MyWi updated for iOS 8 with public beta release

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 2, 2014

Intelliborn’s MyWi, the landmark tethering tool for jailbroken iOS devices, has been updated for iOS 8 in the form of a public beta. The update, which is now available on Cydia, brings enhanced tethering capability to iOS devices.

Some may argue against using a tool like MyWi since iOS 8 makes it even easier to connect to hotspot-enabled iPhones and iPads. But MyWi has a definite one-up on stock tethering due to the amount of options and stats that it presents to the user. Have a look inside for the full change log and a rundown of some of the tweak’s more compelling features. Read More


FCC tells Verizon to stop blocking tethering apps

By Cody Lee on Jul 31, 2012

This is pretty interesting. Verizon has just reached a settlement with the FCC in their ongoing dispute regarding tethering apps. The carrier will pay out $1.25 million to the US Treasury, and will stop blocking the use of third-party tethering apps.

Unfortunately, the decision only applies to Verizon customers for the time being, as it comes as a stipulation in the carrier’s deal to purchase 700 MHz of wireless spectrum from Cox and other cable companies. FCC press release is after the break… Read More


SemiTether Jailbreak Updated For Stability

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 30, 2011

The popular SemiTether jailbreak was updated to v0.9.1 this morning, and it’s quite the update.

Working with Saurik, the team was able to fully incorporate the new mobile substrate, which allowed them to get rid of the daemon patching and restarting.

Mobile substrate now does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the SemiTether. There’s even an option to patch Safari to work in non-jailbreak mode now.

Perhaps most importantly, the new version of SemiTether will protect your iOS 5 Notification Center plugins… Read More


MyWi Updated With Support for iOS 5

By Alex Heath on Sep 20, 2011

Jailbreak developers are beginning to update their tweaks and apps with iOS 5 compatibility. We told you about BiteSMS getting updated for iOS 5 yesterday, and now another staple jailbreak app has been updated for Apple’s highly anticipated mobile software.

Popular tethering app MyWi has been updated by Intelliborn to version 5.0. With iOS 5 compatibility, this new version of MyWi also features some improvements and bug fixes… Read More


Verizon Allegedly Starts Blocking Jailbreak Tethering

By Cody Lee on Aug 9, 2011

TiPB passes on a report from Forbes that Verizon is rolling out a system to prevent jailbreak utilities like MyWi from working on its network. And according to the article, the free-tethering ban starts today.

This information correlates with previous reports that Big Red had started blocking rooted (same thing as jailbroken) Android users from tethering their devices, but we weren’t sure when the ‘official ban on unofficial tethering’ would start… Read More


AT&T To Begin Moving Jailbroken Hotspot-ers to Tiered Data Soon

By Cody Lee on Aug 4, 2011

AT&T got rid of their unlimited data plans quite some time ago. However, folks who had unlimited data before the plan was removed are likely still enjoying the all-you-can-eat option.

Thanks to the grandfather clause, customers should get to keep those unlimited plans until they sign another contract — unless their iPhone happens to be jailbroken and they’re using an application like MyWiRead More


How AT&T Recognizes Unauthorized Tethering from Jailbroken iPhones

By Alex Heath on May 8, 2011

In case you didn’t know, AT&T has started cracking down on unauthorized tethering, specifically for jailbroken iPhones on a grandfathered unlimited data plan.

If you’ve gotten AT&T’s “text of death” relating to your tethering usage, you’re probably utilizing free tethering through jailbreak apps like MyWi. Understandably, AT&T doesn’t want its users to have a free broadband connection through tethering hacks, and the carrier has started moving users over to its DataPro plan for $45 a month.

So, how is AT&T targeting unauthorized tethering on its network? Read More


PdaNet Updated to Mask Tethering Usage, Great News for MyWi Users

By Jeff Benjamin on May 5, 2011

Talk about good timing. Alex just shared his experience lamenting AT&T’s strict tethering policies, and not so much as an hour later we learn that PdaNet has been updated to mask tethering.

