Apple listed as exhibitor at next year’s Mobile World Congress

By Cody Lee on Oct 19, 2016

Apple is slated to make an appearance at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, reports MacRumors. The site points to a page (which has since been pulled) on the MWC website, which shows the company has booked exhibitor space for the event.

This is significant for a few reasons. For one, Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry. And two, Apple’s been absent from most major trade shows and conferences since the early 2000’s. Read More


Sony chief: Apple is ‘missing out’ by updating iPhone just once per year

By Cody Lee on Feb 27, 2014

Apple is ‘missing’ out by only updating its iPhone once per year, according to Pierre Perron. In an interview at Mobile World Congress this week, Sony’s mobile chief and European president offered up some friendly advice to the Cupertino company.

Essentially, Perron feels that because mobile technology advances so fast, a new handset can feel outdated after just a few months. So in order for Apple to meet consumer demand for cutting edge tech, it must update its iPhone hardware more frequently… Read More


Apple wins Best Mobile Tablet award at Mobile World Congress without even trying

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 25, 2014

Although Apple wasn’t an exhibitor at this year’s Mobile World Congress – currently underway in Barcelona, Spain – its iPad Air has managed to snag the award for the show’s Best Mobile Tablet. The annual Global Mobile Awards and Mobile World Congress are both organized by the same party, the GSM Association.

A panel of judges has determined in their ruling that Apple’s latest full-size iPad packs “class-leading performance in an attractive and svelte frame”, a nice recognition of Jony Ive’s design and the iPad Air’s speedy A7 chip.

More importantly, the judges singled out Apple’s tightly integrated ecosystem as a prime reason why the iPad Air has “an undisputed advantage in the number of format-optimized apps”Read More


Mark Zuckerberg says WhatsApp worth more than $19 billion

By Cody Lee on Feb 25, 2014

Since Facebook announced last week that it would be acquiring WhatsApp for $16+ billion, pundits have been trying to make sense of the deal. How can a messaging app startup be worth so much more than say, Motorola Mobility, which has thousands of employees?

According to Mark Zuckerberg, it’s not. It’s worth more. Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, the CEO said that WhatsApp was a ‘great fit’ for his company and that it was worth more than the $19B ($16B + $3B in vested shares) they paid for it… Read More


Samsung introduces new ‘Gear Fit’ fitness tracker

By Cody Lee on Feb 25, 2014

As Apple and Google prepare their entries into the rising wearables space, Samsung introduced 3 new products into its already-seasoned line of smartwatches at Mobile World Congress this week. There’s the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo, and now we have the Gear Fit.

We’ve already seen the 2 new Gear watches—they’re very similar to their predecessor in that they look, well, like watches. The Gear Fit, however, unveiled yesterday alongside the Galaxy S5, looks more like a cross between a smartwatch and a Fitbit Force fitness band… Read More


Samsung unveils new Galaxy S5 with heart-rate monitor, fingerprint scanner and more

By Cody Lee on Feb 24, 2014

Out of all the major manufacturers presenting new products at Mobile World Congress this week, no keynote was more highly anticipated than Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event. The South Korean company is the hottest name in Android right now, and it was expected to unveil its latest flagship smartphone.

And it delivered. This afternoon, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S5 handset to a packed auditorium in Barcelona, Spain. There were no paid TV hosts or Broadway dancers this time around, just Samsung leadership up on stage talking about the smartphone they built for the year 2014 and beyond… Read More


Nokia unveils its first-ever Android handsets: the X, X+ and XL

By Cody Lee on Feb 24, 2014

So the rumors were true. Despite being a long-time parter of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, and despite being outright purchased by the Redmond company last fall, Nokia has been working on an Android strategy. And tonight, it unveiled that strategy to the world.

At its Mobile World Congress press event in Barcelona, the Finnish handset-maker introduced not one, but three new Android phones: the X, X+ and XL. The X and X+ both have 4-inch displays, and similar specs, and as you’d imagine the XL has a larger 5-inch display… Read More


Mad Catz introduces new Xbox-inspired iOS 7 controller ‘C.T.R.L.i’

By Cody Lee on Feb 23, 2014

Mobile World Congress, which has just begun in Barcelona, is not known for churning out mobile peripherals like CES or other big conferences, but we’ve got one for you today. It’s a new MFi (made for iPhone) iOS 7-compatible game controller.

