How to mail more than five photos at once on iPhone and iPad

By Joe Rossignol on Mar 19, 2014

One of the biggest inconveniences that comes from using the stock Mail app on iPhone and iPad is the inability to attach more than five photos per email. But the areas where iOS has shortcomings is where the jailbreaking community proves its value; in this case, developer Pramod Mohandas has released MailUnlimitedPhotos, a new jailbreak tweak that removes the five photo restriction from Mail. We’ve got a closer look at the tweak ahead…  Read More


Yahoo Mail now lets you block images, web UI gains improved Folders, compose and more

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 7, 2014

Yahoo keeps on meticulously improving both its Mail service on the web and companion mobile apps. Today, the firm has bumped Yahoo Mail for iPhone to version 2.0.6 which comes with your usual dose of bug fixes and performance improvements, in addition to one new feature: the ability to block images.

Now available in the App Store, a new setting lets you tell the app to skip loading images in HTML-styled email.

Security-minded users will love this feature given that spammers and attackers typically use embedded images to tell whether you have opened the message, sometimes even using images to leverage security exploits.

Yahoo’s web interface has also received its fair share of enhancements, including improved handling of folders, new shortcuts, an improved multitasking chat and more… Read More


Steve Jobs to appear on commemorative postage stamp next year

By Cody Lee on Feb 20, 2014

The United States Postal Service approved a number of stamps today that will be printed as part of a collectible series next year. The subjects of these stamps include Nintendo’s Mario character, The Beatles’ John Lennon and yes, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

While any member of the public can nominate someone to appear on a postage stamp, an advisory committee must review and then select those that go into production based on subjects that are “contemporary, timely, relevant, interesting and educational.” Read More


Apple offers bandaid solution to ‘no new mail’ bug in Mail on OS X Mavericks

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 3, 2014

Apple has offered up an interesting remedy to a persisting bug plaguing the OS X 10.9 Mavericks Mail application which manifests itself by preventing the app from receiving any new messages until it is quit and reopened. Apple’s workaround solution is a primitive one, albeit effective.

As Mail needs to reestablish a connection to the troublesome mail server (which typically means Gmail), Apple advises quitting and reopening Mail.

As a result, this forces Mail to re-establish a connection. An alternative solution entails a manual process that reinitializes an affected mailbox without having to restart the program… Read More


Apple addresses Mavericks issues with updates for Mail and iBooks

By Cody Lee on Nov 7, 2013

Good news this afternoon for folks who have been dealing with teething issues in the just-released OS X Mavericks. Apple has posted updates today for the Mail and iBooks apps, which should resolve two of the more popular complaints.

The iBooks update brings the app to version 1.0.1 and includes bug fixes and stability improvements. And the Mail update promises to improve general stability and compatibility with Gmail, solving issues that made the client unreliable… Read More


Apple working on fixes for Mavericks Mail, iBooks, Safari and Remote Desktop Client issues

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 4, 2013

Apple’s free Mavericks update contains a set of compelling headline features and nice-to-haves, like tapping the ambient light sensor to detect motion in order to prevent system sleep.

But as any Mac owner could tell you, each major OS X release brings with it inevitable early adopter issues in the form of bugs and various software-related issues and hiccups. Mavericks is no exception.

Though definitely more stable and less susceptible to teething issues than perhaps any OS X release thus far, Mavericks affects your productivity by introducing unreliable performance with Gmail accounts in Mail. Other stock apps suffer from typical 1.0 release issues, but rest assured that Apple is hard at work squashing these pesky bugs as we speak… Read More


CloudMagic Mail with ‘fast magical search’ hits iOS

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 30, 2013

I’m a big fan of the ingenious CloudMagic Search, a free iPhone app that acts as a unified search box for my online services and social media accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, SkyDrive, Twitter and many more. Having seeing a couple hundred-thousand downloads, the Palo Alto-based CloudMagic Inc. felt encouraged to apply its cloud search expertise to a lightweight email client.

