Apple to begin notifying users of info requests from law enforcement

By Cody Lee on May 2, 2014

According to a new report from The Washington Post tonight, Apple will join Google and other high-profile companies in updating their privacy policy to routinely notify users when a government or law enforcement agency requests information on them.

The move should appease user privacy rights activists, who believe it’s unlawful for a government agency to have the power to access user data so discretely. The Justice Department, however, is concerned that the new routine could threaten investigations… Read More


Timing of SSL bug fuels conspiracy theories about Apple and the NSA

By Cody Lee on Feb 24, 2014

By now you’ve probably already heard about the SSL bug that was discovered in iOS and OS X. Apple pushed an iOS update out on Friday to fix it, and it didn’t sound like a big deal at the time, but we have since learned that it is an extremely serious security flaw.

The flaw leaves Apple devices open to what’s called a man-in-the-middle attack, in where a malicious program poses as a trusted website to intercept communications or inject malware. And its existence has fueled conspiracy theories about Apple and the NSA… Read More


Tim Cook says NSA would have to “cart us out in a box” for server access

By Cody Lee on Jan 24, 2014

We’re still a few hours away from ABC airing David Muir’s interview with Tim Cook, but the network has been leaking tidbits of the discussion all day. Earlier we saw a clip of Cook talking about Apple’s new sapphire plant in Arizona, and now this.

ABC has posted another preview of tonight’s Cook interview. This time the CEO answers questions about Apple’s position on the recent NSA surveillance scandal, saying the Agency would have to “cart us out in a box” to gain access to their servers… Read More


Apple denies knowledge of NSA’s iPhone program

By Cody Lee on Dec 31, 2013

Yesterday, a trove of secret documents was released regarding the NSA and its ongoing spying on citizens both abroad and here in the US. One of the programs mentioned, called DROPOUTJEEP, is particularly scary as it can give the Agency complete control of any iPhone.

These are some pretty serious allegations made against the NSA and maybe more-so Apple, who either has several unknown security holes in its mobile OS or is consciously giving the NSA access. Well the company just responded to these claims, and it appears to be the former… Read More


Leaked documents show the NSA can gain nearly complete access to your iPhone

By Cody Lee on Dec 30, 2013

In June of this year, Edward Snowden shocked the world by leaking a number of slides and documents and revealing that the NSA has backdoor access to the databases of 9 major tech companies, including Apple and Facebook. But as it turns out, its access may not be limited to software.

Since Snowden’s initial outing, there has been a number of subsequent reports and leaks. And the latest to garner gasps from the security community is that the NSA has the ability to intercept the delivery of a new computer or mobile device—including iPhones—and build in a remote backdoor… Read More


Short video from Obama’s recent meeting with Tim Cook and other tech execs

By Cody Lee on Dec 17, 2013

As we reported yesterday, Tim Cook and a number of other executives from prominent tech companies met with US President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss a wide range of government and tech-related topics.

Among the topics were said to be the recent struggles with the rollout of the website and privacy concerns regarding government surveillance. And this afternoon, a short video of the meeting surfaced on the web… Read More


President Obama meeting with Tim Cook and others over NSA and health care website

By Cody Lee on Dec 16, 2013

The White House has announced that President Obama is scheduled to meet with a number of tech executives tomorrow to discuss a wide range of subjects. Two of the big topics on the menu are said to be the NSA and the troubled website.

In addition, the group—which includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Twitter’s Dick Costolo, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, and Dropbox’s Drew Houston—will discuss ways the Obama administration can partner with the tech sector to create new jobs and grow the economy… Read More


Apple joins major U.S. tech giants in NSA surveillance reform push

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 9, 2013

The U.S. government’s mass-scale surveillance program which has compromised the security and privacy of millions of domestic and foreign online users, the secret PRISM initiative, did not sit well with Apple and other technology giants. In response to the scandalous revelations by the NSA contractor Edward Snowden that also put the blame on Silicon Valley giants for bowing to NSA’s request and providing the agency with hassle-free access to its users’ data, the iPhone maker chastised the practice and published how it handles government requests to give up private information belonging to its users.

And now, in the aftermath of the ongoing snooping scare, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple along with seven other U.S. technology giants is making a joint appeal to reform government surveillance activities… Read More


President Obama outlines four government surveillance reform initiatives

By Cody Lee on Aug 9, 2013

Following a series of meetings with tech executives a government leaders this week, President Obama held a press conference this morning to describe his plan to assuage concerns among Americans and foreigners regarding the legality of US surveillance activities.

During his speech, the President said that the surveillance programs in use by government agencies right now are “operating in a way that prevents abuse.” But the question for his administration, he posed, is how does it make “American people more comfortable?”

So he outlined the following four initiatives… Read More


President Obama meets with Tim Cook and other tech execs to talk surveillance

By Cody Lee on Aug 9, 2013

According to a report from Politico, President Barack Obama met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and a number of other tech executives yesterday for a closed-door discussion on government surveillance. The site says this was the second meeting of its kind this week.

Cook was joined by the likes of AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Google’s chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf, and Public Knowledge President Gigi Sohn, to talk about various surveillance strategies and tother topics such as the recent NSA PRISM program scandal… Read More

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