iHeartRadio gains iOS 8 Today widget and CarPlay support

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 23, 2014

Thursday, an enhanced version 5.3 of iHeartRadio became available for download in the App Store.

The refreshed application brings out a nice Today widget allowing you to play your recent stations from the Notification Center in iOS 8. You should also appreciate its built-in support for Apple’s in-car entertainment system dubbed CarPlay, so you can now listen to iHeart Radio in CarPlay-enabled vehicles.

The updated app can be grabbed for free in the App Store. Read More


Much-improved Rdio launches with new look and features, free version coming to 20 countries

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 4, 2014

Rdio, the popular Internet radio service, on Thursday launched a major redesign of its mobile app which now aims to compete with the likes of Spotify and rival Pandora by bringing its ad-supported free Stations to 20 countries.

The new look includes your personalized Home featuring an evolving mix of music stories based on your listening history and tastes, a new Browse section which now features both genre and curated Stations, a Trending feature showing what’s popular right now, the ability to favorite just about anything, from albums to artists to songs to stations, and much more.

Rdio is free in the App Store. Read More


NPR launches new curated news radio app ‘NPR One’

By Cody Lee on Jul 28, 2014

NPR launched a new mobile application today which aims to make news radio more tailored and accessible. It’s called NPR One, and it curates a mix of NPR radio segments and news articles based on your location and interests.

Now, this won’t replace NPR’s existing mobile apps, which allow you to listen to nationally syndicated programs and local programming.  But what it does do is provide a simple way to listen to relevant, public news radio streams… Read More


Apple said to be buying Swell Radio app

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 28, 2014

Following a TechCrunch report last Friday which claims that Apple has recently acquired data-style book analytics services BookLamp (basically a “Pandora for books”) to beat Amazon at its own game, Re/code is reporting early Monday that the Cupertino firm has another acquisition target in its crosshairs – a radio/podcast app Swell (“Pandora for talk radio”) which raised $7.2 million from investors including DFJ, Google Ventures and InterWest Partners… Read More


Broadcast radio stations and locally targeted ads reportedly planned for iTunes Radio

By Christian Zibreg on May 30, 2014

According to The Information, a technology blog run by the former Wall Street Journal star reporter Jessica Lessin, Apple is about to bring broadcast radio stations to its iTunes Radio service and permit advertisers to target listeners with greater granularity than before.

These latest strides, said to materialize later this year, are believed to be aimed squarely at the likes of Pandora as Apple moves to make its service more competitive versus established Internet radio offerings… Read More


iTunes Radio expanding to UK soon, iAd director meets with UK ad agencies

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 15, 2014

More signs are pointing to an imminent iTunes Radio launch in the United Kingdom. The company recently banned London-based music streaming service Bloom.fm from advertising on its iAd platform citing competitive reasons and now Apple’s iAd director is meeting with the country’s ad agencies, seemingly in preparation for iTunes Radio roll-out in the 63 million people market of United Kingdom… Read More


Pandora alarm clock now available on iPad, launches Pebble app for iOS

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 14, 2014

You’ve been able to wake up to your favorite Pandora station since last December, assuming you’re enjoying the popular Internet radio service on your iPhone. On Monday, Pandora has finally rolled out the useful alarm clock feature to the iPad.

It’s pretty straightforward and works a lot like the alarm clock feature in the iPhone edition: you just pick your favorite song or station to play as your alarm, knowing you’ll be woken up to your favorite music.

And should you decide you could use a few extra minutes of sleep instead of waking up early to eat breakfast, you can do so by adjusting your snooze time… Read More


Apple bans UK’s iTunes Radio competitor from iAd

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 11, 2014

Bloom.fm, a London-based music streaming service, on Friday made it known on Twitter that Apple’s blocked it from advertising on its iAd platform, citing competitive reasons.

“Apple just banned our ads because we’re ‘a competitive service to iTunes Radio and it is against Apple policy'”, reads the tweet.

The service has a catalog of 22 million tracks that can be streamed for as low as £1 a month (about $1.67).

It’s easy to see why Apple has taken a stance against the service: its own iTunes Store sells individual song downloads for the price of a month’s worth of unlimited streaming on Bloom.fm. The development has prompted Bloom.fm to boast that “We must be big time now”, adding the team was surprised to learn that Apple even noticed what such a small company was doing… Read More


Rdio update makes album headers prettier, brings out Chromecast support

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 31, 2014

Google’s Chromecast is picking up some noteworthy support from third-party software makers. The latest example: the popular Internet radio service Rdio has just pushed a new update today bringing support for Google’s inexpensive $35 HDMI dongle.

The new Rdio version 2.5.8 also includes various user interface improvements, minor bug fixes and prettified album headers.

The update is now live in the App StoreRead More


iTunes Radio is getting NPR’s streaming news channel today

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 24, 2014

National Public Radio (NPR) is adding the first streaming news channel to Apple’s free iTunes Radio service, Re/code just reported.

The unexpected development marks the official branching out of iTunes Radio, which debuted last September as a music-only streaming service available on Mac and PC desktops as well as on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

When NPR’s new channel goes live later today in iTunes Radio, Apple users will be able to tune in to a free stream offering 24/7 mixes of live news with segments from pre-recorded shows such as ‘All Things Considered’ and ‘The Diane Rehm Show.’

But the good news doesn’t stop here. Read on for the full reveal.

