E.T., Cool Runnings, and other iTunes Movies under $10

Apple on Tuesday updated its iTunes Store with new promotions for downloadable movies. This week they’ve selected films from two categories, “Family-Friendly” and “Ode to Hollywood,” to discount down to less than $10.

The picks feature a number of recognizable titles, including The Goonies and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There are also classics like Steven Spielberg’s E.T., Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, and Rebel Without a Cause.

The Accountant, Arrival, and other iTunes movies under $10

Every Tuesday, Apple updates its iTunes Movie Store with new promotions for a curated collection of movies. This week they’ve selected 30 “Smart Sci-Fi” films to place on sale, bringing their price tags to less than $10.

The list features a number of recognizable titles including Arrival, Interstellar, Ex Machina, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And for good measure, The Accountant and Allied have also been discounted to $10.

Hulu teases upcoming live TV service: cloud DVR, multi-device streaming & more confirmed

Hulu recently updated its mini-site, which highlights the company’s existing video on demand service and a forthcoming live television offering. The website refresh has revealed previously unconfirmed features such as cloud DVR, multi-device streaming, user profiles, support for guest accounts, real-time notifications for live events and other perks. The sub-$40 service is expected to launch across iOS, tvOS and other platforms in the coming months.