While a lot of you may be more familiar with MyWi when it comes to tethering, PdaNet is the forerunner to MyWi, and still has quite the loyal following today.

Even if you are a MyWi user, this is wonderful news, because it means that the developers of MyWi shouldn’t be too many steps behind when it comes to implementing similar features in their tethering app… Read More


My Tethering Experience With MyWi on AT&T

By Alex Heath on May 5, 2011

I recently got a text message from AT&T letting me know that I was “enjoying” free tethering with my iPhone, and that I would need to change my habits or be forced to upgrade to an official tethering plan. For all intents and purposes, I will refer to this as the “text of death.”

This text of death from AT&T didn’t surprise me. We reported awhile ago that AT&T was beginning to crack down on tethering that wasn’t sanctioned through their official tethering plan.

What surprised me was that I thought I’d been careful, meaning, I thought I’d played it safe with how much I’d been tethering. After calling AT&T, I discovered some interesting information that might help those of you in a similar position. Read More


AT&T Cracks Down on MyWi Tethering Users

By Sébastien Page on Mar 17, 2011

If you’re a heavy user of MyWi, the most popular jailbreak app that allows tethering, then watch out because AT&T is coming after you. According to various reports from MyWi users, AT&T has been sending SMS and emails warning them that they have to activate the official tethering option if they want to tether their iPhone.

Additionally, the email AT&T sent to some MyWi users warns them that if they don’t hear from them before March 27, those users will automatically be enrolled in the 4 GB DataPro plan, which is required for activating the official tethering option… Read More


Use the iPhone to Enable GPS on the iPad While Tethering

By Alex Heath on Mar 16, 2011

If you don’t pony up the cash for a 3G-enabled iPad 2, you won’t get the GPS capabilities of a carrier network connection. That means that, unless you are connected to a Wifi access point, the maps functionality of the iPad will not be able to track your location or give you live directions, etc.

The internal GPS is definitely one of the biggest pros for the 3G models of the iPad. With an internal GPS, the iPad can be a great navigation tool for your car’s dashboard. So, what can you do to get GPS on the iPad 2 without a 3G connection?

A new report claims that you can use the iPhone’s data connection through tethering to enable GPS functionality on the iPad

Read More


MyWi “OnDemand” Brings Intelligent Hotspot Functionality to the iPhone

By Alex Heath on Feb 5, 2011

MyWi is an incredibly popular Cydia app that allows jailbreakers to have a heavily customizable mobile hotspot with their iPhone’s 3G connection. We here at iDB love MyWi, and it’s definitely been a staple of what the jailbreak scene has to offer for quite some time.

Intelliborn, the company behind MyWi, recently added a new feature to the popular hotspot app called “OnDemand.” The purpose of MyWi OnDemand is to create a smarter mobile hotspot on the iPhone.

MyWi OnDemand will study the behavior of the devices connected to your hotspot, and connect or disconnect when you need it to…

Read More


A Closer Look at The Verizon iPhone’s ‘Personal Hotspot’

By Alex Heath on Jan 12, 2011

Yesterday, the Verizon iPhone was announced. Not much is different; there is a new CDMA antenna and mobile hotspot feature coined as “Personal Hotspot.” This new (currently) Verizon-specific iPhone feature mimics popular jailbreak utilities like MyWi.

Personal Hotspot will be a new, pre-installed software feature for the Verizon brand of iOS. This mobile hotspot feature has been available on most Android phones for quite some time. Some more details have surfaced about Personal Hotspot…

Read More


5 Practical Jailbreak Apps That Should Be in Every iPhone Owner’s Tool Belt

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 14, 2010

We here at iDB love us some good jailbreak apps and tweaks, but there are few that stand out when you take into account sheer practicality.

For example, say you’re trying to find your keys in a dark place, or need to know where to position the jumper cables on your stalled car during the cold the night hours? No sweat, you always have a flashlight with you; thanks to your iPhone and SpringFlash.

