a source… Read More


iPad’s Retina display put under a microscope

By Jake Smith on Mar 16, 2012

Perhaps the highlight feature of the new iPad is its Retina display. And folks I’m not kidding, the Retina display is absolutely gorgeous. It features more pixels than your 1080p HDTV, leaving it to be clearest tablet display that is currently on the market. The Retina display boasts a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which contains a whopping 3.1 million pixels. The eye can’t even single the pixels out.

We’ve already shown you the iPad 2 and iPad 3’s display shown off side-by-side, and it’s obvious which one is better. Our test was pretty unscientific, but hey, it worked. However, software engineer Lukas Mathias put both the iPad 2 and new iPad’s display under a microscope, to take a look at the total pixel count, giving us a better look… Read More


The new iPad vs iPad 2 pixel density test

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 16, 2012

We’ve managed to get our hands on the new iPad ahead of tomorrow’s official launch, and we’re taking advantage of it by publishing a wide range of hands-on videos and comparison tests with its predecessor.

Next up in our head-to-head matchup is the new iPad’s Retina display vs. the screen of the iPad 2. Since the biggest selling point of the new tablet is obviously its screen, we wanted to see if it lived up to the hype… Read More


Apps optimized for the new iPad Retina display

By Sébastien Page on Mar 15, 2012

Your new iPad just arrived or you picked one up at your local Apple Store earlier today and you already want to take advantage of those 3 million pixels that are packed into this beautiful screen. Don’t worry, Apple’s got you covered.

The company has created a new section in the App Store called “great apps for the new iPad,” which is entirely devoted to apps that have been optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display. We list all of them below… Read More


LG Display also tapped as panel supplier for new iPad

By Cody Lee on Mar 14, 2012

Yesterday, we reported that Samsung was the sole manufacturer of the Retina displays Apple is using in its new iPad. Although Sharp and LG were expected to be the main panel suppliers for the tablet, word is that they couldn’t meet Apple’s tough QC standards.

But it appears that this may not be the case — at least for LG anyways. Reuters is reporting today that it has heard from an anonymous source that LG Display is also filling Retina display panel orders for the new iPad… Read More


Samsung official says iPad Mini to feature Samsung display

By Jake Smith on Mar 13, 2012

The iPad Mini has been in the rumor mill for quite a while, and we’ve heard some pretty interesting things about the 7-inch tablet. Yesterday, a report was published saying the smaller version of the iPad will feature a slim bezel display that may allow for a larger viewing area.

Today we got word that Samsung is the exclusive supplier of the Retina display for the third-generation iPad. We’re also hearing out of the Korea Times, that a Samsung official told the publication that Apple will release a 7.85-inch iPad by the end of the year, using Samsung’s displays… Read More


Ironically, the new iPad Retina display is made by Samsung

By Cody Lee on Mar 13, 2012

In the months leading up to the unveiling of the new iPad, the rumor mill seemed pretty confident that the tablet would be getting a high resolution Retina display. But we weren’t quite sure who was going to be making them.

There was a lot of speculation regarding Sharp as a possible manufacturer. And the same with LG. But according to a new report from Bloomberg, the sole display-maker for the new iPad has been none other than Samsung… Read More


Conan mocks the new iPad Retina display

By Sébastien Page on Mar 12, 2012

I’m really, really not a fan of Conan but I have to say his latest spoof ad for the new iPad Retina display is quite funny, and pretty much spot on.


Watch the “Infinity Blade: Dungeons” teaser for iPad Retina display

By Sébastien Page on Mar 7, 2012

This was developed exclusively for the new iPad Retina display. Looks good, don’t you think?


Apple shows off the iPad 3 Retina display

By Sébastien Page on Mar 7, 2012

Among the seemingly hundreds of contradicting iPad 3 reports we’ve heard over the past few months, one piece of gossip in particular has held true: the Retina display. And like so many of the other rumors, this one materialized today.

Apple just unveiled its new tablet, the iPad 3, complete with a staggering 2048 x 1536 resolutions. Simply put, this means the screen of the new tablet contains roughly 4x more pixels than its predecessor… Read More


Here is what games will look like on a Retina display iPad

By Jake Smith on Mar 1, 2012

A Retina display seems almost confirmed to be featured on the iPad 3, as more rumors and pictures have popped up over the past few weeks. A Retina display on the iPad 3 will be of astonishing quality. Just look at your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S screen’s quality, and then picture it on the iPad. Just wow.

