Apple working on TV remote with built-in fingerprint sensor

By Cody Lee on Jul 23, 2015

The US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published three patent applications from Apple relating to biometric input devices. As noted by AppleInsider, all the filings mention a device with a built-in fingerprint sensor that could be used in a future TV remote.

It’s not hard to imagine the biometric possibilities of a remote control for a TV or set-top box. The device would be able to identify users—paving the way for custom profiles, settings and parental controls—and could support multi-finger shortcuts and simple gestures. Read More


Turn any iPhone or iPad into a universal remote with Blumoo

By iDB Deals on Jun 2, 2015

The Blumoo universal remote allows you to control your entire home theater right from your iPhone or iPad instead of the remote hiding out under the couch cushions. Order the Blumoo for over 30% off at iDownloadBlog Deals. Read More


How to control music playback on Mac or PC from Apple Watch using the Remote app

By Jeff Benjamin on May 29, 2015

With the Remote app that comes bundled with Apple Watch it’s possible to control music playback on a Mac or PC running iTunes. In order to do so, however, you must first pair the Apple Watch with an iTunes library on your computer. In this step-by-step Apple Watch walkthrough, we’ll show you how to add a library, remove a library, control your music, and more. Read More


New Apple TV to feature redesigned remote with touchpad

By Cody Lee on May 4, 2015

Apple is going to unveil a new set-top box in June with a redesigned remote control, according to The New York Times. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the publication says the new remote will feature a touchpad for scrolling, at least two physical buttons, and it will be thicker in size than the current aluminum Apple TV remote.

We’ve heard multiple reports now indicating that Apple is planning to release new TV-related hardware this summer. The device is expected to be introduced at the World Wide Developers Conference with an updated, slimmer design, the faster A8 chip, and an increase in storage to house an upgraded OS and App Store downloads. Read More


Google releases Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS

By Cody Lee on Jan 12, 2015

Google released its long-rumored remote desktop app for iOS today. Dubbed Chrome Remote Desktop, it’s available now in the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to securely access your computers from either device.

Setup falls in line with other remote desktop applications. You’ll obviously need Chrome installed on your computer (PC, Mac and Linux), the desktop client, and the aforementioned iOS app, and then you simply follow the instructions. Read More


Double mockup: 12.9″ iPad Pro + next-gen Apple TV with iPod touch style remote

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 17, 2014

Apple may not be interested in making a full-on television set after all, if Yukari Iwatani Kane’s scathing book, titled Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs (available on the iBooks Store), is anything to go by. Needlees to say, that’s not stopping those mockups from coming.

Take, for instance, German website which today put out an interesting concept envisioning Apple’s rumored oversized iPad, the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch edge-to-edge screen.

The same outlet previously mocked up a next-generation Apple TV concept sporting an interesting looking remote with touch controls that resembles the iPod touch. Unlike some other crazy concepts, the publication did its homework by basing the renderings on rumor-mill reporting.

I’ve included both concepts for your viewing pleasure right below the fold so have a look and tell us what you think in the comment section… Read More


Apple updates Remote app with better iTunes Radio control, purchased content support, more

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 10, 2014

You’re probably aware by now that Apple today released iOS 7.1 with CarPlay support and improvements to Siri, Touch ID and more (jailbreakers should stay away from this update, for now).

Additionally, the firm’s unleashed a companion Apple TV 6.1 software update with a new way to hide Home screen icons and seeded Xcode 5.1 and iAd Producer 4.1.2 (both with iOS 7.1 compatibility) to its registered iOS devs.

And now, the iPhone maker’s free Remote app for the iPhone and iPad has received an update with support for accessing your past TV show and movie purchases and more. Remote 4.2 is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch free in the App StoreRead More


Remotely control your computer from your iOS device with Screens 3.0

By Jim Gresham on Dec 13, 2013

Ever away from your desk, but need to access something on your desktop? What about copying something on your Mac and pasting it to your iPad? Thanks to a new updated version of Screens, Edovia dev team is making remote view a simple and easy task for any user.

Previously, remote viewing was a complicated task reserved for the super nerds and IT geeks. However, with the spawn of tablets, the common man is now capable of logging into remote desktop through simplified app clients. As I am frequently away from my desk traveling, I decided to take a closer look at Screens… Read More


You can now control iTunes Radio via Remote app

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 12, 2013

After refreshing its free Remote app for the iPhone and iPad with some radical redesign to match the overall iOS 7 aesthetics, Apple has just put out a minor update adding a nicely done ability to control iTunes Radio from your iOS device.

But rather than stream iTunes Radio songs directly (and what would the point be in doing so knowing iTunes Radio is available within the stock iOS 7 Music app), the application simply controls the feature running in iTunes for Mac or Windows.

Previously, you could only control playback of music and other media kept locally in your iTunes library. If anything, this update will go down in history as a handy little enhancement that makes it ridiculously easy to control your iTunes Radio stations, skip songs and more, right across the room… Read More


Apple finally updates Remote app for iOS 7 look

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 4, 2013

Apple has finally issued a long-expected update to its Remote app for the iPhone and iPad. Designed with the cleaner iOS 7 appearance in mind, the free universal binary download has been overhauled top to bottom for iOS 7 look and feel and aso offers compatibility fixes for iTunes 11.1, but no new feature additions.

