iPad Controlled 80% of the North American Tablet Market in Q2

By Cody Lee on Sep 27, 2011

When you are talking about slim, modern day tablets, the iPad was the first to market. Before Apple’s slate, the “tablet” category was filled with clunky devices that ran desktop software and carried price tags over $1,000.

Obviously, being first has paid off for the company in dividends. I don’t think anyone would argue that the iPad has dominated the tablet market over the last two years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon… Read More


Twice As Many New Smartphone Buyers Choose Android Over iOS

By Sébastien Page on Sep 26, 2011

A new survey by Nielsen shows that Android has been comforting its lead in smartphone market shares. According to the survey, within the last 3 months of the year, 56% of new smartphone buyers turned to Android, while only 28% chose an iOS device.

As the report notes, the preference of these new buyers are important because they often highlight a future trend in where the market is going… Read More


9 Out of 10 iPhone Owners Will Never Buy Another Brand of Smartphone

By Alex Heath on Sep 23, 2011

iPhone owners are the most loyal smartphone users around, according to a new survey by UBS Research. Apple’s iPhone boasts a 89% retention rate, indicating that nearly 9 out 10 iPhone owners will never buy another brand of smartphone.

Surprisingly, the company with the second highest retention rate is actually HTC, with 39% of its customers sticking around for the long haul. Apple claims a 50% retention rate lead over all other smartphone makers in terms of customer loyalty… Read More


iPad Set to Rule the Tablet Market Until 2014

By Sébastien Page on Sep 22, 2011

Research firm Gartner issued a special report today that basically concludes that Apple will have a free run at the tablet market this holiday season, just like they did last year, due to competitors lagging far behind.

According to Gartner, the iPad is projected to account for 73.4% of the worldwide tablet market in 2011, compared to only 17.3% for Android. Though they note the iPad’s share is slightly down from last year, while Android’s slightly up… Read More


Store Wars: A History of App Stores [Infographic]

By Sébastien Page on Sep 21, 2011

Since its creation in 2008, Apple’s App Store has changed the way we buy software. It also revolutionized the rest of the industry, with Google, RIM, Nokia and others quickly following with their own app marketplaces.

WebPageFX created an interesting infographic showing differences between the major app stores. Statistics include OS distribution, percentage of paid vs. free apps in each directory, average apps downloaded by device, average app cost, and total 2010 revenue from all apps sold… Read More


Advertising: Why Android Device Makers are Still Doing it Wrong

By Cody Lee on Sep 19, 2011

If you’ve watched TV for any extended amount of time in the past 5 years, you’ve likely seen at least one of Apple’s commercials. From the “I’m a Mac” series, to the more recent “If you don’t have an iPhone” campaign, the company’s advertising has been top notch.

But the TV ads aren’t highly revered because of their content — people admire them because they work. They portray products that make technology simple and easy to use, and that’s attractive to the general public. But Android on the other hand… Read More


Apple Owns 68% of Worldwide Tablet Shipments

By Oliver Haslam on Sep 14, 2011

IDC have been at the old researching game again, and this time they’ve decided that Apple’s iPad accounts for a massive 68% of worldwide tablet shipments, which we have to admit, isn’t to be sniffed at!

The results are for the second quarter of 2011, which means it is worth remembering that the recent influx of Android-powered tablets will no doubt have altered that landscape slightly… Read More


Apple to Sell More Phones than Anyone Else in 2011

By Alex Heath on Sep 6, 2011

Today, Digitimes published a forecast reporting that Apple will sell a staggering 86.4 million iPhones in 2011, blowing past Nokia to become the world’s leading smartphone vendor. Apple is slated to see a 82% increase in shipments from the 47.5 million units shipped in 2010.

It was recently announced that Apple had already overtaken Nokia globally in terms of units manufactured, and Apple is also projected to overtake the Finnish juggernaut in shipment volume by year’s end… Read More


Lenovo CEO Isn’t Afraid of Apple, Plans to Dominate Tablet Market

By Guest Author on Aug 22, 2011

There was no shortage of media coverage last week as Apple officially passed Lenovo in revenue by hitting $3.8 billion on Lenovo’s home turf of greater China (thanks largely in part to the iPhone and iPad).

However, according to a report from the FinancialTimes, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanquing doesn’t want to believe the numbers claiming the comparison is unfair. His reasoning? Basically, Lenovo’s phone business doesn’t make as much money as Apple’s… Read More


iOS and Android Now Account For 62% of Smartphone Market

By Oliver Haslam on Aug 12, 2011

New figures released by Gartner show sales for smartphone handsets during the second quarter of 2011, and two mobile giants are apparently beginning to take over the market.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms now account for around 62% of the smartphone market, according to the report, which represents a doubling of the percentage during the same period in 2010… Read More


Analyst: iPhone and Mac Market Share Could Triple in the Next Few Years

By Guest Author on Aug 12, 2011

Following the recent announcement that Apple had for the first time ever became the most valuable company in the world, surpassing Exxon, analysts are already predicting Apple’s future.

