Shazam launches new always-on menu bar app for Mac

By Cody Lee on Jul 31, 2014

Popular audio identification service Shazam launched a new application for the Mac this morning. It lives in the operating system’s menu bar, and offers a lot of the same features seen in its iOS counterpart, with a few new tricks.

Because it resides in the menu bar, Shazam for Mac is always-on and constantly running in the background listening for audio to identify. Once it recognizes a track, the app offers quick access to lyrics, song info and downloads… Read More


Wunderlist 3 previewed: fast sync, gorgeous UI and 60+ improvements

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 10, 2014

Berlin, Germany-based 6Wunderkinder, the makers of the popular Wunderlist to-do, task and list management app, is getting ready to release a major new version. The wait for Wunderlist 3 is almost over, developers told me via email.

Filed as “our biggest update ever,” Wunderlist 3 brings fast real-time sync engine, top-to-bottom makeover with a beautiful new design and over 60 various improvements to put the fun back into note-taking, task management and list creation and curation… Read More


Taasky is a beautiful and minimalistic task manager for Mac

By Joe Rossignol on Jul 2, 2014

Taasky for Mac is one of the latest entrants in a highly competitive market of apps for task management, to-do lists and getting things done. How it aims to stand out of the pack is with a beautiful and sleek design, but how does it stack up functionally? Taasky can be best described as simple, both from a design and usage perspective. After giving the app a test drive on my Mac for a few days, here are my first impressions…  Read More


Tweetbot for Mac updated with support for multiple images, bug fixes and more

By Joe Rossignol on Jul 1, 2014

Tapbots has released an update for its popular Twitter desktop client Tweetbot for Mac this afternoon, bumping the app to version 1.6. Tweetbot now supports viewing and posting multiple images using the built-in Twitter photo service, although multiple images won’t show up in search or the streaming timeline until Twitter enables the feature in the future…  Read More


Mac App Recap: don’t miss these 11 apps for OS X

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 29, 2014

We’re back with another weekend edition of Mac App Recap, a weekly column that highlights the best new, updated and discounted apps on the Mac App Store. This week’s selection of apps features over a half-dozen games for OS X that you don’t want to miss, alongside two other useful apps and more. Read ahead for a look at all 11 apps that cracked the list this week…  Read More


Apple updates its pro apps: Compressor, Final Cut Pro, MainStage and Motion

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 27, 2014

As we continue to chew on the ramifications of Apple’s eyebrow-raising decision to stop development of Aperture and iPhoto for OS X and focus exclusively on the upcoming Photos for OS X Yosemite (due in 2015), the Cupertino firm has just issued a round of updates to its pro apps: Compressor, Final Cut Pro, MainStage and Motion.

New versions of these apps are now available in the Mac App Store under the Updates tab. I’ve included release notes for each app right after the break… Read More


Great deal: name your own price on this awesome Mac app bundle, including Fantastical

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 17, 2014

StackSocial is back with another Name Your Own Price summer blockbuster sale that features 10 award-winning Mac apps, including Fantastical, for however much you are willing to spend. While the recommended price for the bundle is $49, you only have to pay above the average price, which starts at $1.10, to get all 10 Mac apps. Fantastical alone is $20 on the Mac App Store, so the savings through this deal are pretty incredible.

If that is not convincing enough, the total value of the apps if you were to purchase them separately right now is around $400. If you are quick to purchase the Mac app bundle tonight, and contribute even $20, you are saving a pretty remarkable $380 on a great lineup of apps. Fantastical is a calendar app that we’ve spoken highly of, and Path Finder makes managing your files effortless. And that’s not all…  Read More


Mac App Recap: 10 apps for OS X to test drive

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 15, 2014

App Recap primarily focuses on iPhone and iPad apps throughout the week, but each weekend we post a special edition Mac App Recap for our OS X readers. If you have a Mac, you’re in for a real treat. This edition of the roundup has apps ranging from a SoundCloud player and popular RSS reader to a desktop thermometer and an exciting new adventure game. Read ahead for a look at 10 apps that every Mac owner should check out…  Read More


Powershot is a useful screenshot annotation and markup app for Mac

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 14, 2014

I take a lot of screenshots for a variety of purposes, often times for inclusion in a blog post or to simply show something quickly to someone. For that reason, I was interested in trying a new app called Powershot that I stumbled upon in the Mac App Store. The simple OS X utility allows you to annotate and markup screenshots systemwide, without the need to use third-party software. Read ahead for a closer look at how the app works…  Read More


Screens VNC app now supports Dropbox, in addition to iCloud

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 10, 2014

An app called Screens is one of the best and most elegant pieces of software for accessing your desktop through the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices, over Wi-Fi or cellular. It lets you connect to remote computers as if you were sitting in front of them, run apps remotely, copy documents between machines and lots more.