With the Remote app, users can control their desktop iTunes and the $99 Apple TV using their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices, from without having to use Apple’s aluminum Remote for prolonged text entry, for example… Read More


New Remote app icon surfaces in App Store’s ‘Designed for iOS 7′ section

By Cody Lee on Oct 31, 2013

Last week we reported that a redesigned Remote app icon had been spotted in iTunes, suggesting that the app would be getting its long-awaited iOS 7 makeover sometime soon. But we have yet to see that happen.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t close though. Today, more evidence of an impending update surfaced by way of a similarly-new Remote icon appearing in the Columbian App Store’s ‘Designed for iOS 7′ section… Read More


New Remote icon in iTunes may hint at impending iOS 7 update

By Cody Lee on Oct 25, 2013

Although Apple posted a number of iOS 7-flavored app updates this week, there’s still one that I’m anxiously awaiting: the Remote app. I use it every day to control my Apple TV, and it’s very much in need of a UI overhaul.

Fortunately, it looks like I won’t have to wait much longer. A redesigned icon for the Remote app has been discovered in iTunes, suggesting that Apple may be putting the finishing touches on an iOS 7 update for the utility… Read More


Microsoft launches official Remote Desktop app for iOS

By Cody Lee on Oct 17, 2013

Earlier this month, Microsoft issued a press release detailing its plans for a number of software releases this fall. Among the titles mentioned was a new Remote Desktop app for iOS and Android, which it said was coming later this month.

And today, Microsoft made good on that promise. The official Remote Desktop app has landed in both Apple and Google app stores, giving Windows users the ability to access their Windows machines from their smartphones and tablets… Read More


Is Apple’s magic wand ‘the simplest interface’ for iTV that Steve Jobs envisioned?

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 5, 2013

As Tim Cook & Co. continue “pulling the string” on the TV space, readers with a keen interest in Apple’s many patent applications are aware of a 2009 filing involving a wand remote of sorts that may include a motion detection component meant for the television interface.

Last June, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) granted that patent. And just last month, another major wand-related patent surfaced in USPTO’s database that could be the magic required to make the TV experience “just work.”

It outlines a remote control containing fingerprint sensors, theoretically enabling identity and trust in order to authenticate viewers securely and deliver personalized content. It’s especially noteworthy in the context of the rumored fingerprint scanning thought to be the killer feature of the upcoming iPhone 5SRead More


Logitech to launch Harmony remote for iOS this August

By Cody Lee on Jun 20, 2013

I received a Logitech Harmony remote for Christmas last year, and it’s been by far my most frequently used gift. It’s completely replaced 5 of my living room remotes, it’s easy to run, and it took me less than 15 minutes to set it up using my computer.

This being said, you can imagine how excited I was when Logitech announced last night that it would be bringing its Harmony line to iOS (and Android) via the Ultimate Hub. The accessory, it says, will turn your smartphone into an all-in-one remote… Read More


RemoteTweet lets you share the Remote app’s now playing track

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 27, 2013

RemoteTweet is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to send a tweet advertising the song currently playing via the App Store’s Remote app. The Remote app is an app that can be used to connect to local iTunes libraries on the same Wi-Fi network. This lets you control that iTunes library remotely using an iOS device.

With a combination of the Remote app and RemoteTweet, you can now easily advertise your now playing song via Twitter. This is despite the fact that the song is playing on a remote iTunes library, and not your actual iOS device. Read More


Apple updates Remote app with improvements for search, stability and more

By Cody Lee on Jan 30, 2013

Is it just me, or did last November’s update to the Remote application, which came alongside iTunes 11, significantly affect stability? I use the app on a daily basis to control my Apple TV, and it seems like I’m constantly having to restart it.

Well hopefully that changes today, as Apple has just pushed out an update for Remote, bringing it to version 3.0.1. The app’s change log says that it includes a number of improvements, including search results, song rating and stability… Read More


Apple working on removable device clip with tactile controls

By Cody Lee on Jan 17, 2013

It’s kind of funny that Apple gets a bad wrap for not being innovative enough, because its IP filings tell a different story. The company was awarded more than 1,200 patents last year — which was enough to beat Google, who dabbles in self-driven cars and computer glasses.

The latest testament to Apple’s innovation is a new patent application, which was just published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. It describes a removable clip for a mobile device, such as an iPod, with an integrated trackpad, that could double as a remote control… Read More


Apple’s Remote app gains iTunes 11 support, Up Next, revamped iPad UI and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 29, 2012

Following the official release of iTunes 11 for Mac and Windows and an incremental Apple TV firmware update, today’s update bonanza continues with the release of a minor update to Apple’s Remote iOS app. It now plays nice with iTunes 11, of course, and includes a redesigned interface on iPad tablets that takes design cues from the new iTunes, just as the previous version was reminiscent of desktop iTunes. As for iTunes 11 support, the updated Remote app now includes overhauled library views, an expanded view for your media, improved search results, the new UpNext feature and more… Read More


Apple’s next big thing is an intelligent remote? I should have been an analyst.

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 9, 2012

With the successful iPhone 5 launch now behind us and the rumored iPad mini introduction allegedly upon us later this month, the rumor-mill is no doubt busy thinking about Apple’s next big thing. The mythical Apple television set instantly springs to mind, dubbed by the media as the iTV. Not so fast. According to one analyst, an intelligent remote rather than a standalone HD TV set is up next for the Cupertino, California designer of shiny gadgets… Read More

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