Analysts make case for why Apple will launch mobile payment system

By Jake Smith on Apr 17, 2014

The Morgan Stanley Research group in Europe believes Apple has all the ingredients to cook up a proprietary mobile payment system, and makes a case for why the Cupertino-based company may launch it soon.

Primarily, Apple in a way is already the “de facto, in the mobile payment space,” given it has 400 million credit cards on file through its iTunes Store.

One Morgan Stanley executive makes a strong case, based on public information and not insider Apple information, on why it sounds likely:

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Facebook reportedly aims to get ahead of Apple with new payments service

By Jake Smith on Apr 14, 2014

Get ready to pay for items using Facebook, as the social network is said to be planning a payments service that could launch before the rumored iWallet from Apple.

Facebook hasn’t officially confirmed the service, but it’s working to receive regulatory approval for it in Ireland, according to a report from the Financial Times. The service is said to allow users to store money and make electronic payments through the social network. Essentially, it will put Facebook in competition with Google Wallet, PayPal,  Isis, Square, and soon Apple, if the rumors are true… Read More


Google wants to buy mobile payment startup Square, but CEO wants to sell out to Apple

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2014

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s other business venture, the mobile payment startup Square, has a cozy relationship with Apple.

As a case in point, not only does Square develop for iOS first, Apple itself is happy to carry Square’s $9.95 credit card reader for the iPhone and iPad and the $99.95 Square Stand for iPad on its web store.

Moreover, some of Square’s talent comes straight from Apple, including director of engineering for the iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories, Jesse Dorogusker, who recently left the company to join Square.

After allowing Google to buy smart thermostat and smoke detector maker Nest Labs back in January, pundits have observed that Apple should be wise enough to avoid repeating the same mistake twice. Be that as it may, Apple is said to have mulled an acquisition offer for Square.

The possibility of such a deal has been floated on Wednesday as rumors of both Apple and Google discussing a possible acquisition with Square continue to persist. Although CEO Jack Dorsey would reportedly prefer selling the company to Apple, not Google, a deal with Apple is wishful thinking for now… Read More


You could be using your iPhone to pay for your burgers next month

By Cody Lee on Mar 18, 2014

Bloomberg is reporting this afternoon that Burger King, the second-largest burger chain in the US, is introducing an app next month that will allow customers to pay for their Whoppers with smartphones. The outlet says the move is part of an ongoing effort to lure in young diners.

According to a company spokesman, the program will launch in early April in select stores, and should be available in all of Burger King’s 7,000+ American locations within a “few months.” The chain is also looking at adding the ability to order food and drinks for in-store pickup… Read More


Google updates Wallet app with new Orders feature

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 12, 2014

Google last month introduced some nice new features for its mobile Wallet app, namely the ability to scan your loyalty cards using the iPhone’s iSight camera and receive notifications for offers from local merchants.

According to a post Wednesday on the Google Commerce Blog, the Internet giant is rolling out a new version of Wallet for iPhone which uses receipts from Gmail to track your online purchases.

The refreshed software is currently being rolled out to US-based customers so keep an eye on the App Store as the app goes live in the course of this week… Read More


Paypal updated with new security features, Smart Connect support and more

By Cody Lee on Mar 6, 2014

Folks who use eBay’s PayPal payment service will be happy to hear that the company updated its iOS client this morning, bringing the app to version 5.4. The update brings about an important new security feature as well as various other improvements.

The new security feature allows you to attach your mobile phone to your PayPal account so that they can be sure it’s you authorizing activity. It does this by linking the phone number(s) of the device(s) you use PayPal on to your 4-digit security PIN code… Read More


Loop Fob makes swipeless credit card payment via iOS possible

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 19, 2014

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, Loop’s mobile payments device, the Fob, is now available for purchase online at the Loop webstore. The $39 adapter has a contactless chip inside and uses patented technology to encrypt your credit card information on a secure memory module. By storing all of your credit cards, the Fob lets you make payments at virtually any terminal in the U.S.

The Boston-based startup has partnered with a bunch of retailers and credit card issuers to make the solution play nice with virtually all of major points of sale in the United States. In addition to the $39 adapter, Loop will also introduce a $99 Loop ChargeCase later this year… Read More


Incipio’s Cashwrap NFC iPhone case now available to Verizon customers

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 7, 2014

Case maker Incipio two weeks ago announced its new iPhone case, the Cashwrap. It brings mobile wallet functionality to the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s by incorporating NFC technology. The case is compatible with the carrier-backed Isis Mobile Wallet app which makes it possible to pay with your device at participating retailers, mass transit systems and more, using an Iris account.

AT&T initially rolled out the Cashwrap to its own retail stores and yesterday the accessory became available to order in Verizon stores nationwide and from the Big Red carrier’s online store… Read More


Google Wallet updated with loyalty card scanning, notifications for local merchants

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 4, 2014

Released last September following the public launch of iOS 7, Google’s Wallet for iPhone application has since seen one major refresh and a couple maintenance updates.

In December, for example, the app gained the ability to authorize users using Single Sign-On and add a credit or debit card to Wallet by taking a picture of the physical card using the iOS device camera.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add loyalty cards by scanning? Now you can, thanks to a new Google Wallet version 2.0.13611 update, now available in the App StoreRead More


PayPal reportedly offers to run Apple’s rumored mobile payment service

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 30, 2014

It’s no secret that PayPal and Apple partner on iTunes billing, making the payment giant one of the few billing methods available in iTunes.

Matter of fact, PayPal has existed in Apple’s payment system for years now. It would now seem that PayPal wants to run the iTunes billing backend with other retailers as the company is “willing to white label parts of its payment service,” according to a new report Thursday.