Edovia Software, the company behind Screens, has updated both the $19.99 iOS client and $34.99 Mac client with support for Dropbox for seamless syncing of your saved screens across devices… Read More


Mac App Recap: 10 apps for OS X to test drive

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 8, 2014

We’ve already hit the one month mark since we introduced Mac App Recap, a weekly column that covers a handful of the best new, updated and discounted apps for OS X. The idea stemmed from our daily App Recap roundup for iPhone and iPad apps, but this one is posted on a weekly basis because of less activity on the Mac App Store. This week, we’ve got 10 apps to show you for to-do lists, RSS feeds, password management and more. Check it out…  Read More


1Password for Mac gains WhiteHat Aviator browser support, tons of fixes

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 5, 2014

AgileBits has updated 1Password for Mac with support for the WhiteHat Aviator browser, adding several minor improvements as well. The new 1Password for Mac version 4.4.1 is now live in the App Store and you should update your copy now because the new version comes with a ton of bug fixes, too.

Additionally, AgileBits has reflected on Apple’s technological announcements announced during the WWDC keynote.

Developers have touched on such hot topics as Apple opening up the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to third-party developers and allowing apps to install system-wide extensions, explaining what it all could mean for 1Password… Read More


Popular RSS client Reeder 2 now available in the Mac App Store

By Cody Lee on May 29, 2014

After extensive beta testing, popular RSS client Reeder 2 has landed in the Mac App Store. This is the app’s first update on the Mac since Google shutdown its Google Reader service last year, which essentially broke most RSS clients.

As with the iOS version, Reeder 2 for Mac adds support for a number of RSS services that have tried to fill the gap left by Google, such as Feedbin and Feedly. And it also now serves as a standalone RSS client, so no syncing is required… Read More


Apple now makes it clear you’re not allowed to update or redownload refunded apps

By Christian Zibreg on May 26, 2014

If you’ve ever asked for a refund on a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad app you purchased in the Mac App Store or the App Store, Apple somewhat unexpectedly did allow you to update your existing installations – even reinstall previously refunded apps.

That’s no longer the case. According to multiple reports, users who try to update or reinstall refunded iOS and OS X applications are now greeted with a prompt informing them that Apple no longer supports the practice… Read More


Mac App Recap: 9 LEGO games on sale and more

By Joe Rossignol on May 25, 2014

The first edition of Mac App Recap focused on the best apps for OS X developers, but this week around it will feature the best new, updated and discounted apps on the Mac App Store. The roundup is highlighted by a sale on over a half dozen LEGO games, while important apps such as Feedly and Day One received major updates. Read ahead for over 12 apps for OS X to look at as the weekend winds down…  Read More


Pixelmator 3.2 is out: all-new Repair tool, Lock Layers feature, 16-bit channels and more

By Christian Zibreg on May 22, 2014

After previewing Pixelmator 3.2 a little more than a month ago, the team on Thursday released the updated software for public consumption.

Bumped to version 3.2, Pixelmator’s ‘Sandstone’ update is now available free in the Mac App Store to those who own this popular Photoshop alternative for the Mac. The headline new feature: a much improved Repair tool.

It uses “the latest breakthrough technologies” to make it easy and fun to remove dust, blemishes and entire objects from your images, “with an unsurpassed level of precision and quality”.

Also on tap in this Pixelmator update: a Lock Layers Feature and 16-bits per channel support for all Macs (previously, only the new Mac Pro supported higher-fidelity color channels)… Read More


Day One for Mac updated with search and tag refinements, more

By Christian Zibreg on May 21, 2014

My favorite journaling app for iOS and OS X, Day One, has received a nice update today on the Mac side, bringing a couple improvements to the already well-rounded experience, along with a host of bug fixes.

The 2012 Mac App of the Year, Day One version 1.9.4 will now show your most recent entry location in the Map view by default. Your tags are now included in Momento text entry imports and there’s a “greatly improved search” for multi-byte characters, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Emoji and so forth.

This update is of course free for existing users. Day One for OS X is $9.99 in the Mac App StoreRead More


Mac App Recap: best apps for OS X developers

By Joe Rossignol on May 18, 2014

For the past few weeks, we have been publishing a daily column called App Recap to highlight new, updated and discounted apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from our readers about that roundup, so we are extending it to OS X with Mac App Recap. Since there is a lot less activity on the Mac App Store, this column will be posted once per weekend and cover a wide variety of apps we find useful or simply worth mentioning. Take a look…  Read More


Presentation Mode is now available in Evernote

By Christian Zibreg on May 14, 2014

Evernote, the hugely successful note-taking and productivity platform, today rolled out a new Presentation Mode to its mobile and desktop apps across Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad devices.

Presentation mode allows you to connect your computer to an external monitor or projector to present your notes in style as beautiful full-screen scrollable layouts.

And if you’re using Evernote for iOS, AirPlay will wirelessly beam the presentation to an external display through Apple’s $99 Apple TV media-streaming box… Read More


Macphun Mom’s Day sale: up to 40% off on all photo apps until next Monday

By Christian Zibreg on May 7, 2014

May 11 is the Mother’s Day holiday here in the United States so MacPhun, a San Diego, California developer which makes fine photography software for digital artists of all skill levels, is conveniently running a massive Mom’s Day promotion that offers notable discounts on its many Mac photography apps. These apps usually don’t come cheap but starting today and through next Monday, May 12, you can download them on the Mac App Store and save up to 40 percent on their regular prices.

I’ve included download links and a short description of each app right below… Read More

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