Philippe Starck

Steve Jobs yacht now free to sail

The yacht Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs envisioned after returning from a 2007 cruise from Italy to Turkey should be free to go after a payment dispute with French designer Philippe Starck has been resolved.

According to a French newspaper report yesterday, the yacht has been cleared to leave the port in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where it was detained by authorities over unpaid fees. The 80-meter aluminum craft nick-named ‘Venus’ had been docked in the harbor since December 8…

Jobs family yacht impounded in Amsterdam over a bill dispute with designer

French designer Philippe Starck needs no introduction. He’s been designing pretty much everything, from houses to consumer products such as tooth brushes and some think he will also revamp Apple Stores. The 63-year-old is also known for his work on a yacht for Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs, which now belongs to the Jobs family.

But the 80-meter-long mega yacht named “Venus” (after the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory), revealed by Starck himself last October, has reportedly been impounded in Amsterdam over a payment dispute with the designer…