The guys over at Pixels on Toast have already started getting their upcoming game Food Run ready for the 2048×1536 resolution. In doing so, they have showed us what a game running on that high quality of screen looks like. And it looks amazing… Read More


Rumor: images leaked of the iPad 3’s Retina display in production

By Cody Lee on Feb 19, 2012

We know, these iPad 3 rumors are starting to get a bit ridiculous. In the last two days we’ve seen images of the purported tablet, and learned that its processor may (or may not) be called the A5X.

Now 9to5Mac is reporting that it has come across photos of what appears to be an iPad 3 Retina display production line. The images were uncovered on a Chinese forum along with some interesting details regarding the tablet… Read More


iPad 3 Retina Display confirmed

By Cody Lee on Feb 17, 2012

After months of speculation, it appears that it has now been confirmed that Apple’s next tablet will feature a Retina display.

The confirmation comes from the folks over at MacRumors, who have just gotten their hands on one of the purported iPad 3 display panels that have been floating around China for the past few weeks… Read More


Why the iPad 3 rumored Retina Display is such a big deal

By Cody Lee on Feb 10, 2012

At this point, it seems like a Retina display in the iPad 3 is a pretty safe bet. After two years, and two iterations, of the same screen resolution, we fully expect Apple’s next tablet to feature a much sharper display.

Much of the tech world seems to be convinced that that display will be of Retina quality — which is a huge deal. And to demonstrate how huge, designer Chris Koerner put together a rather interesting infographic… Read More


Apple pushing developers to finish apps in time for iPad 3 announcement?

By Jake Smith on Feb 10, 2012

Over the past two days, we have learned a great deal about the rumored iPad 3. We’ve learned the device is to sport a similar design to the iPad 2, while at the same time having a Retina display, larger battery, and possibility of a dual-core processor, rather than quad-core. We also learned today that the iPad 3 will most likely be announced the first week of March, and will ship shortly after.

The Next Web is out with a new report saying that Apple is pushing key developers to finishing apps. Apple is pushing these developers to finish, so they can show off their apps either at the iPad 3 announcement or in iPad 3 advertisements, says the report… Read More


Apple employee says iPad 3 screen is “truly amazing”

By Cody Lee on Feb 9, 2012

Earlier today we heard a report from AllThingsD claiming that Apple’s anticipated iPad 3 announcement is just a few weeks away. The site believes that we could see Apple unveil its next-generation tablet as early as the first week in March.

Now the New York Times is weighing in on the slate, claiming that it has also learned details about the next iPad. And according to its sources, the tablet’s [anticipated] Retina display looks “truly amazing…” Read More


Rumor: Hands-On With iPad 3 Shell Reveals Familiar Design, Improved Cameras

By Alex Heath on Jan 10, 2012

As he has done in the past, Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge has claimed to have seen the rear shell of the next-generation iPad. He also revealed a prototype shell of the iPad 2 during CES last year and correctly predicted the tablet’s basic upgrades and features.

This time, Horwitz has followed up on his previous iPad 3 report with the claim that he has touched the rear shell of Apple’s next-generation iPad. He notes that the exterior design of the device hasn’t changed, but he does expect better cameras and a higher-quality screen. Read More


Rumor: A Photo of iPad 3 Retina Display?

By Oliver Haslam on Dec 30, 2011

If there is one thing that is guaranteed every year, it’s that MacRumors will get its hands on some photos of what appear to be parts from a new iPhone or iPad. This year is proving to be no different, with the latest part to show up supposedly being an iPad 3 screen, complete with Retina display pixel density.

Unfortunately, the screen is not attached to anything, and thus not functioning, which is a shame.

While the screen was not powered up, that does not mean there isn’t at least one portion of the photo that should get the pulse racing – the screen pictured possess three, count ’em, three ribbon cables. Exciting… Read More


Rumor: Apple to Use IGZO Displays in Upcoming iPad

By Cody Lee on Dec 30, 2011

There’s been no shortage of iPad 3 chatter over the last few weeks. We’ve heard Apple’s upcoming tablet could feature anything from a 7-inch display to 20-hour battery life, and seemingly everything in between.

The latest report, however, is particularly interesting. It claims that the next-generation iPad will sport an advanced, high-resolution IGZO display (indium gallium zinc oxide). Read More