How to fully mask password input on the iPhone

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 8, 2014

Have you ever typed a password in iOS and wondered to yourself why Apple doesn’t mask the last character completely? The reason that Apple doesn’t fully mask the password as you type probably has to do with being able to verify that you entered the correct password.

Some may argue that such a feature is counter to staying secure as you enter your password. It’s easy to see why some people may feel that way.

Enter Fully Masked Passwords—a new jailbreak tweak that applies a full mask to every character entered in a password field. Check out our video after the break to see it in action. Read More


How to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac

By Joe Rossignol on May 18, 2014

I was recently setting up my iPad mini, but could not remember the password for my home Wi-Fi network. After spending a few minutes trying to find it in Network Preferences on my MacBook Pro, I realized that I was looking in the wrong spot.

Dating back several OS X versions, passwords have been stored in an application called Keychain Access. So if you’re looking for a password that you simply can’t remember, you’re in luck. Read ahead on how to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac…  Read More


1Password for Mac updated with Watchtower support

By Cody Lee on May 2, 2014

Following the update to the iOS app this week, AgileBits has posted a new version of 1Password for Mac, bringing the password manager to version 4.4. The update includes just a handful of improvements, but is notable because it adds Watchtower integration.

For those unfamiliar with it, 1Password Watchtower is a service that identifies websites that are vulnerable to known security risks, and suggest that you change your passwords. It’s fairly new, emerging after last-month’s ‘Heartbleed’ bug infected several websites… Read More


Password-management firm names Apple most secure out of top 100 sites

By Cody Lee on Jan 24, 2014

With high profile hacking incidents making headlines now on what seems like a weekly basis, people are starting to think more about their online security. And one of the first questions they tend to ask is: how safe is my password at [insert name] website?

Password-management company Dashlane just released a report that may help answer this question for many users. The firm has conducted a comprehensive study of the top 100 e-commerce websites, based on 24 criteria, and here’s what they found out… Read More


iTouchSecure: an amazing Touch ID security app for autofilling passwords

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 14, 2014

After a few days of intense testing, I can now recommend iTouchSecure for iOS. iTouchSecure is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to autofill every password in any app using Touch ID. It’s what we all imagined Touch ID evolving into after Apple had some time to perfect the technology. But you don’t have to wait for the evolution. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone 5s and 5 bucks.

iTouchSecure is one of those jailbreak tweaks that convinces people on the fence that they need to jailbreak. It can speed up your workflow when using apps that require you to enter a password, and it’s about as secure as one could hope a tweak like this to be.

The iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor is pretty remarkable in itself, but when combined with a tweak like iTouchSecure, it goes from remarkable to downright amazing. We’ve got a full video walkthrough showcasing iTouchSecure’s features inside. Have a look and see why this must have jailbreak tweak should be installed on your iPhone 5s. Read More


New ‘Knock’ app allows you to unlock your Mac with your iPhone

By Cody Lee on Nov 5, 2013

With the iPhone 5s, Apple made security more convenient by allowing users to unlock their devices with a quick tap of its Touch ID Home button. It’s kind of like having a password, without having to type it in every time.

And that’s essentially what Knock, a new iOS app by Knock Software, does for the Mac. It allows you to keep your computer secure, without having to type in a password every time. Simply give your iPhone a knock to unlock… Read More


Create passcode free intervals with PasswordTime

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 30, 2013

PasswordTime is a jailbreak tweak that let’s you disable the passcode on your device during specific user defined time intervals. In theory, this could allow you to disable the passcode at 6 PM, the time when you arrive home from work. It could then be set to reenable the passcode before you leave the next day.

It’s not a fail safe method of security, but if you’re looking for something to add a little bit of convenience to your device, while still maintaining a passcode, then PasswordTime is worth your attention.

Read More


1Password 4 now available in the Mac App Store

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 3, 2013

The fine folks over at AgileBits have outdone themselves with the latest update to their awesome password management application. 1Password 4, a release countless months in the making, is now officially available for purchase in the Mac App Store. To celebrate, the team behind it is offering it at $39.99 — a 20% discount.

I’ve been a 1Password user for a littler over a year now, and I have to tell you, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. To be honest, I wasn’t much a believer at first. I used another password management tool called LastPass, and that seemed to work fine for me.

That was until I gave 1Password a real shot. Since then, I haven’t looked back. There are just so many different facets of this application that make it the gold standard as far as password management apps are concerned. And 1Password 4 has so many subtle upgrades and painstaking attention to detail, that I feel comfortable labeling it the best password management app of all time.

Read More


Apple removes iCloud Keychain from iOS 7 GM, here’s why

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 11, 2013

Yesterday, Apple seeded its registered iOS developers with a so-called Gold Master version of iOS 7, which is essentially the same version owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices will be getting come September 18.

Unfortunately, it seems the company has quietly pulled the useful iCloud Keychain feature from the GM build. The company did not provide an explanation as to why exactly the feature got yanked.

For what it’s worth, it’s entirely possible the company leadership didn’t feel confident enough to declare iCloud Keychain ready for prime time. We have another theory… Read More


Quickly enable the Passcode on your device with TapTapPass

By Cody Lee on Mar 26, 2013

By default, it takes you at least 6 steps to enable your device’s Passcode from your Home screen. You have to launch the Settings app, navigate through a couple of screens to the Passcode Lock window, and set it up.

