Is Apple throttling data speeds on iPhones and iPads for carriers?

By Cody Lee on Jun 5, 2013

Joseph Brown, the guy behind the recent string of hacked carrier updates, has posted a rather interesting report this morning on why he thinks the hacks have been so successful. And the reason may just surprise you.

As it turns out, Brown has discovered that Apple is working with wireless carriers to implement coding in iOS to purposely slow down or limit the data speeds a device can achieve. And yes, he has the proof to back it up… Read More


FreedomPop unveils free voice/text/data wireless service

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 5, 2013

FreedomPop previously caught our attention with its no-commit 1GB of free home Internet each month and an iPad sleeve with Sprint 4G LTE data. But the upstart mobile company isn’t resting on its laurels and is pushing ahead by adding free VoIP calling and texting to its data service.

With 500MB of data on top of unlimited texting and 200 minutes of call time, you can now basically turn your iPod touch into an iPhone and pay nothing for calls. Who said that freemium model doesn’t work for a wireless service? Jump past the fold for additional highlights and a promo clip… Read More


AT&T lights up LTE in 16 new markets, expands in 3 others

By Cody Lee on Jun 5, 2013

It seems like AT&T is determined to keep its promise of adding 80 new LTE markets by the end of summer. Last week it lit up the high-speed service in 10 new markets, and this week it’s activated it in another 16.

The latest rollout includes a number of major cities across the US such as Colorado Springs, Colorado; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Olympia, Washington. As usual, we have the full list of new markets after the fold… Read More


AT&T activates LTE in 10 new markets, expands in others

By Cody Lee on May 29, 2013

I’ve been keeping an anxious eye on AT&T’s LTE activation announcements over the past several months. I’ve had my iPhone 5 since last October, and I have yet to experience the 4G service in my home, which sits just outside Salem, Oregon.

That changed tonight. In an inadvertent glance at my iPhone, I noticed the LTE symbol in the upper lefthand corner of my phone. I wrote it off as a fluke at first, but it appears AT&T has just lit up the 4G service in 10 new cities, including mine… Read More


AT&T reportedly adding iPhone to GoPhone prepaid lineup today

By Cody Lee on May 24, 2013

AT&T is reportedly on the verge of significantly expanding the reach of its GoPhone prepaid brand, starting today. The carrier is said to be adding cellular data to the wireless service in both HSPA+ and LTE flavors, as well as official support for the iPhone.

This means that users will be able to activate their existing iPhone (or a new one purchased at full retail) on one of GoPhone’s 3 prepaid service plans, which start at $65 per month and include unlimited talking, unlimited texting, and 1GB of cellular data… Read More


Verizon’s LTE launches in 6 new markets, now available in nearly 500 U.S. locations

By Christian Zibreg on May 20, 2013

Verizon’s aggressive 4G LTE network roll-out continues unabated. The nation’s leading wireless carrier on Monday announced six new markets getting its speedy fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology today: Durango, Colorado; Corbin and Madisonville, Kentucky; Adrian and Mount Pleasant, Michigan; and Marietta, Ohio.

The carrier, for the first time, released a list of LTE-enabled locations which with today’s additions counts 497 markets, up from 440 locations Verizon claimed last December. The big red carrier’s LTE network is now two and a half years old, for those wondering. If all goes according to plan, Verizon should cover its 3G network entirely with LTE by the middle of this year… Read More


Hacked AT&T carrier update could improve your device’s network performance

By Cody Lee on May 20, 2013

Last week, a hacked carrier update surfaced for T-Mobile subscribers that promises to increase the cellular data speeds of the iPhone 5. It claims to pull this off by increasing the handset’s bandwidth supply, allowing for “better throughput of data.”

This weekend, the same person behind the T-Mobile hack unveiled a similar workaround for AT&T customers. As before, the process installs a modded carrier file to your device that aims to improve its network performance with better band management… Read More


Increase T-Mobile LTE download speeds on iPhone 5 thanks to a hacked carrier update

By Oliver Haslam on May 12, 2013

T-Mobile subscribers are still getting used to having access to the iPhone, and those with existing AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 received a carrier update to add LTE support for T-Mobile’s frequency. Unfortunately, that’s not all it did.

