Super Mario Run requires a persistent Internet connection to prevent piracy

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 9, 2016

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s eagerly awaited platformer optimized for one-handed gameplay, requires a persistent Internet connection to play in order to prevent piracy, Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed to Mashable. Actually, the security element is one of the reasons Nintendo decided to go with the iOS platform first before releasing Super Mario Run on Android. Read More


Piracy on iOS: 60% of Monument Valley installs on iPhone and iPad not paid for

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 9, 2015

Even though this particular data point is a few days old now, I think it’s highly relevant in light of Apple’s glowing App Store stats revealed yesterday.

According to developer Ustwo Games, its award-winning and incredibly successful Monument Valley, an atmospheric puzzle game in which you manipulate impossible architecture inspired by the works of M.C. Escher, has seen a significant chunk of its potential revenue lost to piracy because only 40 percent of the $3.99 game installs on the iPhone and iPad were paid for.

The vast chunk of the remaining sixty percent iOS installs were illegitimate, or to put it bluntly — pirated. On Android, the paid install base is a paltry five percent (you read that right), as a huge hunk of the remaining 95 percent of users opted to steal Monument Vally on Android rather than pay four bucks to enjoy it.

Is the 60 percent piracy rate on iOS a worrying number for Monument Valley developers and a bad sign for Apple’s mobile platform? Read on for the full reveal. Read More


700,000 UDIDs of jailbreak tweaks pirates leaked

By Sébastien Page on Oct 8, 2014

A list of 700,000 UDIDs of devices used to install cracked tweaks from a pirate repo have been leaked online a few days ago. The list of leaked UDIDs, which was apparently compiled several months ago, is available as a text file, and a Twitter account was specially created to tweet one UDID every few minutes to somewhat expose the pirates.

Besides trying to shame the pirates by exposing their UDIDs, this move doesn’t represent much risk for the users whose Unique Device Identifier was leaked as it can hardly be tied to any personal information that could identify a user. Read More


DOJ files first ever criminal charges against mobile app pirates

By Cody Lee on Jan 25, 2014

The US Department of Justice has long taken issue with large-scale copyright infringement. It’s gone after pirates of various different kinds of content, including music and movies—who could forget the FBI raid on the home of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom.

But up until now, the DOJ has never gone after mobile app pirates. That changed this week, though, when it filed charges against 4 men behind Android app piracy websites Snappzmarket and Appbucket for conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement… Read More


Conditions weather app also takes creative approach in dealing with pirates

By Cody Lee on Feb 28, 2013

Yesterday, we told you about Tapbots’ entertaining way it deals with folks who pirate its popular Tweetbot app. If you download the Twitter client without paying for it, it will auto-insert an embarrassing phrase into its Tweet sheet.

But the guys on the Tapbots team aren’t the only ones having fun with pirates. Jake Marsh, creator of the new Conditions weather app, also takes a creative approach in dealing with people who steal his work. Check it out… Read More


Jailbreak developer says 7 out of 8 users pirated his Remote Messages app

By Mike Schnier on Jan 28, 2013

Remote Messages is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to access full SMS and iMessage functionality on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S from a desktop browser. It’s a clever utility that allows the iPhone to run as a server, which creates a chat window front-end on desktop browsers. This front-end comes complete with support for profile pictures, attachments, and Emoji icons, as well as for sending and receiving texts. This utility is especially handy if you like to have your phone connected to a stereo away from your desk or if you prefer typing with a full keyboard and screen.

Unfortunately, it seems the $4.99 app is mostly popular with pirates. According to a Reddit thread by the developer, 7 out of 8 installs of Remote Messages are pirated copies… Read More


Pirates download wrong Installous from the App Store, then complain about it

By Oliver Haslam on Jan 17, 2013

Installous, the pirate app store that allowed those so inclined to download iOS apps for free may already be long gone, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of people downloading it from the App Store. Or at least, they thought they had.

See, there’s a new Installous in town, and it’s by a developer called Larisa Flora. It’s not the Installous you’re thinking of though – this one’s a game which involves gears and colors, apparently.

What it’s not, is a way of ripping off developers. And people are not happy at all… Read More


Hackulous shuts down: piracy app Installous is gone

By Sébastien Page on Dec 30, 2012

In what seems like a small victory against app piracy, the Hackulous team announced today on its site that it is shutting down, bringing down its most popular apps in the process: Installous and AppSync.

Although it’s still unclear what the reasons behind the shut down are, Hackulous claims on its website that it’s mostly due to stagnant forums and the difficulty to moderate them. Although I never hang out in the forums, I find it hard to believe that there was little activity in there, especially given the notoriety of Hackulous in the piracy world… Read More


Apple appeals recent Chinese court ruling over pirated encyclopedia app

By Cody Lee on Nov 14, 2012

Back in September, a Chinese court sided with China Publishing House in an infringement lawsuit against Apple, and ordered the iPad-maker to pay about $83,000 in damages. The publisher claimed Apple allowed an application into its App Store that contained large chunks if its Encyclopedia of China works without the proper licensing.

Naturally, Apple is now appealing the decision. And what the court decides from here could have some major consequences for the Cupertino company… Read More


Developer forced to make Android game free due to rampant piracy

By Cody Lee on Jul 23, 2012

We’ve complained, on more than one occasion, about the high rate of piracy on iOS. It’s not uncommon to see pirated copies make up 90% or more of an app’s total download numbers. It’s bad.