While this process is just fine for folks who keep their iOS devices Passcode-protected at all times, it’s fairly tedious for those that only enable the security feature every once in a while. Luckily, there’s TapTapPass… Read More


Apple fixes iForgot security hole that compromised Apple ID passwords

By Cody Lee on Mar 23, 2013

That was fast. Earlier today, Christian told you that a major security hole had been discovered involving Apple’s iForgot page that allowed someone to reset your Apple ID password with just your birthdate and email address.

Unsurprisingly, Apple immediately took the password page down after getting word of the vulnerability. And after just a few hours of ‘maintenance,’ the page is back up and—we’re happy to report—once again safe to use… Read More


How to stop Google Chrome’s annoying keychain access request messages

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 4, 2013

Have you ever had Google Chrome on OS X present a pop up message that states: Google Chrome wants to use your confidential information stored in the…blah, blah, blah…in your keychain?

Even if you select Always Allow, Deny, or Allow, the message continues to pop up each time you visit specific sites. I tried disabling password syncing in Chrome’s settings, clearing all saved passwords, etc., all to no avail. Basically, I got to the point where If I saw that message one more time, I was going to rip my hair out!

But I solved the issue, and it was actually easier, and more obvious than I expected. If you’re having the same problem, which apparently many Chrome users on the Mac are, then take a look inside for the fix… Read More


Lockdown Pro now available in iPad, Lite versions

By Cody Lee on Mar 3, 2013

Lockdown Pro, the popular jailbreak tweak that allows you to password-protect individual apps and folders on your iPhone, was updated this week with some new features and improvements. It can now hide apps, and it feels much speedier.

But the big news is that in addition to the update, the developer has also released 3 new Lockdown Pro packages. There is now an iPad version of the tweak, as well as two free ‘Lite’ versions—one for the iPhone/iPod touch and one for the iPad… Read More


Patent shows Apple working on image-based password alternative

By Cody Lee on Feb 11, 2013

Good news for those of you who have a strong disdain for remembering and entering in passwords. It looks like Apple is again exploring alternatives to the traditional text and number-based authentication method.

An interesting patent application fro the Cupertino company has recently surfaced that depicts an iPhone being unlocked by a user verbally (or using touch-based input) identifying a person, pet or object in a photo… Read More


Accented characters make iOS passwords stronger, not enough to keep your data secure

By Mike Schnier on Jan 24, 2013

There’s a suggestion floating around on tech blogs for setting ‘unguessable passcodes’ in iOS. The idea is to use alternate accented characters, which are hidden but easily accessible by holding down letters on the virtual keyboard. The thinking is these accented characters could be especially effective at thwarting guesses, as English speakers might not even realize that there are accents beneath the keys… Read More


‘Revelation’ reveals masked passwords on iOS

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 24, 2013

If you find yourself forgetting a saved password in your favorite browser, whether it be Safari, Chrome, or the like, then Revelation may come to your aid. But what if you forget a saved password in something like your Gmail email account saved within iOS? Revelation can help there, too.

As you can probably tell by now, Revelation is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to see your otherwise hidden passwords in the clear. Not only will it prevent your passwords from being masked as you type, you can also go back and reveal saved passwords in their unmasked form.

Indeed, it’s certainly a security violation, but if you find yourself up a creek without a way to reset your password, then Revelation may be a good last resort. Take a look at our video walkthrough inside, and decide if its something you might benefit from. Read More


1Password 4 lands in the App Store

By Cody Lee on Dec 13, 2012

As promised, AgileBits has released 1Password 4 for the iPhone and iPad today. The update to the popular password-keeper is actually an all-new app, with several improvements over its predecessor like a revamped UI, new features and more. Plus, AgileBits is offering a steep discount on the new software for a limited time. More details after the break… Read More


Apple gave hackers access to user’s iCloud account

By Cody Lee on Aug 5, 2012

As we continue to upload more and more of our lives to the web, the dangers of being hacked multiply. Our credit card numbers, our home addresses — they’re all there for the taking. That’s why so many security experts preach using a complicated password.

But sometimes, using a strong password isn’t enough. Just ask former Gizmodo writer Mat Honan. Mat’s world was turned upside down this weekend when a hacker gained access to his iCloud account, wiping his Mac, iPhone and iPad, thanks to Apple… Read More


Password requirement for free apps in iOS 6 seems to be erratic

By Cody Lee on Jul 24, 2012

Yesterday, we mentioned that several users were reporting that the latest version of iOS 6 beta was not requiring them to put in their passwords when downloading free apps.

The news spread quickly, but the assumption was premature. It appears that Apple has quickly reversed this behavior via a backend update, and the password requirement is back in place… Read More


Car maker Ford creates remarkably effective password manager app

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 21, 2012

Being overly paranoid about my passwords, I’ve traditionally resorted to using a bunch of tools to keep my login credentials safe, ranging from brute force solutions that involve keeping passwords in an encrypted text file up in the cloud to pricey utilities such as 1Password.

The problem is, these time-sucking tools involve daily management and require that I adapt my workflow. Wouldn’t it be nice if my Mac could automagically recognize me by way of my iPhone? Enter KeyFree Login, an iPhone app from car maker Ford that puts all password managers to shame with its ubiquity and simplicity. It’s magic, really.

By enabling Bluetooth on both your Mac and iOS device, you’ll be automatically authenticated to Facebook, Twitter and whatever websites you use, each time the two devices are in range, no setup required whatsoever, just by standing next to your computer… Read More

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