Turns out that update may have also limited the bandwidth available to T-Mobile customers using one of those unlocked handsets, leaving them with something of a gimped LTE service. Bummer, right?

Well, remember the guy that worked out how jailbroken iPhone users could enable T-Mobile’s LTE before the aforementioned carrier update? That same clever man has also worked out how to give T-Mobile the bandwidth you’d expect from one of the hottest LTE handsets on the market. And you don’t even need to be jailbroken for it to work… Read More


Apple close to striking landmark iPhone deal with China Mobile

By Christian Zibreg on May 9, 2013

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty was visiting Hong Kong and Taiwan recently. She is now back from China with some interesting Apple news. Tim Cook & Co., she wrote in her note to clients, may be close to striking an iPhone distribution agreement with China Mobile, the world’s top wireless carrier by revenue and subscribers.

Specifically, Huberty wrote that “TD-LTE licenses, and related phone launches, are expected by year-end,” in her note to clients. China Mobile debuted small-scale TD-LTE network in 2010 and last year expanded coverage to select large cities. In case you were wondering, TD-LTE is a variant of the fourth-generation Long Term Evolution radio technology, also known as LTE… Read More


AT&T 4G LTE coverage arrives in Manhattan, Kansas, Sedalia, Warrensburg and Missouri

By Christian Zibreg on May 7, 2013

Having expanded its fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology to include fifteen new markets (and four major U.S. cities before that), the U.S. wireless carrier AT&T has now expanded LTE coverage in five new markets. If you live in Manhattan, Kansas, Sedalia, Warrensburg or Missouri, AT&T’s LTE network should pop up on your LTE devices.

Compared to its third-generation network, AT&T’s 4G LTE offers ten times greater download speeds, always-on functionality, simultaneous talk and surf and other perksRead More


AT&T flips the switch on LTE in 15 new markets

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 30, 2013

After adding five more cities to the list of LTE-covered places and announcing a major expansion of its fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network, the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier AT&T Mobility on Tuesday announced fifteen new LTE markets across ten U.S. states.

If you live in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Texas, you could be seeing increased download speeds provided AT&T’s LTE expanded to your area. Go past the fold for the full breakdown… Read More


Six new cities get the AT&T 4G LTE treatment

By Lory Gil on Apr 24, 2013

AT&T is making good on its promise to blanket the country with its 4G LTE coverage. Earlier this month, the mobile carrier said it plans to spread its service to more than 200 million new customers by the end of 2013. Just last week, AT&T added five more cities to the list of LTE-covered places. Today, the company has announced the addition of six new cities, plus the expansion of service in four more cities, to its list of areas supported by LTE… Read More


T-Mobile planning to leapfrog LTE competition with 3x faster LTE Advanced

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 23, 2013

T-Mobile is the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the United States and also the furthest behind of the four major telcos in terms of deployment of the fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cellular technology.

You’ll recall T-Mobile has only begun testing its LTE last month, ahead of its April 12 iPhone distribution deal with Apple.

Right now, T-Mobile has LTE towers in just seven cities and their coverage plans call for 100 million LTE users by the end of the summer and 200 million by the end of the year.

Despite the slow pace of LTE deployment, the carrier thinks it can do better and take its rivals by surprise by deploying LTE Advanced fast, tapping its existing hardware already in place… Read More


Sprint, Verizon and AT&T announce major LTE expansion

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 19, 2013

Sprint and AT&T, respectively the nation’s third and second-largest wireless carriers, announced availability of their fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology in new markets. Sprint confirmed its customers in 21 new markets can take advantage of high-speed cellular downloads, including Los Angeles, Contra Costa County, California, Charlotte, North Carolina, Norfolk, Virginia, and Memphis, Tennessee. AT&T on its part announced it has turned on LTE in Florence, Massachusetts, Cushing, Oklahoma and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Verizon flipped the switch on LTE in two new markets… Read More


I’m sorry Verizon CEO, but you didn’t talk Steve Jobs into bringing LTE to the iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 11, 2013

Apple has long been criticized for not making an LTE iPhone at a time when most Android handsets boasted high-speed cellular networking capability. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has come out of the woodwork to take credit for personally persuading Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs to add LTE connectivity to the popular smartphone.