Meet CloudMagiC Mail, a new iOS email app featuring “fast magical search” that supports a bunch of popular email accounts like Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, Google Apps, Office 365, IMAP and even Apple’s iCloud… Read More


How to edit, reorganize, and hide your mailboxes in iOS 7

By Lory Gil on Oct 10, 2013

Apple offered up a few new Mail app features in iOS 6, but it surely wasn’t much. One addition was the VIP inbox, another was the ability to attach pictures and videos to messages from within the app. That was about the extent of the new features in iOS 6.

In iOS 7, however, Apple added some fancy new features to the Mail app that make it possible for you to get more out of your daily email connections. One of those new features is the ability to edit, reorganize, and hide your mailboxes. If you don’t know how to do this, we’ve got a short tutorial to explain it to you… Read More


Yahoo totally revamps Mail, now with 1TB of free storage

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 8, 2013

Yahoo’s beleaguered Mail has long given up its leadership position to Gmail although many people would agree that Yahoo’s web-mail service is far more elegant, sophisticated and streamlined compared to Google’s Gmail, which often times looks very much like work in progress. Taking another crack at dethroning Google, Yahoo today started rolling out a significant Mail makeover across the web, mobile and desktop.

Further sweetening the deal, the company has raised the storage cap so everyone now gets one terabyte of free storage. The new design looks absolutely gorgeous, jump past the fold for the full reveal… Read More


Gmail iOS update brings Google apps integration, full screen image attachments

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 27, 2013

Wow, you have to give it to Google for trying to take over the experience by creating a nice little ecosystem right inside Apple’s iOS.

See, the Internet giant has been quite diligent about integrating its popular iPhone and iPad apps to work seamlessly together.

Take Gmail, for example.

Not only has today’s update enabled a prettier attachment experience, but it’s also brought out tight integration with Google apps. This is quite handy as links in email messages to Google Drive and Google+ content can now go directly to Google’s native iOS apps, if installed… Read More


Yahoo Mail iOS app gets folder management, improved attachment handling

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 27, 2013

The struggling Internet giant Yahoo released its native Mail app for the iPhone last December, but it fell on deff ear.

Fourth months later, a revamped version with native iPad support has arrived and Yahoo has since enhanced the experience by adding a couple improvements, including the useful business-focused support for multiple personal and Business Mail accounts.

As part of the sweeping streamlining announced on its blog this morning, Yahoo has pushed an incremental update to its iPhone, iPod touch and iPad client, the new version now allowing you to open attachments in other apps and manage multiple folders with ease… Read More


New in iOS 7: smart ‘send from’ in Mail

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 25, 2013

Just a quick note regarding a nice little feature discovery in Apple’s stock Mail app in iOS 7 that I haven’t seen reported on thus far.

Prior to iOS 7, creating a new message in the stock Mail app would normally default to your ‘send from’ email address specified in the Settings app. iOS 7 has changed this behavior, for the better.

You see, Mail in iOS 7 is smart enough to over time learn who you’re emailing and changes the ‘send from’ value accordingly to match the recipient’s domain. I’ve included screenshots and the full description right after the break… Read More


Dropbox-owned Mailbox gets Dropbox attachment integration

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2013

Dropbox, the popular cloud-storage startup, kicked off DBX today, its first-ever developer conference. Dropbox is now 175 million users strong, way up from the 75 million users registered just last November.

The new APIs the team introduced today at DBX promise to make it easier for app developers to integrate Dropbox data synch. Now, iOS developers are expected to take advantage of these new frameworks pretty soon.

Yahoo, for example, has immediately added support for Dropbox attachments to its Android client (it is coming soon to the iOS  edition of Yahoo Mail). As Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March, we’re not surprised the team just pushed a Mailbox update which lets you send attachments from Dropbox, even if the files don’t physically reside on your device.

Better yet, you can now attach any file type you can think of, regardless of whether or not your device understands it. This has got to be the awesome news for fans of cloud productivity (count me excited!) and regular users who could only attach Camera roll images prior to this update… Read More


Yahoo! Mail app now supports multiple personal and Business Mail accounts

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2013

Yahoo may have been buying popular iPhone apps lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s not giving Apple’s platform some love. Quite the contrary, in the past few weeks the original Internet giant has released a stunning Weather app, updated Flickr with Instagram-y filters, overhauled News and re-released the native Mail software.