UPDATE: NPR’s channel is now live in iTunes Radio, just follow this linkRead More


Pandora upping monthly ‘One’ fee, dropping annual subscriptions

By Cody Lee on Mar 20, 2014

Pandora announced this week that it is going to making some significant changes to its Pandora One subscription service over the next couple of months. Most notably, it’s going to be raising the monthly subscription cost and eliminating the annual option.

Citing rising licensing costs, Pandora says that it’s raising its ‘One’ fee from $3.99 per month to $4.99 per month, and taking away the discounted annual plan altogether. The company says that royalty rates it pays to artists have increased 53% since it began… Read More


Rdio revamps profile views and adds Sleep Timer

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 18, 2013

After countering Spotify’s recent service expansion and its brand new (and somewhat limited) free streaming feature by expanding into twenty new countries, the popular music subscription service Rdio today refreshed its free iPhone and iPad application with a handy sleep timer function to stop playback after a period of time.

The new Rdio 2.5.4 also includes redesigned profile views with your photo right at the center, various subtle interface improvements and minor bug fixes… Read More


You can now control iTunes Radio via Remote app

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 12, 2013

After refreshing its free Remote app for the iPhone and iPad with some radical redesign to match the overall iOS 7 aesthetics, Apple has just put out a minor update adding a nicely done ability to control iTunes Radio from your iOS device.

But rather than stream iTunes Radio songs directly (and what would the point be in doing so knowing iTunes Radio is available within the stock iOS 7 Music app), the application simply controls the feature running in iTunes for Mac or Windows.

Previously, you could only control playback of music and other media kept locally in your iTunes library. If anything, this update will go down in history as a handy little enhancement that makes it ridiculously easy to control your iTunes Radio stations, skip songs and more, right across the room… Read More


Rdio expands into 20 new countries

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 11, 2013

Rdio, the popular music-streaming services, announced today that it has expanded its service into twenty new countries globally. After today’s expansion, the service is available in 51 countries across six continents.

The company conveniently timed its announcement just as Spotify is scheduled to hold a press conference later today, likely to announce plans to make mobile access to its music service free.

With today’s expansion, Rdio is now the second largest music subscription service in the world in terms of countries serviced. By comparison, rival Spotify is currently available in 32 global markets and Apple’s iTunes Radio is a U.S.-only affair, though new countries will be added some time in 2014.

However, Rdio still pales in comparison to Deezer, which is available in a whopping 182 countries around the world. The full list of new Rdio countries is right past the fold… Read More


Apple poaches top radio exec to lead iTunes Radio ad sales

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 10, 2013

In another move meant to capitalize on the success of its free iTunes Radio streaming-music service, Apple’s hired a top radio exec as the company preps to offer iTunes Radio to advertisers in 2014 and take the service international, AdAge claims.

Former Cumulus Media Executive Vice President of Sales, Michael Pallad, has now joined Tim Cook & Co. and is now overseeing ad sales for iTunes Radio internationally, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke to AdAge. He will report into the iAd unit, which is led by Apple Vice President and former Yahoo exec Todd Teresi… Read More


You can now wake up to your fav Pandora station

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 9, 2013

Pandora, the popular streaming-music service and one of the rare few Internet radio apps that saw a surge in listening following September’s iTunes Radio debut, has been updated this morning with a pretty useful alarm clock feature which lets you start your day to your favorite music with your own choice of Pandora stations. Pandora 5.1 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad includes refreshed iOS 7 design and other improvements “to make your listening experience even better”.

Jump past the fold to learn more about the alarm clock feature… Read More


Rdio promises to bring back Recommendations

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 30, 2013

As of recently, Rdio has been making a number of moves in a bid to fight off the Apple iTunes Radio threat. Just a few days ahead of Apple’s September 10 iTunes Radio launch, Rdio unveiled a new ad-supported music service in partnership with radio operator Cumulus.

And back in August, the popular service gained such abilities as station tuning, improved search, Pandora-style personalized Stations and more.

Rdio’s latest effort to re-introduce some of the original magic involves bringing back Recommendations, a feature popularized by the inaugural 1.0 version of Rdio… Read More


Radium review: a beautiful internet radio player

By Lory Gil on Aug 28, 2013

I’ve always wondered why Apple doesn’t include a radio feature with its iOS devices. You can download millions of songs, listen to hundreds of thousands of podcasts, and even fill your iTunes library with as many audio books as your device will fit. But if you want to listen to the radio, you’ll have to download a third-party app.

Radium is an Internet radio app that features more than 8,000 stations across the globe. Additionally, you can save your favorite stations and sync them through iCloud to your Mac Radium app… Read More


Rdio update brings Pandora-style personalized radio stations

By Cody Lee on Aug 8, 2013

Adaptive Internet radio is all the rage these days for streaming music service subscribers. At least, that’s what you’d think looking at the top players. The feature, which was popularized by Pandora, can be found in Apple’s iTunes Radio, Spotify, and now Rdio.

Rdio updated its apps today with a number of improvements, including enhanced Stations, tweaked UI, and more importantly, a new feature called ‘You FM’ that allows you to listen to personalized radio stations based on your favorite and pertinent tracks… Read More


iRadio tidbits: audio ads, iTunes Match syncing, no search/song skipping

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 5, 2013

As you may have heard, Apple is now rushing to close music licensing deals for iRadio. And with Warner Music apparently finally on board, the company should formally take the wraps off its Pandora-killer at the WWDC keynote next Monday.

Bloomberg yesterday explained Apple’s ad team is prepping to sell in-app iAds to major brands, which apparently can’t wait to advertise on iRadio. And now a new report by a major advertising trade publication claims Apple is also keen on monetizing the free service by injecting traditional audio ads… Read More

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