Did your favorite app make the cut? Are you totally prepared for whatever situation may confront you in a dire time of need? Are we making this way too suspenseful? Check inside and find the answer…

Read More


If You Could Only Choose One Jailbreak App

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 28, 2010

If you could only have one jailbreak app, which one would it be? I had to think long and hard about this, because there are so many great jailbreak apps that make the iPhone such a delightful device to use.

Ultimately, though, I was able to decide on one app in particular that I just can’t live without. Can you guess what it is?

Read More


Tethering: How to Tether the iPhone 4

By Sébastien Page on Aug 5, 2010

Until last week when the iPhone 4 was finally jailbroken, your only option to tether the iPhone 4 was to go through the official, legit and expensive way: AT&T. If like me you think that an extra $20/month just to tether your iPhone 4 is a little too much, we’ve got a solution for you. It’s called MyWi.

We’ve talked greatly about MyWi on iDB before but for those of you who just arrived let me tell you briefly what it does. MyWi is an app that let’s you turn your iPhone into a wifi hostpot. Turn it on and share your iPhone Internet connection with computers around you. That’s how simple it is.

Tethering Your iPhone 4 Using MyWi

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone 4 is jailbroken (see iPhone 4 jailbreak instructions)

Step 2: Launch Cydia and search for “MyWi 4.0”.

Step 3: Download and install the free MyWi trial then reboot your iPhone.

Step 4: Launch MyWi and tweak the settings to your liking:

  • Change the hotspot name
  • Change the channel
  • Enable Wep security
  • Enable USB/Bluetooth tethering

That’s it. You can now tether your iPhone using MyWi. Your iPhone doesn’t even have to be plugged in your computer. You can just use MyWi as a hotspot, but remember it will drain your battery like crazy.

While MyWi is not illegal in itself, AT&T (or your local carrier) might have a policy in place to prevent you from using apps like MyWi. As long as you don’t get caught, it’s all good…

If you want to keep MyWi after the 10-day trial, it will cost you about $20. Although it comes with a hefty price, I believe MyWi is one the best jailbreak apps out there.

UPDATE: There are cheaper alternatives to MyWi. Click here for more info.


iPhone Tethering: How to Tether iPhone 3.1.3

By Sébastien Page on May 5, 2010

With Internet tethering on your iPhone, you don’t need wifi to surf the web from your computer. Tethering your iPhone allows you to share the 3G or Edge connection on your iPhone with your laptop and connect to the Internet anywhere.

A while ago, I wrote about tethering iPhone 3.1.2. Today, I’d like to show you how to tether iPhone 3.1.3.

UPDATE: This post is outdated. Please check out this page for the latest information about iPhone tethering.

Tethering iPhone 3.1.3

You have 2 options to set up internet tethering on your iPhone 3.1.3.

Option 1: If your iPhone is jailbroken

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can simply install the MyWi app from Cydia ($10). Not only MyWi allows you to tether your iPhone, but it can also turn your iPhone into a wifi hotspot. If your iPhone is not jailbroken and you want to jailbreak it, read our Spirit jailbreak tutorial.

Option 2: If your iPhone is not jailbroken

UPDATE: I have tried this option on an iPhone 3G and it works fine. Many of you reported in the comments that it does not work. Proceed at your own risk…

If for some obscure reasons you do not want to jailbreak your iPhone but still want to tether it, there is another solution:

  • From your iPhone, navigate to
  • Tap on “Tethering”
  • Choose your country
  • Choose your carrier
  • Tap “Download”
  • Tap “Install”
  • Reboot your iPhone

After rebooting your iPhone, you should see a new option under Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering. By turning Internet Tethering on, you will be able to share your iPhone internet connection with your laptop.

Note that for this to work, your SIM card should NOT be locked with a PIN. If so, simply deactivate the PIN lock in the settings.

That’s this simple. You should now be able to tether your iPhone 3.1.3.