PayPal has a strong, established online presence and they’ve been partnering with a growing number of in-store payment companies so the firm could theoretically help build a rumored Apple-branded mobile payment solution… Read More


Tim Cook: mobile payments ‘one of the thoughts behind Touch ID’

By Cody Lee on Jan 27, 2014

Apple just finished up its quarterly earnings call a few hours ago where it offered up sales numbers for the holiday quarter, forecasts for next quarter, and everything in between. Tim Cook even fielded some questions from overly-eager analysts.

While most of these questions were fairly dull, there were a handful of them worth noting, including one about Apple’s plans for the mobile payment space. Obviously Cook wouldn’t answer the query directly, but his response was rather interesting… Read More


WSJ: Apple looking to push deeper into mobile payments

By Cody Lee on Jan 24, 2014

The Wall Street Journal is reporting tonight that Apple is looking to develop a new mobile payment service. The outlet says that SVP of Internet and Services Eddy Cue has met with other companies regarding Apple’s plans to use its iOS devices to handle payments.

With hundreds of millions of active iTunes accounts, Apple has one of the largest credit card banks in existence. And pundits have been saying for years that the company could leverage its mega user base by coming up with some sort of mobile payment system… Read More


AT&T and Incipio introduce new ‘Cashwrap’ NFC iPhone case

By Cody Lee on Jan 24, 2014

Incipio announced today the launch of its new Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5s. The case features NFC tech, and works with the Isis Mobile Wallet app that lets users pay with their smartphones at participating retailers.

The accessory-maker has teamed up with AT&T to bring the Cashwrap to the masses, and it will be available in the company’s stores starting this month. The goal here is to get more iPhone owners using the carrier-backed Isis for mobile payments… Read More


Google Wallet gets single sign-on, lets you add credit card via iDevice camera

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 4, 2013

Following a significant delay, the Internet giant Google finally released its free Wallet for iPhone app back in September 2013. But in bringing its troubled mobile payment service to Apple’s platform, Google left out some of the capabilities found in Wallet’s Android counterpart, such as the ability to make in-store payments with the app (not surprising considering iPhones lack NFC). The company added a few new features via two recent updates and today the Wallet app has been refreshed with some new functionality.

For starters, you can now instantly sign on to Wallet if you use other iOS apps from Google. Google previously rolled out this rather useful feature to its popular iOS apps, allowing you to, say, just tap your Google Account already used in Chrome in order to log in to the Gmail iOS app.

Go past the fold for additional details… Read More


Apple job post tips off next-gen payment platform

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 25, 2013

A punditry consensus has been forming for some time that Apple of California is planning on entering the mobile payment space with a service of its own. Conventional wisdom has it that such a product would tap into more than half a billion iTunes accounts with credit cards on file.

In between Apple’s purchase of smart sensor maker AuthenTec and the company’s iWallet shopping app patent, Apple has done little to indicate that a branded mobile payment solution is in the works, until today.

An Apple job listing now indicates in black and white that Apple’s management is in the process of hiring experts who will “help build a next-generation payment platform” to help its retail “enter new markets”Read More


PayPal refreshed with iOS 7 design, bar code payments, Wallet improvements and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 20, 2013

PayPal has long had a nice albeit somewhat limited iPhone application available in the App Store. Back in September, they gave the software a much-needed redesign while expanding on feature set with useful new capability like the ability to pay at local shops, save offers and order ahead, to name a few.

Today, the team followed up with another feature-laden update. PayPal 5.2 for iPhone does away with skeuomorphism in favor for a much cleaner look that fits nicely into the overall iOS 7 aesthetics. More importantly, you are now free to withdraw cash, pay using QR codes and more… Read More


Facebook testing out new mobile payments service

By Cody Lee on Aug 15, 2013

Facebook is testing a new payments product that would allow online shoppers to make purchases using their login info, according to a new report from AllThingsD. The move is reportedly an effort to simplify online checkout processes.

Citing sources, the site describes the service as one that allows shoppers who have provided Facebook with their credit card credentials to make purchases on partnering e-commerce sites without having to enter their billing information… Read More


Square Register for iOS updated with payment tracking, Bluetooth printer support and more

By Cody Lee on Aug 5, 2013

Even if you’re not a Square user, you should pay attention to what the company is doing in the mobile payment space. This is an area Apple has long been rumored to be getting into, expanding on its Passbook app, and if that happens, Square will be among its top competitors.

Having said that, Square updated its popular Register software today, bringing the app to version 3.2. The changes made in the update are fairly significant, and include the ability to track and record a number of various payments types, and [finally] Bluetooth printer support… Read More


OpenTable testing meal payments via iPhone

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 2, 2013

While increasingly common to use your iPhone to reserve a seat at your favorite table, there has been that annoying task of paying the tab at the end of the meal. A leading player in online reservations, OpenTable, is testing a way to eat out and never touch your wallet.

According to reports, OpenTable – which also lets you reserve a table via Apple’s Siri as well as a separate free app – has begun testing a feature allowing diners to pay for their meals with the iPhone. Perhaps most appetizing is the CEO’s pledge that “no geeky stuff” is required… Read More


Mobile payment service Isis to go nationwide this year with iPhone support

By Cody Lee on Jul 31, 2013

Nearly three years after it was first announced, Isis is finally set to debut on the national stage. Bloomberg is reporting this morning that the carrier-backed mobile payment service will see a nationwide rollout this year.

For those unfamiliar with Isis, it’s a joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, looking to change the way consumers pay for things using NFC and other tech. And after 9 months in testing, it’s ready for launch… Read More

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