Subdit: a random reddit browser

By Sébastien Page on Feb 4, 2015

There is so much stuff on reddit that it’s sometimes hard to find new subreddits worth your interest. This is where Subdit comes in! The app allows you to browse a continuous stream of random subreddits, offering a good way to discover and maybe subscribe to subreddits you might not have found out about otherwise. Read More


SnooScreens lets you set wallpaper from your favorite subreddit

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 24, 2014

SnooScreens is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to change your iPhone’s wallpaper based on images appearing on a subreddit of your choice. Once the tweak is installed, all you need to do is configure a subreddit, adjust some of the tweak’s options, and assign an Activator gesture.

Upon invoking the Activator gesture that you assign, SnooScreens will cause the Home screen and/or Lock screen wallpaper to reflect the top image post on a subreddit or an image at random from the front page. Have a look at our video walkthrough after the break for a look into how this tweak works. Read More


AlienBlue++ adds additional functionality to the Alien Blue app

By Alihassan Mahdi on Oct 27, 2014

Alien Blue is one of the most popular Reddit client apps for iOS and was recently acquired by Reddit. Although the app has most of the features that a user needs, it’s still a long way from being a perfect app. This is why a new jailbreak tweak known as AlienBlue++ comes in to fill the gap.

Developed by UnlimApps, AlienBlue++ adds four new features to the popular Alien Blue app to improve  your experience browsing Reddit. The tweak comes with a built-in photo editing feature that allows you to edit photos and give them a new touch before posting them on Reddit. For instance, you’ll have the ability to add emoticons and texts, choose from a variety of effects and filters, crop the image, draw on it and much more. Read More


The best Reddit clients for iPhone

By Timothy Reavis on Oct 26, 2014

Reddit is a virtual gold mine of information on countless topics, all organized into subreddits and multireddits, with options to get a customized feed of only what you want to see. /r/jailbreak is a great place to find tweak concepts and help with jailbreaking issues, and there is an infinite amount of other topics of interest on Reddit.

Of course, no social network is complete without an iPhone app, and there are quite a few third party iOS apps for Reddit – so many that it’s hard to find a clear winner in every category. Naturally, hardcore Reddit users each have their own favorite app like Alien Blue, but occasionally a newer app, such as Reddme, will come out and gain its own fan base. The hard part is deciding which one to use daily. Hence, an article on the best Reddit apps for iOS. Read More


Addicts rejoice: Reddit has acquired iOS app Alien Blue

By Jake Smith on Oct 15, 2014

Reddit has acquired Alien Blue, the once unofficial Reddit app for iOS that is well, now official. If you’re a Reddit user, you’ve more than likely used Alien Blue on your iPhone or iPad to navigate the community website. It’s fantastic and this acquisition totally makes sense.  Read More


Official ‘Ask Me Anything’ app from Reddit now available on iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 2, 2014

Reddit, the popular social and news website where users themselves submit content, today released a native iPhone application solely dedicated to its popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ interviews with everyone from movie stars to astronauts to artists and more.

The app lets Reddit fans browse the latest and best interviews from the popular service (both current and archived ones), ask a question when someone is marked as active, discover new personalities in any field or subject, vote for your favorite interviews (and share them with friends) and much more.

The free of charge software is now available to download in the App Store. Read More


Reddme review: a new Reddit experience on the iPhone

By Lory Gil on Jul 30, 2014

Do you read Reddit? What am I saying? Of course you do. If you are on the Internet, you probably read it every day, multiple times per day. If you consider yourself ahead of the game, a taste-maker, or well-informed, you have probably posted an article or two. Fans of the site probably read Reddit on the go using the popular third-party client Alien Blue, which is a fantastic app. However, maybe it is time for something new.

Reddme is a third-party Reddit reader that makes it easy for you to read, write, edit, and comment on various articles, categories, and threads. We’ve got an app review of Reddme for our loyal readers here… Read More


Apple’s Maps team calling businesses to verify user address corrections

By Cody Lee on Jul 12, 2014

Continuing on with its efforts to refine its mapping software, Apple has apparently begun calling businesses looking to verify user-reported address corrections. In a recent Reddit post, a business owner said he had been contacted by someone with Apple Maps.

Reddit user swb1192 said he received an interesting phone call from a 408 number (a Cupertino, California area code) this week. The person said that they were with Apple’s Maps team, and that a user had reported his business address as incorrect, which it was… Read More


How to get Reddit push notifications on iOS 7

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 7, 2014

While there are several third-party apps that get the job done, I’ve never found Reddit to offer a solid mobile experience on its own terms. The company does not have a mobile optimized version of its website for Safari on iPhone, it does not provide an official app in the App Store and it does not deliver push notifications on iOS devices. But, things are about to get better. While Reddit is working on iOS and Android apps, the jailbreak community has made up for the lack of Reddit push notifications. Take a look…  Read More


Reddit to develop official apps for iOS and Android

By Joe Rossignol on Apr 30, 2014

Reddit has long been one of the most popular websites on the Internet, serving as an online discussion board for users to discuss a wide variety of topics. But one thing it has always lacked is an official mobile app — fortunately, that’s about to change. The San Francisco-based company has posted an official job listing within the /r/forhire subreddit, looking for mobile app developers to help create official apps for Reddit…  Read More


Saurik lists the jailbreak tweaks he has installed on his iPhone

By Cody Lee on Jan 29, 2014

Since we closely cover the jailbreak community here at iDB, we are often asked by readers what apps and tweaks we have installed. Between us, we probably try a dozen new tweaks a week, or more, so sometimes we have stuff on our devices that others may not know about.

