Apple pays tribute to Nelson Mandela on its homepage

By Cody Lee on Dec 7, 2013

Apple has updated the homepage of its website this evening to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. The late South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary died on Thursday at the age of 95.

As it did following the passing of Steve Jobs and a handful of other figures, Apple has removed all product placements on the landing page and replaced them with a large portrait photo of Mandela… Read More


iPad mini shipping times drop to 1-3 days in some countries

By Cody Lee on Feb 4, 2013

Apple has had a hard time catching up with demand for its new iPad mini. Since the tablet debuted last November, supply has been extremely constrained, and shipping estimates only recently dropped below a month.

But things are starting to even out now—either due to Apple ironing out supply chain issues or a recent drop in demand—because the mini is now showing shipping times (in some countries) of just 1-3 business days… Read More


iPad mini shipping times improve to 3-5 days

By Cody Lee on Jan 25, 2013

During Apple’s earnings call earlier this week, Tim Cook noted that the iPad mini was constrained for most of the holiday quarter. And he was right, estimated shipping times were as high as a month in November, and still a week out in December.

But it looks like Apple’s supply is catching up with demand. Today, for the first time, those estimates have dropped below a week. In the United States, in Canada, and several other countries, Apple’s web store is showing ship times of just 3-5 days… Read More


Apple offering popular hipKey proximity sensor online

By Cody Lee on Jan 23, 2013

How many times have you misplaced your keys in the last few years? Ok, how about your iPhone? Children? Well the good news is that there are actually iOS accessories that can help you with your forgetfulness, like the hipKey.

The hipKey is a simple proximity sensor, powered by Bluetooth, built to help you keep track of your valuables. It has a key ring, allowing you to attach it to your keys, purse, etc., and a companion iPhone app for easy tracking… Read More


Apple advertising engraved and gift-wrapped iPads for Valentine’s Day

By Cody Lee on Jan 23, 2013

Now that Christmas is just a tiny spec in our rear-view mirrors, it’s time to start looking ahead to the next gift-giving holiday: Valentine’s Day. And this morning, Apple started doing just that, highlighting the affair on its web store with a new “There’s more than one way to say I love you” iPad advertisement… Read More


Apple launches new system status page for iTunes Stores, iCloud and more

By Cody Lee on Dec 13, 2012

In addition to its iTunes update, Apple has rolled out a new version of its iCloud system status page today. The portal, which once only showed the operating status of iCloud services now offers a comprehensive look at several of Apple’s online assets including the App Store, Apple’s Online Store, and more… Read More


Refurbished iPad 2 Models now Available at

By Cody Lee on Aug 31, 2011

It seems the trend of discounted tablets isn’t over yet. Word on the street is that HP is gearing up for another production run of its TouchPad slate, and even Amazon sounds like it wants to get in on the action.

But if the obsolete tablet or the rumored beefed-up Kindle haven’t peaked your interest, you might be happy to hear that Apple’s online store is now offering refurbished iPad 2s at a decent discount… Read More


CNN Brings 24/7 Live Streaming of Online News to Your iOS Device

By Guest Author on Jul 18, 2011

CNN announced earlier today that CNN and HLN will be streaming a constant 24/7 feed of programming on all CNN iOS apps, as well offering the continued streaming on for desktop users.

Although CNN is the first news network (in the United States, BBC has done it for a while now) to stream their channel 24/7 online, there is a catch. In order to watch CNN on your iDevice on the go, you need to be subscribed to a TV multi-channel service. It’s available to subscribers of AT&T, Comcast, Cox, DISH Network, Suddenlink and Verizon, as well as some satellite services… Read More