E.T., Cool Runnings, and other iTunes Movies under $10

Apple on Tuesday updated its iTunes Store with new promotions for downloadable movies. This week they’ve selected films from two categories, “Family-Friendly” and “Ode to Hollywood,” to discount down to less than $10.

The picks feature a number of recognizable titles, including The Goonies and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There are also classics like Steven Spielberg’s E.T., Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, and Rebel Without a Cause.

The Accountant, Arrival, and other iTunes movies under $10

Every Tuesday, Apple updates its iTunes Movie Store with new promotions for a curated collection of movies. This week they’ve selected 30 “Smart Sci-Fi” films to place on sale, bringing their price tags to less than $10.

The list features a number of recognizable titles including Arrival, Interstellar, Ex Machina, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And for good measure, The Accountant and Allied have also been discounted to $10.

Hulu teases upcoming live TV service: cloud DVR, multi-device streaming & more confirmed

Hulu recently updated its mini-site, which highlights the company’s existing video on demand service and a forthcoming live television offering. The website refresh has revealed previously unconfirmed features such as cloud DVR, multi-device streaming, user profiles, support for guest accounts, real-time notifications for live events and other perks. The sub-$40 service is expected to launch across iOS, tvOS and other platforms in the coming months.

Apple Music gaining new TV & Movies section

Apple Music appears to be at the heart of the Cupertino company’s strategy for original television shows, with a new section headlined “TV & Movies” being added to desktop iTunes and the Music app on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, as revealed in the promotional trailer for ”Planet of the Apps”.

As you know, Apple is making a deeper push into producing its own stable of original TV shows, with an unscripted reality TV show called “Planet of the Apps” and a spinoff series based on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” scheduled to air this spring on Apple Music, the company’s subscription music service.

Apple has finished filming Planet of the Apps

Apple has reportedly finished filming Planet of the Apps, an unscripted television show about apps and their talented creators, MacRumors has learned from a person familiar with the project. The Cupertino company reportedly built a real set near Hollywood in order to record the show and tore it down at the conclusion of filming.

The whole filming process was apparently “very stressful,” but “exhilarating”. It’s unclear when the reality series will air, but it’s believed that Apple plans on making it available to Apple Music subscribers at no charge.

HBO GO picks up support for Single sign-on and Apple’s new TV app

Apple today put HBO GO on the list of video apps supported in its new TV app via the Single-sign on feature that recently launched in iOS 10 and tvOS 10.

This lets HBO GO users sign in with their cable or satellite credentials on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV to enjoy instant access to HBO shows, not only in Apple’s own TV app but in other supported video apps that their pay TV subscription includes.

Hulu for iOS gains user profiles for multiple-user accounts, offline viewing in the works

Hulu for iOS was updated on App Store with personalized profiles for multiple-user accounts following the introduction of single-user profiles in December 2016.

Personalized profiles for multiple users who share a single Hulu account are now available on the web at and in the mobile Hulu app for iOS and other platforms, TechCrunch reported yesterday.

The oft-requested offline viewing feature will arrive “in a few months” as the company is working hard on the technology as well as on securing content rights, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins told Adweek.

Jimmy Iovine: original TV series and movies part of Apple Music pop cultural experience

The Wall Street Journal thinks Apple wants to buy rights to original television shows and movies as another way of enticing users into choosing Apple Music over competitors like Spotify and Pandora. Monday, The Hollywood Reported published an interview with Apple executive Jimmy Iovine, who said that adding original video content to the music-streaming service is part of the plan to turn Apple Music into a pop cultural phenomenon.

Apple posts new ‘Best of 2016’ video

Apple has shared a new video on its YouTube channel entitled ‘Best of 2016.’ As the name implies, the 53-second clip is a recap of some of Apple’s favorite music, apps, movies and games from last year.

Set to an upbeat soundtrack, the video features several picks from Apple’s Best of iTunes lists it released last month. including Drake’s song Hotline Bling, the movie Deadpool and the photo app Prisma.