With that in mind, you can only imagine how often Saurik, the founder of Cydia, gets asked what packages he has installed on his device. Well for those of you wondering, he answered the question last night in a Reddit thread and his list of tweaks is actually pretty interesting… Read More


Saurik: there’s “very little hope” that WinterBoard will support iOS 7 [updated]

By Cody Lee on Sep 6, 2013

When iOS 7 drops later this month, it will mark the largest and most radical update in the platform’s history. In addition to its number of new features, the software’s UI has been rebuilt from the ground up, bringing about new colors, fonts and other elements.

And while most people—at least those who have seen it—seem to be ok with the changes, others are counting on an iOS 7 jailbreak to get rid of the makeover. But that may be easier said than done, because according to Saurik, the future looks bleak for theming… Read More


HalfPeeled releases Ruby app for easy Reddit viewing

By Jim Gresham on Jul 18, 2013

For the Reddit fans out there looking for a slick way to interact with your feeds and threads, a new app will solve your woes. Until now, there were limited options in the App Store for easy Reddit enjoyment. Today Ruby hits the market, granting easy access to your favorite threads in a crisp package. Having been a beta tester for the app over previous weeks, I really like the UI and functionality.

This is not HalfPeeled‘s first time around the app development block. When it comes to apps, their innovation is starting to show. Published by Nate Chiger, a 2012 and 2013 WWDC Scholarship Recipient, Ruby is his newest offering and follows several other quality apps. Take a step inside for a quick run down of the nice features… Read More


‘Orangered’ delivers Reddit push notifications to iOS devices

By Joe Rossignol on Jul 18, 2013

Reddit has grown exponentially as a link-based community over the past few years, emerging as one of the de facto places for breaking news, funny images, IAMA question and answer sessions, and more. And memes — lots and lots of memes. The surging popularity of the website can make staying on top of new posts, comments, and mentions increasingly challenging.

Looking to make the Reddit experience more manageable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, developer Julian Weiss has released a new jailbreak tweak called Orangered. The tweak brings Reddit push notifications to iOS systemwide, including both the Lock screen and Home screen, for the following supported Reddit apps: Alien Blue, Karma, Upvote, iAlien, amrc, and RedditorRead More


Alien Blue for iPad 2.2 brings Reddit to the Apple TV

By Cody Lee on Jul 18, 2013

Reddit, for those who aren’t familiar with the social news and entertainment site, is an interesting place. You can find almost anything there—GIFs, photos, videos, you name it. In fact, most of the viral stuff you see online probably started here.

There are many apps available for browsing the site on your iPhone or iPad, but what about the Apple TV? Don’t you wish sometimes that you could watch that funny video or GIF on the big screen? Well, now you can with Alien Blue for iPad 2.2… Read More


Reddit survey tries to identify the ‘average jailbreaker’

By Cody Lee on Mar 18, 2013

In my 4 or 5 years of hanging out in the jailbreak community, I’ve met people from all walks of life. Both men and women jailbreak, ranging in ages from 6-60, and they come from all around the world. I can’t imagine trying to determine the ‘average jailbreaker.’

But that’s exactly what Reddit user spiceman54j was hoping to accomplish this weekend when he surveyed Redditors from the r/jailbreak forum. In total, he collected data from nearly 400 jailbreakers, and he’s created an infographic to showcase his findings… Read More


The first PSP emulator for iOS now plays games at 60FPS

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 14, 2013

A few days ago, we told you about PPSSPP — the first PSP emulator for iOS. While the initial screens and video looked promising, at the time, the frame-rate was really low due to some technical issues. Now, it appears that those technical issues — the lack of JIT compiling — have been ironed out, as new video has surfaced showing PPSSPP playing Wipeout pure at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second.

Check out the video above, which showcases Wipeout Pure running at a silky smooth rate. Again, thanks to our friends for the heads up. Again, be sure to visit the official PPSSPP website for more information.


PPSSPP: The first PSP emulator for iOS

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 12, 2013

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that looks quite amazing. Yes, the framerate is slow, but that’s to be expected for an early build of a hardware emulator. The fact that this is running a PSP game (Wipeout Pure), and it looks almost exactly like it does on the PSP, is pretty incredible.

According to the audible YouTube commentary, the emulator is running so slow, because it’s using interpreter instead of Just In Time compilation (JIT), which would increase performance significantly. If the developer, Henrik Rydgard of Dolphin Emulator fame, and the rest of the development community can solve this issue, then we’ll have a pretty solid PSP emulator on our hands. Read More


How much control Saurik really has over Cydia

By Cody Lee on Mar 4, 2013

Cydia, despite being the go-to app and tweak store for several years in the jailbreaking community, has a number of shortcomings. It’s slow to load and daftly unorganized, among other things.

And most people tend to blame Saurik for all of these issues. After all, he is the creator and ‘grandmaster’ of Cydia, right? Not so much, according to his latest comments in a Reddit thread… Read More


Planetbeing talks favorite tweaks, food and more in Reddit thread

By Cody Lee on Feb 15, 2013

An interesting thread popped up on Reddit today in r/jailbreak. What started out as an AMA request (that’s a request for a person or group to participate in an ‘Ask me anything’ thread) for the evad3rs, turned into a pretty candid Q&A session with planetbeing.

Typically when an AMA request is filled, the subject(s) comes back at a later time to answer user-submitted questions. But being the nice guy that he is, after noticing the thread, planetbeing hopped on and said he’d be happy to answer any questions. And boy did he… Read More

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