And in today’s update, they’ve added two major features appealing to enterprise and power users.

First up, the application now lets you set up multiple Yahoo Mail accounts on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and quickly switch between them without ever signing out… Read More


How to hide the stock Mail app’s VIP folder

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 18, 2013

The stock Mail app features a VIP folder that lets you to designate specific contacts as VIPs. This allows you to separate important email from all of the rest. But not everyone uses the VIP feature, and there’s no way to disable the feature within the Mail app’s settings. That’s where NoVIP steps in to save the day. It’s a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to outright hide the Mail App’s VIP folder. Check inside for a video demonstration of. Read More


‘Overview’ allows you to manage mail, reminders, and events in one place

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 10, 2013

Overview is a brand new jailbreak tweak that provides a Notification Center widget containing email, reminders and calendar events. All of these items can be viewed directly via Notification Center. As you’ll see, it’s a really awesome design and concept, and it’s from the same developer that brought us Tap to Widgets: Alan Yip.

You can easily scroll through all of the events, reminders, and email via the Overview widget. By tapping and holding on any of the items, you’ll be taken directly to that item’s full app. For example, if you tap and hold on an email within the widget, you’ll be taken directly to the individual email message within the Mail app.

I’ve been testing out Overview for a few days now, and I’m confident that you’ll like what you find, especially if you liked Tap to Widgets. Want to see how it looks in motion? If so, check out my full video walkthrough after the break… Read More


Evomail review: a modern email app for your iPad

By Lory Gil on May 4, 2013

Mail clients are becoming a big deal in the App Store. Only a few weeks ago, Orchestra launched their popular Mailbox app to much fanfare. Before this, Twitter clients were trending, before that, RSS readers. Mail clients are likely to be the next wave of iOS apps for the months ahead.

Evomail is another mail client for the iPad to recently hit the App Store. This Gmail-specific app lets users access, organize, and respond to their mail in a way that incorporates Gmail’s interactions with Apple’s native Mail app… Read More


How to set up email VIP lists

By Lory Gil on May 4, 2013

When Apple inveiled iOS 6, one of the new Mail features was the addition of a “VIP” inbox. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some of you may have already started using the VIP feature. For those of you who have an Aunt Linda in your ear, asking what this VIP “doo-hickey” is all about, send them our way and let us guide them through the steps to setting up VIP contacts.

By setting up VIP contacts in your Mail app inbox, you will have a separate folder for your important email correspondences with certain people. If you get dozens (even hundreds) of emails every day, it may be difficult to weed through the garbage to find the important ones. The VIP contacts feature automatically sends all emails from your selected contacts to a separate folder so their correspondences are much easier to find.

In this post, we will show you to use setup a VIP email inbox on your iPhone or iPad… Read More


Here’s how Velox will interface with the Mail app

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 12, 2013

A few new screenshots were posted on Apex Tweaks’ official site, and one of them shows the way that Velox will interface with the Mail app. This is significant, because this wasn’t available in the preview version that I demoed a few days ago.

The screenshot shows the typical Velox view, with what appear to be scrollable messages with titles and a two line preview of the message. It looks, judging from the screenshot, that a swipe gesture, or a tap of the email, may allow you to reply directly to messages from Velox’s enhanced email folder. Read More


‘Compose’ adds new Mail and Message shortcuts to Notification Center

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 13, 2013

Looking for a quick and easy way to compose new messages and emails via Notification Center? Then perhaps Compose — a new jailbreak tweak that places shortcuts to each respective app in Notification Center — will suit your fancy.

Compose follows the same visual template that Apple created with its Facebook and Twitter Notification Center shortcuts, but it doesn’t work exactly the same. Instead of opening up a small pop-up box to type in any content you wish to share, Compose works more like a shortcut to each respective app. More details inside… Read More

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