But apparently, it’s even worse on Android. Popular mobile developer Madfinger Games says it has decided to make its Dead Trigger title free due to rampant piracy on Google’s platform… Read More


Piracy is a huge problem in the jailbreak community and here is the evidence to prove it

By Jeff Benjamin on May 7, 2012

I’m not trying to pile on after my post about i0n1c, but my friend and iOS developer Filippo Bigarella just posted some stunning evidence as to how bad piracy is within the community.

Bigarella is the mind behind such tweaks as Springtomize 2 and CleverPin, and he’s clearly one of the most talented and dedicated developers in the community. Hence, it’s sad to learn that his hard work is taken for granted by so many people. His latest tweak, Springtomize 2, has an audacious 92% piracy rate!

And you wonder why people like i0n1c point to the piracy problem within the community? Read More


Top Angry Birds Exec Thinks Piracy Can Help Promote Games

By Oliver Haslam on Jan 31, 2012

App piracy is something which is a real problem for many iOS developers, especially the smaller, independent ones. Things don’t get much easier for the big guys, either.

Rovio, the people behind Angry Birds, also suffer from a spot of piracy, and not just of the app variety, either. All sorts of merchandise is being made and sold in Asia, with Rovio getting nothing by way of monetary compensation. But that doesn’t seem to bother Rovio’s CEO Mikael Hed.

In fact, he seems to be surprisingly happy about it… Read More


Apple Set for Legal Battle over iBook Piracy in China

By Oliver Haslam on Jan 8, 2012

As if Apple’s lawyers don’t have enough on their plate right now, it appears that they will soon be needing to hop on a plane and head to China, with a new legal bruhaha brewing.

Apple is now being asked for $1.88 million dollars, with a collection of Chinese authors claiming that 37 of their works are being distributed illegally on the iBookstore – Apple’s Kindle competitor.

As if to add insult to injury, Apple has been taking its customary 30% of all sales in the store, effectively receiving money thanks to pirated materials… Read More


Apple Starts Fighting App Store Piracy

By Cody Lee on Dec 30, 2011

It seems like Apple has taken its fight with app piracy to a new level. Apptrackr, the web portal known for harboring hundreds of thousands of pirated apps, has published a blog post today about its recent troubles with the folks in Cupertino.

Apple has been serving Apptrackr and its many file hosts a number of takedown notices over the past several months. While the legal action hasn’t disrupted Apptrackr’s service, it has provoked the site to make a number of costly changes. Read More


Why Piracy Hurts the Jailbreak Community

By Alex Heath on Dec 2, 2011

A recent post by jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella really hit me. Filippo is a relatively well-known developer in the jailbreak community, and his most recent app, Springtomize 2, has been making huge splashes since its public release yesterday.

We have a great relationship with Filippo at iDB, and I consider him a friend. He’s a good guy who makes incredible software. His stance on pirating Springtomize says a lot about how piracy hurts the jailbreak community. Read More


Porting Siri to the iPhone 4 Will Require Piracy

By Sébastien Page on Oct 12, 2011

Last week we broke the news that jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w was actively working on bringing Siri to iDevices like the 4G iPod touch and iPhone 4. This got a lot of people excited at the possibility of getting access to Siri’s artificial intelligence without having to upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

This morning, the Dev Team’s MuscleNerd sent out a tweet saying that porting Siri to the iPhone 4 or any other iDevice would most likely require piracy, something that the Dev Team has always refused to do… Read More


Android Apps Make Less Money than App Store Apps, Piracy to Blame

By Oliver Haslam on Sep 10, 2011

It’s a story that’s been told before, but it seems that Android developers aren’t getting much love, with a new report suggesting that they are making only a fraction of what their iOS competitors are raking in.

The reason that Android apps are less profitable than App Store apps? Oddly enough, piracy… Read More


Ask Jeff: Episode 04

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 26, 2011

Folks, we’re back with Episode 04 of Ask Jeff. I wanted to thank everyone for all of the great questions; we had over 200 combined questions for Episode 03.

Unfortunately, that means that I didn’t get to answer everyone’s question, but I still managed to cover quite a few interesting inquiries this go ’round.

Inside, you’ll find out how much money I’ve spent on Cydia tweaks over the years, whether I’d consider switching to Verizon, and what my first Apple product was.

In other words, tune in and prepare your questions; you won’t want to miss this… Read More


Ask Jeff: Episode 03

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 17, 2011

In this week’s episode of Ask Jeff, I tackle a whole host of interesting questions. This episode dwells more on the personal behind-the-scenes side of things, so I hope you folks enjoy.

Questions answered include: My opinions on pirated repos & Installous, the iPhone 5’s 4G LTE potential, and the type of cameras I use for filming our videos.

I believe I’ve hit a record by personally answering 10 different questions from our readers, so tune in to see if your question was among those answered… Read More


App Developers Speak Out on Rampant Piracy Problem

By Cody Lee on Jul 17, 2011

While most of us are painfully aware of the app piracy that goes on in the jailbreak community, I don’t know if any of us knew it was this bad. TechCrunch highlighted a small iOS software firm last week that has witnessed first hand just how rampant the problem is.

GAMEized is the proud creator of FingerKicks, a simple $0.99 soccer (football) game for iOS devices. The app is the company’s first entry into Apple’s popular software platform, and it might just be their last… Read More

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