iPhone 6 camera lens sticks out 0.67 millimeters, alleged production schematic hints

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 20, 2014

After several alleged production images and rear shell photos published recently have indicated strongly that one or maybe both new iPhone models could feature an iPod touch-style protruding camera ring on the back, a purported three-dimensional render of a device that resembles the iPhone 6 has surfaced today, showing a camera lens that sticks out between 0.67 and 0.77 millimeters… Read More


40 percent of online ads delivered via iDevices

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 6, 2013

Another sign appeared Friday further suggesting Android’s ‘build it and they will use it’ mantra just isn’t working. Apple’s family of iDevices – ranging from the iPod touch to the iPhone and iPad – represent 40 percent of online ads delivered. Despite Android’s numerical advantage, Samsung placed second with 26 percent, per ad network Millennial Media… Read More


Millennial: tablet use skyrockets, led by iPad mini and Kindle Fire

By Ed Sutherland on Feb 22, 2013

Millennial Media becomes the latest to release research showing 2012 was a year of rising adoption of tablets and smartphones. Apple continues to lead the charge in tablets – particularly the iPad mini – while Samsung has become the popular face for the family of Android alternatives.

Apple held on to its tablet lead with 58 percent of the market. About a half-dozen Amazon tablets helped Google’s mobile operating system capture 41 percent of tablets, with Samsung the most significant player… Read More


Millennial: iPad growing, Samsung rises to 46% of Android app use

By Ed Sutherland on Dec 19, 2012

For the second day, Samsung has been named the new leader. After Tuesday unseating Nokia as the top cellphone maker in 2012, the Galaxy vendor today topped HTC as the Android maker which gets most used to access mobile ads. According to ad firm Millennial, Samsung had 46 percent of Android app use, double the 26 percent of 2011.

HTC – which is bleeding money and is rumored to have cut in half shipments and delayed new devices – fell to #2, dropping 30 points behind Samsung. But for Apple, perhaps the best news is what the Millennial end-of-year report did not find… Read More


iPad mini November ad impressions surged 28 percent daily

By Ed Sutherland on Dec 10, 2012

How is the 7.9-inch iPad mini doing in the war amongst small tablets? Pretty well, according to one company. During November, the number of ads displayed on the mini grew 28 percent each day. By comparison, mobile ads on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet rose 19 percent per day during November.

According to Millennial Media, the iPad mini is both a “game changer” and a holiday “must-have gift.” Perhaps most-telling  is that minis purchased in November as likely holiday gifts didn’t stay under wraps for long… Read More