It’s a wireless controller, with a removable clip for docking your device, and it’s called the ‘C.T.R.L.i.’ It’s made by Mad Catz, and if you have ever shopped around for third-party PC and console peripherals, you know that’s a fairly well-known name… Read More


Samsung introduces new Tizen-based ‘Gear 2’ smartwatches

By Cody Lee on Feb 22, 2014

As rumors regarding Apple’s iWatch project continue to bounce about the web, Samsung introduced its second generation smartwatch tonight. The announcement came at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, and actually includes two separate products: the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo.

Perhaps the most notable difference between these smartwatches and the one Samsung released 6 months ago is that these run the company’s open source operating system called ‘Tizen,’ not Android. Samsung says that the switch in OSes results in easier use and much better battery life… Read More


Galaxy S III named Best Smartphone of 2012 at Mobile World Congress

By Cody Lee on Feb 28, 2013

The world of smartphones can essentially be divided into two camps: iPhone and Android. Sure there are some BlackBerry and Windows Phone users out there, but Apple and Google handsets make up most of the market.

And as in any situation where there are two dominant players, each platform has their own army of loyal fans. And I’m sure both sides have plenty to say about Samsung’s Galaxy S III being named the Best Smartphone of 2012… Read More


Meet Apple TV’s newest competitor, the Samsung HomeSync

By Cody Lee on Feb 25, 2013

As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re huge fans of the Apple TV here at iDB. Apple’s set-top box is inexpensive, easy-to-use, and it integrates perfectly with our iOS devices. Plus, older versions of it can be jailbroken.

The device has been doing remarkably well for Apple, despite the fact that it has several competitors. But we’ll see if that hot streak can continue now that Samsung’s throwing its hat in the ring with its new HomeSync… Read More


Passing 300M users, Shazam announces revamped iPad app

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 25, 2013

The media discovery and recommendation engine Shazam at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Monday said it surpassed 300 million users and announced updates to its app for iPad and Android tablets in the coming weeks. Some of the newly added capabilities include a much faster tagging with automatic resubmissions (handy during poor network reception), better Shazam Friends interactions and a new streamlined way to share your finds via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.

Also on tap for iPad and Android tablets: a revamped home screen with updated layouts for tagged results from TV and music and a brand new interactive mapping feature letting you see what people aroun the world are discovering and sharing using Shazam mobile apps. What’s best, Shazam is now providing the two premium features – fast (and unlimited) tagging in as little as one second and full-screen LyricPlay lyrics – as part of the free tablet experience… Read More


HP tries the tablet thing again: cheap iPad mini rival, Slate 7, coming in April

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 24, 2013

Remember the ill-fated Slate, a Hewlett-Packard tablet Steve Ballmer demoed at CES 2010 as a sign of things to come from the PC camp? It failed miserably, leaving HP to linger out there and admit defeat of its webOS/TouchPad strategy.

But as the world’s top computer vendor has witnessed shoppers increasingly picking up iPads and Android tablets, it felt compelled to reboot its mobile strategy by announcing today at Mobile World Congress in Spain, Barcelona a brand new seven-inch tablet for entertainment and media consumption.

It’s called the Slate 7, runs Android and is set to launch this April. And honoring the tradition (the $99 TouchPad fire sale), HP is pricing this thing really aggressively at just $169.99, or nearly half as much as Apple’s $329 iPad mini… Read More


Samsung to take on Apple with mini Galaxy Note

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 17, 2013

Samsung of South Korea will later this month take another crack at dethroning the tablet leader Apple by going after the Cupertino firm’s iPad mini, a 7.9-inch mini tablet computer released on November 2, 2012 and starting at $320 for the Wi-Fi only version with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

The new Note reportedly has a 720p (1,280-by-800) Super Clear LCD screen measuring eight inches diagonally and comes with Samsung’s trademark S-Pen. Hardware specifications allegedly aren’t that special as Samsung is possibly using cheaper components in order to undercut the iPad mini on price… Read More