He also shared interesting stats regarding the technology, saying that half of all wireless traffic on Verizon’s network is now related to video content. McAdam remarks he’s expecting that video will comprise two-thirds of all wireless traffic on the Verizon network by 2017, thanks to the company’s capital expenditure in deploying LTE technology. As for his comment regarding an LTE iPhone, I’m not buying it and here’s why… Read More


AT&T to light up LTE in 79 new markets by the end of summer

By Cody Lee on Apr 10, 2013

T-Mobile may be two years late to the LTE party, but it has some ambitious rollout plans for its 4G network. In a press release yesterday, the carrier said it hopes to cover 200 million+ subscribers with LTE by the end of 2013.

But not wanting to give up any ground to the Deutsche Telekom-owned company, AT&T announced today some enterprising rollout plans of its own. The carrier says it will add LTE to 79 new markets by the end of the summer… Read More


T-Mobile iPhone carrier bundle is now available for download

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 8, 2013

We reported last Friday that T-Mobile had begun deploying a special over-the-air (OTA) update which enables support for its LTE, HD Voice, the 4G indicator, Visual Voicemail and other network-related features on the existing (and unlocked) iPhones the company has been hosting on its network.

But soon after, the Deutsche Telekom-owned wireless carrier pulled a support document highlighting all of the changes that the OTA delivered, leading us to believe it prematurely rolled out the update.

Looks like we were right as it’s just been reported that both Apple and T-Mobile have officially pushed the carrier bundle (IPCC) to enable LTE and other T-Mobile network service on iPhones… Read More


T-Mobile’s iPhone carrier update is out with support for LTE and Visual Voicemail [updated]

By Cody Lee on Apr 5, 2013

Following up its iPhone 5 pre-order earlier today, T-Mobile has begun rolling out a carrier update to unlocked iPhone customers on its network. The carrier is preparing to officially launch the popular handset next Friday.

We’d heard last week that the OTA (or over the air) update was going to include Visual Voicemail support and LTE support for compatible devices. But it looks like there’s more to it then that. Keep reading for the full details… Read More


14 new markets receive AT&T’s LTE

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 3, 2013

Last time we checked, AT&T’s fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) radio technology covered 288 million people in the United States. Today, the telco is flipping the switch on LTE in fourteen new markets as part of its ongoing network expansion, so that number is bound to go up in the following days.

Unfortunately, AT&T (for now) shows no sign of updating its sales policies to match T-Mobile’s new installment payment offering which entices people to buy the iPhone 5 separate of their wireless service for $99 down plus $20 per month over 24 months… Read More


T-Mobile will update your unlocked iPhone 5 with LTE and Visual Voicemail on April 5

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 2, 2013

This is quite noteworthy. Following a jailbreak hack which purports to make your unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 (model A1428) work on T-Mobile’s LTE by way of loading a custom carrier firmware, a new report claims the Deutsche Telekom-owned wireless carrier itself will be sending out a carrier update designed to officially enable T-Mobile’s LTE and Visual Voicemail, among other features, on unlocked GSM devices.

The update is scheduled for delivery beginning April 5, a week ahead of T-Mobile’s official April 12 roll-out of its LTE-ready iPhone 5. The patch is good news for AT&T customers looking to jump ship as they won’t be required to buy a newly tweaked iPhone 5 model from T-Mobile in order to enjoy T-Mobile’s 4G LTE speeds. There’s more to know so go past the fold for full details… Read More

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