Analyst Shaw Wu with Sterne Ageesent told investors Wednesday that Apple’s Mac and iPhone market shares could double, or even triple, in the next few years.  Read More


Shocker: Apple’s iPad is Cannibalising Notebook Sales

By Oliver Haslam on Aug 10, 2011

Way back when Apple first announced the iPad last year, the Cupertino outfit was very careful not to put its new device up against the notebook market. ‘The iPad is a new class of device,” it said, claiming that it fitted in-between the smartphone and notebook, filling the gap with a large, touchscreen display that filled our hearts with joy and wonder.

Fast-forward a year and a handful of months, and it’s clear that the iPad has taken sales away from at least some notebook manufacturers. The netbook market is all but dead, and the same companies who tried to sell $300 laptops are now selling $500 iPad competitors… Read More


Apple is Top Dog in Worldwide Smartphone Shipments

By Alex Heath on Aug 5, 2011

The iPhone seems to be unstoppable lately, with it recently being announced that Apple is the number one smartphone manufacturer in the US, and that Apple also ships more smartphones than Nokia.

A recent report states that Apple ships more smartphones worldwide than any other smartphone manufacturer. This gives the iPhone unprecedented success in the global market… Read More


iPhone Market Share Grows 141.8 Percent Each Year

By Alex Heath on Jul 31, 2011

In Apple’s last earnings call, it was announced that 20 million iPhones had been sold in Q3 of 2011 alone. Apple has overtaken Nokia as the world’s leading smartphone vendor, and a recent report also places Apple as the top smartphone manufacturer in the US.

With the iPhone’s seemingly unstoppable growth rate, it’s not a surprise that Apple’s 5 year old smartphone now sees a 141.8% year-over-year increase in market share. Read More


Verizon Just a “Small Bang” in Overall iPhone Growth

By Alex Heath on Jul 28, 2011

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 on Verizon in February, everyone thought that the iPhone’s cross-carrier distribution in the US would be the end of Android and other competitors. That hasn’t been the case, as Verizon’s adoption of the iPhone hasn’t slowed AT&T sales of Apple’s smartphone at all. Also, overall iPhone market share hasn’t seen that impressive of an increase since Verizon picked up the iPhone 4.

A new report from Asymco details how Verizon is just a “small bang” in iPhone sales, and how the “big bang” is actually happening overseas. Read More


Apple is Number One Smartphone Manufacturer in US

By Alex Heath on Jul 28, 2011

A new report from Nielsen says that Apple is the number one smartphone vendor in the US, while Android remains the most popular mobile operating system. This research follows Apple’s last earnings call, in which it was announced that 20 million iPhones were sold in the last business quarter.

Following Apple’s dominance in the US is, surprisingly, Motorola. Samsung actually placed third, with both Motorola and Samsung owning a huge percentage of the Android market. Essentially, Apple moves more hardware while Android gets installed on more handsets. Read More


iPad Top Dog in Enterprise, Android Metaphorical Kitten

By Oliver Haslam on Jul 22, 2011

In a market that was once dominated by RIM and CrackBerry smartphones, Apple is fast becoming the provider of choice for businesses, according to a new report.

With RIM suffering somewhat of a downturn in sales, Apple’s iPhone and iPad are filling the void, with Android currently a smaller player in the world of power ties and pinstripe suits. Apple’s iPad is doing so well, in fact, that it made up 95% of tablet activations in the enterprise for the months of March through June of this year, with Android tablets making up just 3.1%…

Read More


Verizon iPhone Sales Slow in Anticipation of the iPhone 5

By Alex Heath on Jul 22, 2011

Verizon Wireless has released its earnings report for the third business quarter of 2011, with a reported 2.3 million iPhones activated on its CDMA network. The iPhone 4 came out on Verizon back in Feburary, and Verizon’s sales numbers have been trailing behind AT&T’s ever since.

In Q3, AT&T activated 3.6 million iPhones. Together, AT&T and Verizon only account for 30% of the 20 million iPhones Apple shipped last quarter, with AT&T still being the preferred carrier for new iPhone customers… Read More


Android Tablets Gaining on iPad’s Market Share Slowly But Surely

By Oliver Haslam on Jul 22, 2011

In a market that is growing at an alarming rate, tablet demand is at an all-time high, with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android tablet operating systems proving the two main competitors in the space, according to new research.

A report by Strategy Analytics claims that while Apple’s iPad is still the number one tablet in town, the iPad saw its market share drop from a staggering 94% to a still impressive 61% for the 2nd quarter, year over year.

Before you start to worry about Apple’s sales numbers, it’s worth noting that the company still shipped a whopping 9.3 million iPads during that time period… Read More


Nielsen: iPhone Sales Increasing in US, Blackberry on the Decline

By Alex Heath on Jul 4, 2011

In the latest research report from Nielsen, data from May suggests that Apple’s iPhone iOS and Android OS are the only two mobile operating systems that are actually increasing in U.S. market share. Nielsen makes the point that smartphones are now the “majority of new cellphone purchases,” and the iPhone is continuing to see increased adoption in the United States.

Following a May survey of U.S. mobile customers, it has been determined that Android and the iOS platform gained a percentage of smartphone market share, while other competitors like Blackberry actually fell in market share. Read More